Building a Marsbase is a Horrible Idea: Let’s do it!

  • Published on: 03 February 2019
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    Humans love to explore. Strangely enough even horrible places – like Mars. Let’s see how building a Mars base could work and how insanely nerve-wracking exactly it would be.

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  • Runtime : 9:22
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  • Miles Wols
    Miles Wols   4 hours ago

    Easy... create a base underground and work with robot avatars.

  • J J
    J J   5 hours ago

    The same routine every day, day after day. Every game of chess playing the Bird Opening.

  • teranova11
    teranova11   7 hours ago

    what if we have an artificial ozone shield to filter out the harmful radiation. An ozone shield that could be a huge glass orb with glass properties that is similar to ozone?

  • Andrew Hetherington
    Andrew Hetherington   22 hours ago

    So your saying its possible to make a mars country if your rich enough

  • Pheonix Flight
    Pheonix Flight   1 days ago

    And before we can do phase 2, we need phase 1, becoming decent human beings and not kill eachother every second 👌

  • InfinityPotato
    InfinityPotato   1 days ago

    Welcome to the UAC base, en-n-n-n-n-joy your s-s-s-tay stay.

  • Loykaz
    Loykaz   2 days ago

    Seems like a lot of resources for not so much in return?

  • Matthew Paaz
    Matthew Paaz   2 days ago

    Less oxygen, extreme radiation, no windows... why are we even spending billions to colonize Mars then? We humans are fd

  • Mr.Bloxy
    Mr.Bloxy   2 days ago

    Thanks but I'll be staying on earth

  • John Kimonster
    John Kimonster   2 days ago

    Algun baboso tradujo "railgun" como "arma de fuego"

  • Monkey Bizz
    Monkey Bizz   3 days ago

    Have you ever herd of the organ trail? We are REALLY stubborn but hard working...

  • Orion
    Orion   3 days ago

    Can we clone gas on the planet (not the planet, just the orbit or the moon)?

  • lordav
    lordav   3 days ago

    Turn Mars into a penal colony. Space Australia

  • Evil Koala
    Evil Koala   3 days ago

    Our alien overlords literally put Mars their for us to terraform it.

  • jesseFNjames
    jesseFNjames   4 days ago

    I loved all of the scifi references. Bravo

  • Steved D
    Steved D   4 days ago

    Mars dust? Wow, on the fake Rover videos looks like they forgot about that or didn't see this lying video first. Space travel and anything space is used to steal money from the gullible lemming masses.

  • Steved D
    Steved D   4 days ago

    This video is retarded. Search YouTube for real pictures and videos of Mars. It's just a light in the sky. Like the moon, mars cannot be landed on nor colonized. Wake the hell up.

  • Abdalla Barsa
    Abdalla Barsa   4 days ago

    There is no mars nor any plants it is just empty black sky with stars only.Same as Moon fabrication it turned out to be a film in United States desert!!Also there is no much real photoage and much of 3d photoage!!! Thats what NASA always do. Fabrication

  • TheBlueHavoc9
    TheBlueHavoc9   5 days ago

    since the atmosphere is made from Co2 would we be completely able to change the atmosphere?

  • Oi Ocha
    Oi Ocha   5 days ago

    Space habitats would be a lot easier