Carla Makes White Pesto Pasta | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

  • Published on: 29 May 2019
  • Join Carla in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she makes pasta with white pesto. This is the direct inverse of the normal basil pesto you know and love. It’s built on a combination of toasted nuts, creamy ricotta, and salty Parmesan, with a little kick coming from raw garlic and fresh oregano. You don’t need a food processor, a mortar and pestle, or a blender—in fact, the entire sauce comes together in the same bowl you can use for serving.
    Check out the recipe here:

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    Carla Makes White Pesto Pasta | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit
  • Runtime : 15:15
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  • Louisa Agate
    Louisa Agate   12 hours ago

    My Sicilian mother makes that and calls it pasta with ricotta it’s one of our favs

  • Bobby Trill
    Bobby Trill   21 hours ago

    I don't bother attempting a LOT of BA's recipes owing to not having the gear used. Carla's a real one

  • ADez
    ADez   1 days ago

    Why does Brad remind me of Jackson from Gilmore Girls? Esp with that hat! Love it

  • Jessica DuBose
    Jessica DuBose   2 days ago

    Please tell me she washed her freakin hands after she just rubbed her body down with olive oil before cooking!! Ewww!!!!! Do that after your shower, not in the kitchen before you cook girl!

  • Kate Blomquist
    Kate Blomquist   3 days ago

    I enjoyed this video, but was quite disappointed when I made the recipe. It was quite bland, even though I doubled the garlic, went heavy on the pepper, and added nutmeg. It was OK, but nothing I would make again.

  • I Isaac
    I Isaac   3 days ago

    Seriously, who doesn’t have a mortar & pestle?

  • Alex
    Alex   4 days ago

    Lets be real am I the only one who thinks "who the f really likes to eat kinda raw pasta instead of perfectly cooked one"?

  • Jonathon M
    Jonathon M   5 days ago

    I swear, Carla is your english teacher and Claire is your calculus teacher. yall know its true.

  • Suzie Q
    Suzie Q   5 days ago

    So why is it a pesto?Haha, confused!

  • ContinentalShop
    ContinentalShop   6 days ago

    She is most irritating, tried the white pesto and it's very tasty with pine nuts instead of walnuts.

  • Luke H.
    Luke H.   6 days ago

    I made Kraft Dinner yesterday. I tried to be like Carla and salted the hell outta the water. Bad idea. Salting water is only for real pasta it turns out.

  • missXnna
    missXnna   6 days ago

    tried this recipe today, it was so delicious and creamy 😍

  • Victoria Rose
    Victoria Rose   1 weeks ago

    The scary whirring noise in the background makes this sound like a horror cooking show.

  • Alessandra Smith
    Alessandra Smith   1 weeks ago

    Carla: naming all the pastas.Me: Wow. The pastabilities are endless.

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson   1 weeks ago

    That was the most Italian description of pasta i have ever heard.

  • S.E. W
    S.E. W   1 weeks ago

    “And for the love of God, do not use angel hair!”

  • Chris S
    Chris S   1 weeks ago

    I hate you, you made me bite me phone.

  • GeeGee
    GeeGee   1 weeks ago

    But did she wash her damn hands after rubbing her forearms with olive oil? 🧐😷 My OCD is ringing bells right now.

  • Sean Fowler
    Sean Fowler   1 weeks ago

    I love that you have reminded the world that pesto Genovese is just one kind of pesto. Also, this ep gave me the best idea for a fusion dish in which pasta meets Indian coriander, peanut, coconut chili pepper chutney, which is basically a pesto...

  • Niku N
    Niku N   1 weeks ago

    is there a substitute for the walnuts? I'm not allergic but seriously dislike the taste of walnuts (and cashews and pecans). Other nuts are fine. Or can I just leave nuts out altogether?

  • m y
    m y   1 weeks ago

    i read the thumbnail as “carla makes white people” 😭

  • YourBoyDom
    YourBoyDom   1 weeks ago

    don't call it pesto, nothing in common, in Genova we have also Salsa di noci (walnut sauce) but we make it in a completely different way.

    DIGITL   1 weeks ago

    But why not angel hair? 🤔

  • mr7wi
    mr7wi   1 weeks ago

    You’re taking far too long. 4 ingredients and you burned 7 minutes. Get on with it.

  • Look at my Neck
    Look at my Neck   1 weeks ago

    No one ever said “make food white again”😂🤣

  • Ben Usaf
    Ben Usaf   1 weeks ago

    Please, I get that only ANdy has a set, but please please, pestle and mortar, not mortar and pestle

  • kayla
    kayla   1 weeks ago

    alright noods

  • Vanessa Wirtz
    Vanessa Wirtz   1 weeks ago

    Not everyone owns a mortar and pestle Me: 😎

  • Bethany Lade
    Bethany Lade   1 weeks ago

    I feel her on that not wanting to wash the food processor soo much. I avoid it as much as possible. I would also rather handchop all my garlic (and I use a lot) than clean the garlic press.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe   1 weeks ago

    Carla reminds me of a grown up Louise Belcher

  • Jolisa Brewster
    Jolisa Brewster   2 weeks ago

    ACCURATE on the mortar & pestal comment about us thinking that Bon Appetit would be annoying noting using one in your recipe. Love yah Carla!

  • Katja
    Katja   2 weeks ago

    when you've made your 500th pasta dish you don't need a timer for the noodles, you just know when they are al dente