Finding out i'm pregnant on Father's Day + telling my Husband & parents! *EMOTIONAL*

  • Published on: 21 July 2019
  • I couldn't keep it in any longer. God still does work miracles my friends. We are absolutely over the moon and excited to go through this new adventure honoring God with this incredible opportunity. Follow along on our pregnancy journey!

    Comment below if you think it will be a boy or a girl!

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    Love God, Love Yourself, Love People

  • Runtime : 18:55
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  • baily Teer
    baily Teer   1 weeks ago

    I love u so much I'm I'm a little late but congratulations

  • Babs
    Babs   1 weeks ago

    Your god had nothing to do with your getting pregnant. It's a sperm and an egg...nature!

  • Kiersten Clawson
    Kiersten Clawson   1 weeks ago

    Congrats on your new baby sorry it’s a little late I just watched this video today

  • Tabitha Fisher
    Tabitha Fisher   1 weeks ago

    I think it will be a girl...has it been born yet?

  • Pat KM
    Pat KM   1 weeks ago

    Congrads love sent fr Florida

  • Lucy Warsap
    Lucy Warsap   1 weeks ago

    Congratulations when i found that I am pregnant and now I'm 25 weeks and having girl my gosh it's amazing moment ever to happen in a woman life

  • AshleyMarie
    AshleyMarie   2 weeks ago

    Who’s here after baby Azariah is here, happy and healthy!! God is good

  • kattwin1
    kattwin1   2 weeks ago

    I am literally watching this for the first time on Feb. 10, 2020.....soooooooo, is Baby T here, yet??? :D :D :D

  • Elena Salvatore
    Elena Salvatore   2 weeks ago

    I hope everything is ok with both of you! All the best!

  • amandakenney
    amandakenney   2 weeks ago

    Who's here after Azariah was born 😭So happy for you guys

  • Griselda Bautista
    Griselda Bautista   2 weeks ago

    I found out I was pregnant on December 19th 2019 a few days before Christmas and I gave my whole family the surprise by fixing a box with balloons inside and when my mom and dad and my husband opened it all the balloons popped out and I yelled congratulations you'll be a dad and parents you guys will be grandparents I love that surprised I did for

  • Breanna Beers
    Breanna Beers   3 weeks ago

    You’re looking at it backwards sweety the faint line is the control line the really dark line is the test line!!!!

  • Amanda Briggs
    Amanda Briggs   3 weeks ago

    I've been there. Didn't have a period (without medical intervention) from the time I was 18 until I was 39. I'm 41 now. My period suddenly came back a couple years ago, but still nothing happened. Adopted our amazing son 9 years ago. Haven't been trying. 3 weeks ago I took a pregnancy test to prove, once again, I was not pregnant so I could get on some pills. Except it came back positive! God is amazing. Had to be in His time. It still doesn't feel real, even though I've taken 3 home tests and had one blood work up all say I am pregnant. I think my ultra sound on the 13th will finally convince me!

  • Michelle Reames
    Michelle Reames   3 weeks ago

    I wanted to cry my eyes out once you said you didn’t think you could get pregnant!! And those faintest prayers I’m convinced the Lord hears the loudest. <3

    KING NAG   3 weeks ago

    This is Jan 30 and baby due Feb 10 . Not so far .. you've made it ...woah !!

  • Melissa Dale
    Melissa Dale   1 months ago

    Your mamas reaction made me melt!😫❤

  • Sadie Hale
    Sadie Hale   1 months ago

    So who’s boobs hurt now? 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Shelley J
    Shelley J   1 months ago

    ‘I don’t know if he’s ready to be a dad’ why are you not using protection then?!

  • Just Jessi
    Just Jessi   1 months ago

    Why do women always take the confusing line tests; they make digital tests that say "Pregnant" or "not pregnant'? Then there is no wondering if your seeing a faint line LOL

  • Carllee M
    Carllee M   1 months ago

    Your parents reactions were amazing!!

  • Sheema Washington
    Sheema Washington   1 months ago

    I LOVE ur creative reveals 😍 Congrats and Blessings!!!❤

  • Tuna Bean
    Tuna Bean   1 months ago

    I found out on this day also!

  • Missy P
    Missy P   1 months ago

    You are so cute and this is very precious.. make every moment of your pregnancy count and relish the time your little one is a newborn.. <3