Carla Makes White Pesto Pasta | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

  • Published on: 29 May 2019
  • Join Carla in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes pasta with white pesto. This is the direct inverse of the normal basil pesto you know and love. It’s built on a combination of toasted nuts, creamy ricotta, and salty Parmesan, with a little kick coming from raw garlic and fresh oregano. You don’t need a food processor, a mortar and pestle, or a blender—in fact, the entire sauce comes together in the same bowl you can use for serving.
    Check out the recipe here:

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    Carla Makes White Pesto Pasta | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit
  • Runtime : 15:15
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  • Kathleen Laverty
    Kathleen Laverty   2 days ago

    After 2 minutes of tossing, isn't now lukewarm? My husband would protest; he wants everything hot!

  • Sarah Triceratop
    Sarah Triceratop   2 days ago

    Would this be good if you incorporated basil into in ... like in a food processor

  • Gylfi0
    Gylfi0   4 days ago

    9:30Heh you guys really wander in the dark with this cooking stuff uh. She "discovers" there are holes in the bucatini.(bucati=hollowed).

  • Little Frog 🐸
    Little Frog 🐸   5 days ago

    Carla has such lovely energy. I'll be borrowing the o.o. skin routine!

  • Diyanah A.
    Diyanah A.   5 days ago

    Gonna try this but with a mortar and pestle and see how it turns out

  • Harrison Craig
    Harrison Craig   5 days ago

    "We're gonna start out with walnuts." Aight I'ma head out........ Starts listing the rest of the ingredients. Aight I'm back.

    CHARLES HASH   6 days ago

    I've made this before. It's delishous. She is very entertaining and funny. Enjoyed your presentation.

  • Kevin Deuschle
    Kevin Deuschle   6 days ago

    I'm so very surprised brad didn't chime in about the allicin while you were grating the garlic. Brad! you let us down! =(

  • Ghislaine deFeligonde

    This is sorta a"I dare you" thing, isn´t it? I really need to go buy ricotta and cook this....

  • Gabrielle261
    Gabrielle261   1 weeks ago

    Why shouldn’t you use Angel hair pasta? It’s my favorite. :(

  • Catherine Pérez Vega

    I cooked this recipe, it was an amazing experience. I ended with a food comatose and slept for three hours after digesting all this. BEST SATURDAY EVER.

  • Mikayla Goodemoot
    Mikayla Goodemoot   1 weeks ago

    I made this and it was amazing. If you are wondering if you should make it or not, make it!

  • Girish Simmonds
    Girish Simmonds   1 weeks ago

    Asafetida can be used as a garlic substitute for those that are intolerant or sensitive to garlic. Don't need to use much.

  • Alexandra Campos
    Alexandra Campos   1 weeks ago

    I made this and it has become my favorite pasta, my parents loved it too. delicious and light but filling.

  • callmefem
    callmefem   1 weeks ago

    I’m in love with Christina’s dress! She looks amazing

  • Jon Besore
    Jon Besore   1 weeks ago

    Am I the only person here who actually kinda likes overcooked pasta?

  • RedBalloon 21
    RedBalloon 21   2 weeks ago

    I agree. Over cooked eggs rather than undercooked

  • Jane Edison
    Jane Edison   2 weeks ago

    take a shot every time Carla says "emulsify"

  • Daniel Stelatto
    Daniel Stelatto   2 weeks ago

    Everything was super delicious until ... the last part. I put the pasta water without considering the amount of salt it had. Ended up with a super salty pasta mountain. I tried again and, after taking out that part of the process, I can say that it is a new favorite.

  • rwb81
    rwb81   2 weeks ago

    Some needs to start a fund for Andy. He seems to have so many shirts with holes in them.

  • M M
    M M   2 weeks ago

    I made this today: yummy. I would use a little less oregano, but that’s a matter of personal taste. Careful with the lemon zest, though: it can overpower the other flavours, I was surprised how strong a tiny bit of zest can be. Trust Carla and make it soupy – I can confirm it thickens up a lot.

  • Darwinsmom
    Darwinsmom   3 weeks ago

    I love the way that all of the chefs interact with the camera. It feels more like I have company in my kitchen teaching me a new technique or dish. You guys and gals would be welcome to drop by my place for an espresso and a lesson any time!

  • Katherine Lloyd
    Katherine Lloyd   3 weeks ago

    Made this today, it was soooooo simple and really flipping delicious. I used a food processor bc I’m incredibly lazy, it was easy to get the olive oil to emulsify and Carla is not wrong it will seem way too watery when the pasta water is added but it thickened up after about 7 min of mixing and was bright gooey goodness.

  • froz3ncat
    froz3ncat   3 weeks ago

    No one gonna be talking bout using the microplane upside down? Never thought of it but it makes hella sense now

  • Andrew Pando
    Andrew Pando   3 weeks ago

    Could you add egg yolks I think that might be amazing

  • Leah Rice
    Leah Rice   3 weeks ago

    9:17 "WHEW that's a long noodle" idk why this was so funny to me

  • SpartanOdyssey
    SpartanOdyssey   3 weeks ago

    Oh my lord Christina has an incredibly pronounced tan line

  • grayarea
    grayarea   3 weeks ago

    Carla is such an underrated warm being of loveliness. Aim to become the pasta at 12:07 in life.

  • Hikari Takanashi
    Hikari Takanashi   3 weeks ago

    No one: Absolutely no one:Carla: "Bingo Bongo."(did anyone else hear her say that and think of Steven Universe? Or am I the only professional chef watching youtube cooking channels who has seen Steven Universe)

  • Felipe Brockveld
    Felipe Brockveld   3 weeks ago

    Omg.My special meal this week will be this white pesto.Omg.

  • Greg Orr
    Greg Orr   4 weeks ago

    What’s wrong with angel hair :(

  • Samantha Davis
    Samantha Davis   1 months ago

    so much fun can't wait to try this but boo youtube recommending me this at 12am when i can't be the chef i want tooooo