Minecraft but it might be cursed

  • Published on: 14 May 2019
  • Minecraft but it might be cursed
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  • Runtime : 16:17
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  • MartinixEP
    MartinixEP   2 days ago

    what is up with ur cursor?also why do u say "brain cell" instead of "neuron"?

  • bacon boy
    bacon boy   2 days ago

    What jack sucks at life is in this

  • Ethan Hook
    Ethan Hook   2 days ago

    I lost 5 pounds binge watching these videos The brain of someone who hasn’t watched this is about 8 pounds

  • Jaime Barragan
    Jaime Barragan   2 days ago

    Jacksuksatlife is the only other YouTuber I watch

  • echo0deth
    echo0deth   3 days ago

    1:54 why did you just sound like ksi

  • v0iid
    v0iid   6 days ago

    5:52 there is an easy way to tell which is which(Water flows faster than lava)

  • Faustas Ronkus
    Faustas Ronkus   6 days ago

    Spifey: Hold on to your braincells.Me: Uh i dont have anymore...

  • Taltzi
    Taltzi   6 days ago

    how can people not tell the difference between the cobweb block and the ice origami lookin sh1t

  • Stefan M.
    Stefan M.   1 weeks ago

    Most people have somewhere in the vicinity of 100 billion brain cells. So, losing 117 million really isn't all that bad. That's less than you lose every 10 years after you turn thirty.

  • -Rascal Da Mønster-
    -Rascal Da Mønster-   1 weeks ago

    3:05 (or somewhere about where they were climbing) all of the players being hella confusedSpifey’s Mind: “ IDIOTS IDIOTS IDIOTS!! “ while looking at the nether blocks😂😂😂

  • RositheCat
    RositheCat   2 weeks ago

    How dare those 6.4 Killion people that gave a thumbs down!

  • Upbeat Dusk
    Upbeat Dusk   2 weeks ago

    That one person who watches this and doesn’t play Minecraft “Guys what’s wrong with this?”

  • Gamer Logan
    Gamer Logan   2 weeks ago

    Breaks bedrock edit: I crossed it out because that is illegal

  • FollyRO
    FollyRO   2 weeks ago

    For what version is maked this resource pack

  • Blade Runner
    Blade Runner   3 weeks ago

    I thought Doni WAS the ULTIMATE troller...apparently not

  • Faris Bovine
    Faris Bovine   3 weeks ago

    Wiwiwow9wiw9w9wi9w9wiw9w9w9wiwowowiwiwiwowiw is the day we will have to work in our house 🏡 was a good day for you to be with us

  • 8 Coils
    8 Coils   3 weeks ago

    I have no brain cells left

  • Pa.V.
    Pa.V.   3 weeks ago

    Finally someone trolled DoniBobes