The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

  • Published on: 22 April 2018
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    The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations
  • Runtime : 9:15
  • black hole supermassive black hole dyson sphere physics superradiative scattering black hole bomb satire future far future space universe humanity superweapon funny space travel star penrose process in a nutshell kurzgesagt


  • RobloxRobot
    RobloxRobot   52 minuts ago

    this is unrelated but i just finished one of those big pretzels that you cook and it was awesome

  • BronzeJourney
    BronzeJourney   9 hours ago

    Makes perfect sense. Im pumped af because of unknown reasons now.

  • Annick Price
    Annick Price   16 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt: talking about black hole bombsUS,Russia and all countries that like bombs: now its time to get funkyWhen Russia and US get a black hole bomb we are 9999999999999% guaranteed dead

  • Sam Larkin
    Sam Larkin   18 hours ago

    9:12 yes... that's how light works

  • Richard Buckley
    Richard Buckley   1 days ago

    This guys voice reminds me of the hitch hickers guide to the galaxy. Awesome stuff

  • 정현우
    정현우   1 days ago

    Its scale is like warhammer 40k's.

  • Madhavi Emani
    Madhavi Emani   1 days ago

    if you were in a black hole, time would stop (for you ONLY!!)

  • Madhavi Emani
    Madhavi Emani   1 days ago

    if you made a black hole bomb, you would fatally die.and time would stop.

  • Andrew K
    Andrew K   1 days ago

    Your cheat code is you can make up anything you want and people think you have to be a scientist to disagree

  • Hyperspace
    Hyperspace   1 days ago


  • Andrew M
    Andrew M   1 days ago

    it doesn't make any sense. "It loses some energy, but it gets more powerful"?? How does electromagnetic waves get more power while constantly losing energy? If light speed is constant, it can't go faster, so the gained extra energy just push the frequency higher, no? Then lost and gained energy would more or less translate to just fewer and fewer waves bouncing around but at much higher and higher frequency? Until maybe it would hit X-ray or gama ray range and all your mirrors will become transparent for it and it would just dissipate.. Am I getting it wrong? coz the video completely don't make sense to my high school education of general physics, and high school education is all i got

  • Gabe Darrett
    Gabe Darrett   1 days ago

    2:05 Why can't a point spin? How did the physicists arrive at this conclusion?

  • John de Lara
    John de Lara   2 days ago

    What normal people see: Black holeWhat weebs see: BeYBlADe BEYBLADe LeT It RIp!

  • jeff the killer
    jeff the killer   2 days ago

    Has anyone said you sound kind of like the narrator from the stably parable?

  • Sandipan
    Sandipan   2 days ago

    Kurzgesagt : Harness energy from black holeHumans : We can't even harness energy from a lightning strike

  • lachlan bevan
    lachlan bevan   2 days ago

    this video: EXISTSthe north korean government: WRITE THAT DOWN! WRITE THAT DOWN!

  • siang yu
    siang yu   3 days ago

    why are you sort of copying starcraft

  • Ryan Dudley
    Ryan Dudley   3 days ago

    god loved the black hole so he put a ringularity on it

  • Brandt
    Brandt   3 days ago

    liked the lil Protoss camo they had at 0:18. lol.

  • Guardias
    Guardias   4 days ago

    They spin because it's cooler if they spin.

  • Shaun O'Brien
    Shaun O'Brien   4 days ago

    It could supply power for trillions of years but how long until the expansion of space-time renders normal matter impossible? Would future beings need to solve for that as well?

  • Darshan Phy
    Darshan Phy   4 days ago

    Sound and seems like power rangers. Seems making up some stories for kids

  • Tanja
    Tanja   4 days ago

    having an existential crisis atm brb

  • Siddharth
    Siddharth   4 days ago

    The only thing i dont like is that brilliant ad again and again

  • Javier Szapari
    Javier Szapari   4 days ago

    I always thought that all black holes are spinning!!!

  • King Weirdo
    King Weirdo   4 days ago

    How does one prevent damage to the mirror by outer sources and what happens if that hypothethical defence fails

  • Javier costa henere
    Javier costa henere   5 days ago

    Actually it's a bit more complicated and you said some things wrong. You are talking about a KERR type black whole which is the most common in universe (actually the only one certain to be existing) but the Swarzchild type of black whole is still theorically possible. And in that type of black whole, the singularity is not a point in space it's a moment in time. When you enter a black whole you can imagine (although is not exactly like that) that the space-time has bended so much that space is now time and time is now space. That makes that the event horizon you just crossed is no longer behind you, instead is in your past and the singularity is not in front of you, it's in your future. If you wanted to search for that singularity point in space, you wouldn't find it anywhere because it's nowhere, it's in your future. Similar things happen to the KERR type (the one you are talking about) it's true that there is a ringularity that is actually somewhere in space in this type of black whole, but that ringularity is surrounded by something called the "Cauchy horizon" that is a barrier in which classical physics just can't handle it anymore. But that Cauchy horizon is really really unstable, it's like trying to keep a pencil verticalin a table only by equilibrium of his top...any small interference will make it fall. Same applies to that Cauchy horizon, something interacting with the black whole will make it fall, you playing around in the ergosphere is more than enough to do that. Once that Cauchy horizon is fallen, the ringularity stops being a ring in a place and comes back to being a moment in time. So in practical situations, if you want to go find that ringularity, you won't, the simple act of you falling into the black whole will make that ringularity "dissapear" from where it is and it will become a moment in your future. For the rest...good job!

  • Ivan Martinez
    Ivan Martinez   5 days ago

    7:02 Any Simpson fan will think this scene is funny.

  • Lord Zabuza
    Lord Zabuza   5 days ago

    How many birds does one have to killed.

  • BMGipe45
    BMGipe45   5 days ago

    "... something very big becomes very, very tiny..." The life of a grower