College Football Best Trick Plays 2016-17 ᴴᴰ

  • Published on: 21 April 2017
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  • Will Henson
    Will Henson   3 years ago

    The biggest trick play of the year was Louisville convincing people they were a championship contender

  • Salvador Hernandez
    Salvador Hernandez   2 weeks ago

    Sec the best place to watch the best FB even Tennessee can beat Penn State

  • D. Rüesch
    D. Rüesch   4 weeks ago

    It sucks we won't see college football again til 2022. It sucks even more for the dudes who play.

  • djYEET
    djYEET   7 months ago

    If you watch college football, you know that Gus Malzahn is gonna be on here a couple of times

  • Bernie Sanders
    Bernie Sanders   10 months ago

    That long snapper for Hawaii deserves an award. Long ass snap.

  • les antoine
    les antoine   1 years ago

    Boise state stadium is so beautiful. Beautiful turf

  • Fawne Brown
    Fawne Brown   1 years ago

    A trick play video and you only show Boise State once! That just ain't right.

  • Mohs TryTooHard
    Mohs TryTooHard   1 years ago

    Watching this after Daniel Carlson missed 3 field goals... should’ve ran it for the win

  • Super Salty Gaming
    Super Salty Gaming   1 years ago

    My favorite is by far 3:02. I’ve never seen a lineman used in a more innovative way, being used in a screen play through a lateral. That’s just so smart, with no eligible receivers on that side of the field, you leave it wide open.

  • valtteri lahtinen
    valtteri lahtinen   2 years ago

    automatic russian complete crawl commander folk affect accommodate prohibit indicate.

  • Daniel
    Daniel   2 years ago

    Incredible NFL plays. Especially one of the last ones. He uses his speed and awareness to get past the opposition and score a decisive touchdown.

  • VigEuth
    VigEuth   2 years ago

    Had to look up that last play with pass to the Center (snapper of the ball)....guess it's legal as he is on the "end" of the line and has proper jersey #.

  • Simon Reye
    Simon Reye   2 years ago

    8:00 Wide receiver does nothing but call the TD once the QB gets the ball back

  • Noah Cho
    Noah Cho   2 years ago

    the play @8:54 with the entire line was pretty sick. After they stood back up, they were all waiting for the ball to be thrown back and like they were convoy of over 1,000 pounds in total.

  • Dalton Hill
    Dalton Hill   2 years ago

    2:26 They SOO copied that trick play Tom Brady did to the Eagles.

  • Jack44M
    Jack44M   2 years ago

    At 6:08......illegal play. I'm surprised they missed it.At 11:11....ineligible receiver. They caught that one

  • Fug Babylon
    Fug Babylon   2 years ago

    @9:18 watch the USC player go right and the 2 Penn players hit the shit out of each other! LOL

  • James Gray
    James Gray   2 years ago

    I love the lateral to the Pitt OL...let the big dogs eat!!

  • Dom Boltz
    Dom Boltz   2 years ago

    Where is the Virginia Tech fake punt in the acc championship

  • Aiden Rae
    Aiden Rae   2 years ago

    It's funny that you don't see the national championship contenders run these types of plays.

  • Tommy Bianchi
    Tommy Bianchi   2 years ago

    Awesome vid. Didn't see many of these during the season so I'm happy you put this together!

  • Jacks Mitchell
    Jacks Mitchell   2 years ago

    Oklahoma states play in the alama bowl was straight from ole miss in the sugar bowl 2016

  • Dan T.
    Dan T.   2 years ago

    Never thought I'd see that Hawaii fake punt in there, many called it ugly, but it worked just fine. Go WARRIORS!!!!

  • Mason Watson
    Mason Watson   2 years ago

    How did that Bama vs Clemson game end? Lol

  • macpack144
    macpack144   2 years ago

    Auburn pulling a trick play on AK st. when you can easily go up by 17, do they have no faith in their defense? or are they kicking a small team while they are down?