When Talk Show Hosts Make Celebrities Uncomfortable

  • Published on: 16 January 2020
  • When Talk Show Hosts Make Celebrities Uncomfortable
  • Runtime : 10:3
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  • Enigma
    Enigma   2 months ago

    Joaquin Phoenix/ Jimmy Kimmel: 0:00 Kristen Stewart/ Stephen Colbert: 0:51 Cara Delevingne / Graham Norton: 1:28 Angelina Jolie/ David Letterman: 2:37 Margaret Qualley/ Jimmy Kimmel: 3:45 Judith Light/ Jay Leno: 4:50 Uma Thurman/ David Letterman: 5:06 David Attenborough/ Jessica Chastain: 6:11 Ariana Grande/ Alan Carr: 6:53 Jennifer Aniston/ David Letterman: 7:57 Markiplier / Jimmy Kimmel: 8:33

  • HarryIII
    HarryIII   23 minuts ago

    David Letterman can get fucked. what a creep

  • This man exudes sex
    This man exudes sex   1 hours ago

    Ew ew ew i yanked myself away from the screen with the Jennifer Aniston one

  • This man exudes sex
    This man exudes sex   1 hours ago

    Oh my gosh the judith light one was so inappropriate and gross she basically told him to stop multiple times and he wouldn't step away

  • Brandon Choinski
    Brandon Choinski   1 hours ago

    Notice how Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon did not make the cut 😎

  • Noah Gonzalez
    Noah Gonzalez   4 hours ago

    Notice how the 🐐 Conan isn’t in this video.

  • harajuku
    harajuku   5 hours ago

    the one with cara.... she couldnt have made it any more obvious and he kept pushing

  • Ben Mackay
    Ben Mackay   5 hours ago

    All of these were really creepy but one. David Attenborough is literally one of the most wholesome people on the planet - that wasnt creepy, he is just passionate about what he does ahha.

  • Ayden Ratnasekera
    Ayden Ratnasekera   5 hours ago

    When Joaquin said "You're making fun of it but it was serious" i got some joker flashbacks lmao

  • Samuel Lawrence
    Samuel Lawrence   6 hours ago

    Conan and Fallon are the only ones who know how to respect a person and haven’t been made delusional by success

  • Elliot Payne
    Elliot Payne   11 hours ago

    2:40 David Letterman’a a fuckin weirdo

  • Jalen .12
    Jalen .12   12 hours ago

    David Letterman is the Dan Schneider of talkshow host

  • quirky mermaid28
    quirky mermaid28   16 hours ago

    angelina jolie is just so badass. But also letterman is kind of a creep

  • Evi Moon
    Evi Moon   16 hours ago

    I was ready to cry at the first one, Joaquin's expression and tone broke my heart... not to speak of the rest

  • Jason Rayner
    Jason Rayner   16 hours ago

    Bloody hell, Letterman is such a creep!

  • Hayden Dubose
    Hayden Dubose   17 hours ago

    Letterman was clearly joking, though I don’t blame the women for feeling awkward. But he was trying to make his “attraction” to the women just be funny. Though it was a little weird.

  • damn bicthes!
    damn bicthes!   18 hours ago

    oh wow Letterman is incredibly creepy! daterape alert!

  • Elsa S.
    Elsa S.   19 hours ago

    why does jay leno look like jake paul in 30 years

  • Olivia
    Olivia   19 hours ago

    what the hell is wrong with david

  • Olivia
    Olivia   19 hours ago

    there needs to be more women talk show hosts

  • Dutch Ghost
    Dutch Ghost   20 hours ago

    Must be something i missed. But why did he bite Aniston's hair? That is just nasty. Felt bad for her. She should have walked off.

  • RevTech
    RevTech   22 hours ago

    This is just horrible! I'm a funny guy but not once have I even been this weird or disrespectful towards women. What a bunch or creepy ass old dudes!

  • Dave Danger
    Dave Danger   1 days ago

    dafuq was David Letterman thinking in that Jennifer Aniston clip? That was pretty creepy

  • Taylor Owens
    Taylor Owens   1 days ago

    Should of added any Dave Grohl from the nineties when he would go in the Howard Stern show.

  • Strung Along
    Strung Along   1 days ago

    you could replace this entire video with eric andre clips

  • Sam
    Sam   1 days ago


  • French Asshole
    French Asshole   1 days ago

    I see Conan O’brian and Jimmy Fallon aren’t here

  • Aurelie Grenier
    Aurelie Grenier   1 days ago

    if the thing with david letterman and Jennifer Anniston would have happen to me i would have walk away

  • Aurelie Grenier
    Aurelie Grenier   1 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel really doesn't know what to say to his guest who are coming