Our Mom Controls Our YouTube Channel For A Day

  • Published on: 26 March 2019
  • We were fresh out of video ideas so this happened...

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  • Runtime : 24:34
  • Dolan Twins Our mom controls our youtube channel for a day mom ethan grayson


  • caitin logue
    caitin logue   10 minuts ago

    What’s the purple in the club thing about 😂

  • Picki P
    Picki P   3 hours ago

    This is the best video EVER! We need more mama Dolan!Also thanks for the awesome idea! I gotta do baby photo recreation photos now!

  • Billie Sean Min
    Billie Sean Min   6 hours ago

    I thought Ethan was the one in the blue shirt. I guess they used to look way more alike than they do now though 🤧

  • Ire John
    Ire John   18 hours ago

    Who's hiding in the back next to Gray lol

    ALLI KAYE NEALE   18 hours ago

    She is living every mother’s dream, recreating the baby pics, freakin a-mazing idea! Love you guys 🥰🥰💋💋

  • Asia Frank
    Asia Frank   20 hours ago

    why do they have such an attitude with their mom smh

  • Shaquerra
    Shaquerra   1 days ago

    the Fashion haul part when they kept putting their hands behind stuff was too funny.

  • Shaquerra
    Shaquerra   1 days ago

    Momma Dolan makes me wanna have twins.

  • Twilight Dreams
    Twilight Dreams   1 days ago

    15:35 Who’s the girl behind Ethan’s seat next to the window?

  • Mary Denis
    Mary Denis   2 days ago

    I loved this video! Amazing ❤️

  • Emilia Martin
    Emilia Martin   3 days ago

    Seeing that they’re the same age as me is so crazy it kinda feels like how when they hire a 24 year old actor to play a high school freshman bc I’m pretty sure I look 12

  • Tiktokking67 11
    Tiktokking67 11   3 days ago

    I swear the binky was my favorite part it was so cuuttteeee

  • Angelica Pedroza
    Angelica Pedroza   3 days ago

    Yea my mom does the same exact thing it’s so hard to shop with her

  • Hannah Stovall
    Hannah Stovall   4 days ago

    You guys are the best boys. Your mom's so blessed❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • puga chan
    puga chan   4 days ago

    I was just awwing the whole time lol. I loved that they recreated the old baby pics 😆

  • Emi Emi
    Emi Emi   5 days ago

    Your mom is such a beautiful Woman !! 👑

  • Dhruti Ghedia
    Dhruti Ghedia   6 days ago

    Hey! You guys have got an international fan from India...I love you Ethan!You are sweeter, cuter, smarter, handsomer!Mwah!

  • OhshizitsTaylor
    OhshizitsTaylor   6 days ago

    Idk what they're talkin bout these ideas were all bangers! Lmao

  • ashlyn stella
    ashlyn stella   6 days ago

    i feel so bad for them!!! because they lost sean :((( rip sean dolan

  • Saida Oualid
    Saida Oualid   1 weeks ago

    19:39 you made me 😭 My younger twin staked too I f**ing love my twins and I love you dolans and I love your beautiful Mam too 🥰🌹🌹

  • Mysvie
    Mysvie   1 weeks ago

    Cutest family bonding video ever

  • Leeny Loves
    Leeny Loves   1 weeks ago

    When you go in the comments to see if anyone else noticed the creepy blonde girl sitting next to Grayson at 17:15 👀👀

  • JJ Singh
    JJ Singh   1 weeks ago

    how much of a sweetheart is their mom!

  • dalal
    dalal   1 weeks ago

    Who else noticed the person who sets next to gray 15:13👀.