The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

  • Published on: 22 April 2018
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    The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations
  • Runtime : 9:15
  • black hole supermassive black hole dyson sphere physics superradiative scattering black hole bomb satire future far future space universe humanity superweapon funny space travel star penrose process in a nutshell kurzgesagt


  • Nyush Snr
    Nyush Snr   2 hours ago

    Ringularity with 0 radius ..Does that even make sense??Now dont say;nothing makes sense at the center of a blackhole.It would be better to jst call it singularity.

  • james42619
    james42619   3 hours ago

    Thanks for the video...really infofmative🥰😍

  • spooktoba
    spooktoba   15 hours ago

    so, how about we throw all of our trash we made throughout the centuries into a blackhole?

  • The Noobest Girl
    The Noobest Girl   19 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt: "... The metal of a big asteroid..."Me, a 26 year old lady: "A big-ass droid" *giggles*

  • ShadowPlayz
    ShadowPlayz   20 hours ago

    Kurzgesagt: Black Hole BombGermany: Write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!

  • Michael Priest
    Michael Priest   1 days ago

    Builds energy plant around black hole. Destroys half the universe for “unlimited” fuel. - Man 👨👍

  • Javier Corral
    Javier Corral   1 days ago

    En este vídeo se os ha ido un poquito la pinza, lo de crear un espejo gigante ha sido lo más tronchante, el ser humano jugando a ser dios, lo curioso es que vosotros lo defendáis diciendo que no es ciencia ficción. FLIPAOS. Sin duda lo que hay dentro es un anillo de Sonic.

  • Kobe Velez
    Kobe Velez   1 days ago

    Man imma subscribed because he makes things sound more interesting when they already are like what!!??

  • Alex Romanov
    Alex Romanov   2 days ago

    A ring with a thickness of zero and no surface.... Doesn't that make it non-existent? I'm confused :(

  • Austin Blair
    Austin Blair   2 days ago

    My and my friend (that I haven't seen in years) staring at each other waiting for someone to speak 9:07

  • Black Coffee Planet
    Black Coffee Planet   3 days ago

    Is it bad that I kinda wanna see the most massive explosion the universe's ever seen

  • Nathan Hunt
    Nathan Hunt   3 days ago

    If only there was a way to destroy a black hole

  • InTeNt _YT
    InTeNt _YT   3 days ago

    Who knew black holes were so Beautiful

  • LooneyMar
    LooneyMar   3 days ago

    Legends have it that after entering a black hole one can see the Skyrim opening scene

  • Rozita Sulaiman
    Rozita Sulaiman   3 days ago

    Finally a part 3- procceds to get thrown out violently

  • Tobi’sNight
    Tobi’sNight   3 days ago

    kurzgesagt: speaks scienceme: visible confusion

  • eddy
    eddy   3 days ago

    Is anybody else vibing to the background music

  • ッSamzou
    ッSamzou   3 days ago

    "-or we can blow it up"Cheers, i'll drink to that, bro

  • Daniel Patrick
    Daniel Patrick   3 days ago

    Guys.... I think we just discovered time travel, but only I don’t think it’s possible to reverse it Reply what you guys think

  • Lenny Face
    Lenny Face   4 days ago

    And what if the black hole is a portal? To anather dimension or something? Is that possible?