• Published on: 25 July 2015
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    Yesterday, I asked you (YIAY) a question and today I’m reading your answers! Do you want to be featured in the next YIAY? Then comment with your answer below!

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    Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my YouTube channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Parodies! Music videos! Sketches! JackAsk! Your Grammar Sucks (YGS)! Yesterday I Asked You (YIAY)! News in Haikus!

  • Runtime : 4:11
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  • Disgustang John
    Disgustang John   7 hours ago

    A guy walked into a bar he asked for h20Another guy walked into a bar he asked for h202 he died

  • AWildIbo 09
    AWildIbo 09   1 days ago

    Switch lite is out I'm from the futurr

  • Interest Invasion
    Interest Invasion   2 days ago

    I know I’m late but you need to know not to trust..... atoms....They do make up everything, after all

  • Lauren 1522
    Lauren 1522   5 days ago

    The third one is stolen from bo burnam!!! Grrrrrr

  • Rapolas RA
    Rapolas RA   6 days ago

    If I was wanted to kill myself, I would climb on your Ego and Jump off to your IQ

  • Galactic Potato
    Galactic Potato   1 weeks ago

    I do t get the lite switch thing unless they were predicting the future

  • Cat4-7
    Cat4-7   1 weeks ago

    The first one. I’ve seen that on a shirt before.

  • Nurs Malik
    Nurs Malik   1 weeks ago

    "2020 vision" joke is not workin anymore

  • Ve_Ex
    Ve_Ex   2 weeks ago

    Silver Rhenium Sulfur Sulfur Iodine Vanadium Erbium isnt really how you say that you are more competitive than that person over there

  • Noah Burns
    Noah Burns   2 weeks ago

    A new acronym for YOLO. You Only Li... damn

  • cl a b b l e
    cl a b b l e   2 weeks ago

    A man's wife was giving birth, she was yelling "Shouldn't, couldn't, don't!" And the doctor said "don't worry, those are contractions"

  • Moonstar79
    Moonstar79   2 weeks ago

    I feel kind of stupid.Don't lie to me, so do you.

  • wallow
    wallow   2 weeks ago

    Freddie HGLook up hG in the pediotic table and then look up Freddie with what hg is

  • Pink
    Pink   3 weeks ago

    My name is August and I was like wait what

  • timeglass
    timeglass   3 weeks ago

    2:10 if he did c works did he have to tell cock and for a did have to tell ass and for b did he have to tell bitch and bastard

  • Ging Ging
    Ging Ging   3 weeks ago

    I want to rub your furry chest hair daddy ‘w’

  • Gush 35z
    Gush 35z   3 weeks ago

    0:34 this joke makes no sense if you said it now

  • Rhytmic
    Rhytmic   3 weeks ago

    Y dadO pleaseL comeO back

  • Samuel DeCoske
    Samuel DeCoske   3 weeks ago

    Hey jack, my loot crate still hasn’t come in? Is there a new code?

  • Kyra Neuendorf
    Kyra Neuendorf   4 weeks ago

    bro 2020 is in like two months, i feel like this video came out a month ago like tf.

  • Oh no!
    Oh no!   1 months ago

    I told my friend who's a total nerd that I hope you lose in the science fair hahhajajahah

  • Not Marina
    Not Marina   1 months ago

    I can't be the only one who realized the Bo Burnham joke at ~ 0:27.

  • Kaan Can
    Kaan Can   1 months ago

    Two time travelers walk into a bar.Two time travelers walk into a bar.Two time travelers walk into a bar.Two time travelers walk in- OKAY STOP

  • Minnie m
    Minnie m   1 months ago

    parallel lines have so much in common.such a shame they’ll never meet.

    ROBLOX IS LIIFE   1 months ago

    A roman walked into a bar, help up two fingers, and said five beers please.