Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Monologue - Trump‘s Optimistic, Pandas Mating & Guillermo’s Homeschool

  • Published on: 08 April 2020
  • In tonight’s #JimmyKimmelLiveFromHisHouse monologue, Jimmy talks about how he always thinks he has Coronavirus, Los Angeles having the cleanest air now, Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing that they will make face shields for doctors, Trump’s obsession with the drug Hydroxychloroquine despite his inability to pronounce it, Trump refuting a report from his own administration, pandas mating for the first time in a decade, our first edition of Guillermo’s “Homework Corner,” and Jimmy and Guillermo talk about the toilet paper shortage happening right now. The folks at Cottonelle have made a one million dollar donation to the United Way Worldwide COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund and they are donating an additional $200,000 tonight. You can be a part of this too - now through June 1st,, Cottonelle will donate an additional $1 on behalf of anyone who tags an instance of socially distanced toilet paper sharing with Share A Square.

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  • Runtime : 12:39
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  • Nathan Caulford
    Nathan Caulford   4 days ago

    The most horrifying thing about trump is that he's NORMALIZING stupid!

  • Kate Westcott
    Kate Westcott   5 days ago

    I love you Jimmy. Thanks for the regular doses of hilarious terrifying reality. Support and socially distant hugs from Vermont.

  • B better
    B better   1 weeks ago

    I am going to be honest here. I have seen some reporters talk to him so rudely that I cannot believe they can talk like this to a president. I personally hate the guy, i can still see why he feels so defensive because he is always cornered. I am not saying anything about his horrid reaponses and policies but i've never seen reporters be this nasty to a president before.

  • Andrew Cyvas
    Andrew Cyvas   1 weeks ago

    And Fauci does not own large shares of Moderna?

  • Luz Maria Rahla
    Luz Maria Rahla   1 weeks ago

    I felt the same, staying with my family for more than a week, it felt like a trap, so bad~

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan
    Dr. Mantis Toboggan   2 weeks ago

    189 ÷ 5. It's simple really. First you just...well you....um...hey look over there! runs away

  • MojoRisin
    MojoRisin   2 weeks ago

    singapore news made the news! haha

  • E Schmidt
    E Schmidt   3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the commercial jimmy. They're such great people. Making millions. Furloughing so many. Let's celebrate the real heroes. Big Corps. Fuckstick why not get some girls on trampolines and get back to your roots.

  • MrDadumbo1
    MrDadumbo1   3 weeks ago

    Fake news is the new ultimate meme 😂

  • Nelly King
    Nelly King   3 weeks ago

    Yes me too every day i wake up thinking I have it and by noon I forgot

  • DragonK
    DragonK   3 weeks ago

    4:10 wtf did trump do to her

  • Sarah B. Woo
    Sarah B. Woo   3 weeks ago

    I used to be pushed to take Hydroxychloroquin, as I have an autoimmune disease... and I had to go through multiple appointments and ophthalmologists (because it can cause you to go blind) to finally be prescribed it due to the severe symptoms... I finally started taking it but two years later I realized it was actually making me feel worse 👀

  • Sinéad Hutton
    Sinéad Hutton   3 weeks ago

    Gentle reminder: An Taoiseach Leo varadkar, not prime minister x

  • Eli Harper
    Eli Harper   3 weeks ago

    3:01 I was waiting for the audience.

  • David Scott
    David Scott   4 weeks ago

    Guillermo son at the end awl daddy lol the answer is 63

  • Gabriel Iligan
    Gabriel Iligan   4 weeks ago

    "Telling the band to play louder to cover up the screams" man that's deep....

  • Commando303X
    Commando303X   4 weeks ago

    Among most of the late-night guys giving from-home quarantine performances, I think Jimmy Kimmel may be exhibiting the greatest success in humor. I guess years of not hearing the laughter of an audience have made him less privy to lending awkward silence after delivering a joke.

  • Tobi Herbert
    Tobi Herbert   1 months ago

    LA now has the cleanest air in the world?? I SERIOUSLY doubt that

  • Advocatus Diaboli
    Advocatus Diaboli   1 months ago

    Palapa palapa palapa, that’s the cutest intro I ever heard.

  • carol Hilst
    carol Hilst   1 months ago

    Oh I love you Jimmy love your kids in who wants to be a millionare so good you really have brightened my days so happy I can still watch you on you tube.....

  • Lanarory
    Lanarory   1 months ago

    I love the new theme song. You should keep it!

  • WS C
    WS C   1 months ago

    Hey Kimmel....you really need to look more closely at the facts of his Pharma connection before leading your viewers into believing that the involvement was constructed and carried out with the Pandemic in mind.....all of the associations are from Trust investments that were disclosed lawfully in 2019....Trump probably started the Pandemic ...Right?....Both your "Humor" and loyal audience are so 80's.....from Guillermo's idiotic attempts at comedy to the transparency of using children's art , audio and appearances to attach a slight undertone of innocence and honesty to the time slot!! From pandering Guillermo to Kids.....anything for ratings.......

  • Wendy Darling
    Wendy Darling   1 months ago

    Greetings from Puerto My Coucha! Your kids singing he the opening song is the best part of the quarantine show.

  • Marisela Felix
    Marisela Felix   1 months ago

    I love Jimmy, he’s so funny and love how he points out trumps lies Keep up the good work, Jimmy

  • L'Acadien en titi
    L'Acadien en titi   1 months ago

    I think I despise Mike Pence even more for pretending that this is normal and acceptable. He is filth in human form.

  • L'Acadien en titi
    L'Acadien en titi   1 months ago

    “That’s your tanning bed, you left it plugged in”. Lol

  • Nicole Rankin
    Nicole Rankin   1 months ago

    Anyone reading this if voted for trump: honestly why? Not arguing, jus wanna hear the reasoning behind the decision. Plz and thank u

  • E. C
    E. C   1 months ago

    Love Jimmy Kimmel and his children ...they are so cute!

  • Colton Ventry
    Colton Ventry   1 months ago

    Is there a single clip where trump doesn't interrupt the interviewer

  • brook Parsons
    brook Parsons   1 months ago

    Maybe If We all do Begin to Send Him positive energy.., He will Become a Better POTUS!!! Ps, Animals..are More Human Compassion than we are at this point!! Animals Have Rights!! Shalom Jimmy and Crew Luv and Salaamz 🍉😇

  • brook Parsons
    brook Parsons   1 months ago

    We'll make sure that Trump 👊 Get all the Qulauriquime Hydroxy Style..Wahahahahhahahahahaha So Great

  • Dianne Lo
    Dianne Lo   1 months ago

    It’s at the pt where journalists earn a badge of honor by going to the briefing and going a few rounds with a l’orange.

  • Tanya Vargas
    Tanya Vargas   1 months ago

    How do reporters keep their cool during those briefings. I wana shake him and I’m not even there

  • Tanya Vargas
    Tanya Vargas   1 months ago

    Yo, his name is Tim Apple. Don’t be freaking rude!