Women's 1999 FIFA Final, China vs U.S.A.

  • Published on: 26 February 2011
  • Penalty Shootout
  • Runtime : 15:4


  • Jeremy
    Jeremy   2 days ago

    It's not up to the player to follow the rules, it's up to the refs to call them on it. Blame the refs that day, not Scurry. Shes a champion.

  • SuspiciousEgroll
    SuspiciousEgroll   6 days ago

    I was in 3rd grade when this happened. The men's team needs to catch up. Embarrassing they didn't qualify last cup.

  • José Rode
    José Rode   1 weeks ago

    Honte sur l'arbitre lors de la séance de tir de pénalty, la gardienne de but américaine a triché à 3 reprises car elle n'était pas sur la ligne de but lors des tirs de l'équipechinoise, l'arbitre aurait du sanctionner cette attitude en faisant recommencer les tirs et en donnant une carterouge en cas de récidive.

  • José Rode
    José Rode   1 weeks ago

    Honte sur l'arbitre de ce match lors de la séance de tir de

  • Jared Z
    Jared Z   1 weeks ago

    OH BOI WE GOT SOME 90s boomer sexism right here. I mean look at the 2019 vs the 1999 final. Not only obvious better footage, but the announcers are absolute nuts/sexists/confused about how a women's vs men's game could be called.

  • Logist Fito
    Logist Fito   1 months ago

    Цікаво, тоді до удару воротареві можна було виходити?

  • Sameer Singh
    Sameer Singh   2 months ago


  • mimi HH
    mimi HH   2 months ago

    full public👍🏻🤗😗

  • Thaly Chelle
    Thaly Chelle   3 months ago

    Si la arquera de China hubiese hecho lo mismo el resultado sería otro,que controversial victoria para USA.

  • LoftusRoadLad
    LoftusRoadLad   3 months ago

    Scurry probably only did what she was allowed to do by the rules at the time, or that she could get away with. But, besides that, did the CHICOM goalie know she WAS allowed to dive?

  • Gregory Lashley
    Gregory Lashley   4 months ago

    Scurry came off her line on EVERY save attempt, including the save. It should have been disallowed.

  • Chloe Marstiller
    Chloe Marstiller   4 months ago

    I found an article about scurry from 1999, and she says that goalies did that all the time and rarely got called on. So i guess it just wasn’t a very big deal in 1999, lol

  • Edward Andrews
    Edward Andrews   4 months ago

    Brandi Chastain is the most beautiful player⚽ of all times!🌟

  • Sameer Singh
    Sameer Singh   5 months ago


  • Edward Andrews
    Edward Andrews   5 months ago

    Brandy Chastain is the nicest and most beautiful lady, she's an iconic player of all times!👩🌟⚽🏆

  • Old Seadog
    Old Seadog   6 months ago

    I wonder just how far the US keeper could've gotten before the ball was kicked and the ref to actually notice?

  • jojowopper
    jojowopper   6 months ago

    Scurry cheated on every p.k. A few years later she would be shining Hope Solo's shoes.

  • ApeeGrl
    ApeeGrl   6 months ago

    Negroes will always do negro things.

  • Aj R
    Aj R   6 months ago

    The US Goali clearly cheated; jumping forward before even the ball is kicked. Totally illegal

  • Cherry lin
    Cherry lin   7 months ago

    If the officials didn't call then USA had no problem. She moved after the whistle, so it was legitimate.

  • Malia M
    Malia M   7 months ago

    When I was a little girl I only ever heard and celebrated Brandi Chastain and Mia Hamm, but if it wasn't for Scurry and the save they wouldn't have even gotten that shot!

  • Fernando
    Fernando   7 months ago

    LOL the goalkeeper forward on penalties, that shame.

  • J. Caldera
    J. Caldera   7 months ago

    So difficult to watch Scurry celebrate a stoppage (#3 kick by China) after she rushed the kicker anywhere from Five to Ten Feet. Very hard to watch, and as a US fan to celebrate.

  • J. Caldera
    J. Caldera   7 months ago

    This is 20 years later, and as a fan and supporter of the Women USNT, the US Goal Keeper Cheated plain and simple!!! Tarnishing the win for the women USN Team. So sad that we swept this well under the rug.

  • slubert
    slubert   7 months ago

    Uggh. Stop it.. pk's!? Why is american commentary on soccer so cringy?

  • Richard Le
    Richard Le   7 months ago

    China team was so good back then ❤️❤️‼️What happen now in 2019 ???????

  • Richard Le
    Richard Le   7 months ago

    The atmosphere must have been Amazing ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Richard Le
    Richard Le   7 months ago

    They pioneered !! they invented the Women World Cup 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tanisha Jade
    Tanisha Jade   7 months ago

    8:35 Wtf did the lady commentator say ... what does being a girl have to do with being less likely to save a goal

  • Dictator Orange Baby Man

    US didn’t deserve this win. They cheated China in plain sight. Refs should be held accountable.

  • Fleekest
    Fleekest   7 months ago

    The US goalie almost walked out the stadium stepping out that far jeez