The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

  • Published on: 22 April 2018
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    The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations
  • Runtime : 9:15
  • black hole supermassive black hole dyson sphere physics superradiative scattering black hole bomb satire future far future space universe humanity superweapon funny space travel star penrose process in a nutshell kurzgesagt


  • Snap At A Chat
    Snap At A Chat   3 hours ago

    This channel is constantly taking on massive topics and presenting them as if they are perfectly understood. It's incredibly misleading. You need to say, "We don't know," a whole lot more, rather than blatantly lie about human sophistication.

  • aarya badaya
    aarya badaya   20 hours ago

    This bomb is nothing in front of Nokia 3310 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Urself Boi x3
    Urself Boi x3   1 days ago

    We need retractable mirror, if we can build it mirror and make it smaller but not to small we can break reality it self and travel somewhere new

  • zac jarraf
    zac jarraf   1 days ago

    So, if not even light waves or photons can escape a black hole, and we use photons to see light waves and photons to, yknow, see things... are black holes invisible to the naked eye? (excluding the fact it distorts everything around it.) Pls help me, I don't want to die wondering.

  • 007
    007   2 days ago

    I think there is life who feeds on dark energy. In universe nothing is Impossible 🦋

  • Bottle Flipping Rooney

    Lol it doesn't even turn into a black hole it just ends up evaporating as a black dwarf no black hole what so ever

  • -Alper -
    -Alper -   2 days ago

    A fine addition to my colection

  • LOLSflint
    LOLSflint   2 days ago

    5:111 just throw our trash in there and boom see the whole galaxy

  • Omega Steve
    Omega Steve   2 days ago

    Well the most i can explain a black hole is like a gas planet but its black and has a huge gravitational force

  • PineappleParty
    PineappleParty   3 days ago

    As mentioned, in order to leave the ergo sphere you would have to travel faster than the speed of light, wouldn’t that just rip you apart? On top of that, perhaps you do escape, and make it back to earth, you would show up to earth being hundreds of years older than when you left due to the time relativity. So the penrose theory doesn’t make any sense to me. Sure hypothetically it might work but just flying into the black hole to eventually exit, would pull you apart since the black hole pulls shit in faster than the light it trapped can even escape. Our atoms can’t hold us together in that case.

  • koushik kay
    koushik kay   3 days ago

    How many guys see the starting of the video for many times???

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee   3 days ago

    Is trading mass for energy really a good trade?edit: the black sphere seems like a better idea

  • Alitalia
    Alitalia   3 days ago

    Guys, when the universe goes dark, will the big bang happen again and a new universe will happen?


    Why survive though? Why would any civilization ever want to survive? Life is boring, stupid, dangerous, evil shit, even when life is so called good it's horrible evil nonsense. I used to want humanity to flourish but the more I think about it the more I realize the truth, it's not worth it. This existence is not worth surviving through, self preservation is an instinct. This world is so unbelievably cruel, disgusting and unfair, now imagine how it is out there, space is likely one big shitty ghetto full of dangers and nastiness. I revoke my exploration card, in fact a black hole bomb would be welcome at this point.

  • Br Ca
    Br Ca   3 days ago

    The monkey falls into the black hole pulling the space craft into the black hole.

  • IGotAPrincess
    IGotAPrincess   3 days ago

    Instructions unclear, microwaved grandma for 30 minutes

  • Peter Darr
    Peter Darr   3 days ago

    In a billion years there will be more oil.

  • Steven Georges
    Steven Georges   3 days ago

    How many pixel birds were harmed (sucked in by black holes) in the making of this video? ;-)

  • Wesley Myers
    Wesley Myers   3 days ago

    No one has ever been to a black hole let alone observed one up close. It's all a hypothesis. So they could be a worm hole to another reality. This is BS. Stop being sheeple. And use you FN brain and quit letting someone tell you something a believing it just because they went to college and learned math.

  • Duc Dang
    Duc Dang   4 days ago

    When it got to "black hole bomb" I knew that humanity had no more hope

  • Throttle aka Asperg
    Throttle aka Asperg   4 days ago

    The mirrors would have to be for good measure more than strong enough to withstand the gravitational force of black holes and you would most likely have to have the mirror sphere spinning in the same direction as the black hole, otherwise the sphere would break under the intense gravity of the black hole.

  • Rudi Pristiwanto
    Rudi Pristiwanto   4 days ago

    Im watching this at night while sleep and then i see the last part

  • falco830
    falco830   4 days ago

    Terrorists: allah blakkba

  • Barrett Clinton
    Barrett Clinton   5 days ago

    There would have to be an intergalactic disco party if that mirror ball structure ever did go up. Your videos are totally awesome, btw.

  • Thumper
    Thumper   5 days ago

    All this is presented as fact... how ridiculous.