• Published on: 03 October 2017
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    Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my YouTube channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Parodies! Music videos! Sketches! JackAsk! Your Grammar Sucks (YGS)! Yesterday I Asked You (YIAY)! News in Haikus!

    SPOOK ME UP (YIAY #362)
  • Runtime : 7:2
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  • [e:LLUSIV ]
    [e:LLUSIV ]   1 weeks ago

    "if you ship historical figures-""-don't."Fate franchise:"How 'bout we do anyway~"

  • aesthetic
    aesthetic   1 months ago

    I’m not joking but when he said to miller- my dad worked with him

  • Huberto Cruz
    Huberto Cruz   1 months ago

    Jacksfilms: Leave your AnswersMe: LEAVE

  • Alejo Steizel
    Alejo Steizel   1 months ago

    What do you mean you "didnt watch the prequels"?

  • Katja Cira
    Katja Cira   1 months ago

    To start a youtube channel, you're gonna need to change your entire personality to be really selfish and stupid. Then once you earn enough money, buy a really expensive apartment in LA and brag about it to your 8 million instagram followers

  • Bruh Moment
    Bruh Moment   1 months ago

    5:10 is no one gonna talk about the fact that they really do look alike

  • Ki_Dogg *
    Ki_Dogg *   1 months ago

    1:47 this is the day of my b-day (18th)

  • James Holcomb
    James Holcomb   1 months ago


  • Arda King 2
    Arda King 2   2 months ago

    "I don't know,I don't watch the prequels."Me:"Go rethink your life."

  • james bond
    james bond   2 months ago

    If people could have gone back in time from 2019 they would have told people how bad the ending was.

  • TheNeoLeo
    TheNeoLeo   3 months ago

    Spook me up, spook me up inside, cant spook up, spook up inside, spook me!

  • Chris Lambers
    Chris Lambers   3 months ago

    Oh god my birth day is somthing creepy meh bday is the 29 :×

  • Noatry
    Noatry   3 months ago

    1:12 that was actually pretty good ngl

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi   3 months ago

    Omg I feel so bad for the last guy. His name is quite obviously 3D ominous. And he said it wrong😳

  • Colton Land
    Colton Land   4 months ago

    I know he's going to keep dad for the Halloween I can one problem I can understand that cuz you don't keep that place making the name bigger next time please go back to the video and he said until I YouTube I want to name a big okay I want the name Greg next small and hard uses the same YouTube but YouTube and use him and the make all the names Google okay The Killing you know lying make me frustrated cuz you and I'm making it are you doing today I'm sure he's shorter than typing typing the names of every YouTuber and I'm going to be where you want please next time you need to make names bigger don't renew a this comment from a comment in a video please don't we know the comment I said like other YouTubers I mean play shy you do the noise it's okay thanks be finding okay for me Applebee's a zombie soldier 10 to the YouTubers make me yeah let's do the crazy fun shoes coming out like 3D gun make me like you I want to make a big whip I want my mouth and have company in the mouth like open why is right here in my mouth Age kid make my hair looks like Liv and Maddie you want to make love to him to make one big chungus if you want to Donut queen or a comments I promised please don't we know where the comments I don't want you to know what comments does is right now tell him right now 10 minute make his words with bigger for me a half of a I'm going to plug these name is Daddy the leaves falling down I'm making like a mega flag blue whale and he is on the color Sunday I made yellow and trees is drown I do the same thing so I change a ground again is it this one these two well these three I'm changing the ground this time it's like limited white green have red leaves leaves cuz I have no time to do that before I did this well I don't know I did this and it's kind of crazy is ache like I change a ground plate that you changed it because I want a change in and I ever the green rounds and color the tree and when I make a half green and half black I joined Eden artist make you I want you to make you like cinnamon okay I don't know what happened paper play stay here to make you face efface and I and you will hair on the half is venom smile come on his mouth upon the lines little crazy funny I'm studying math craziest Venom on Style make you hornier stick when we per slice slice hello I want to make a coyote hanging wire going to punch anime girl like you age like Angel boo boo animal making other hand with ginormous big hands is the half a bee is England a city I'm a real w I like a w Mega Shark black and Maggie is short sleeves and this time around he has a longer sleeves is strange answer of why why you turn a long sleeve because I want I'm making the Kevin the cube this kind of Awesome like his eyes I kind of like a big I a line is lying Alexander boutique style name is Billy Ray's are falling down I'm making like a mega flag going to bed and kids are the colors Sunday I'm a yellow and trees is around the same time I take a clown again like to three I'm changing the ground this time it's like with green have Leslie's anaconda to leave cuz the handle trying to do that I don't have another number for PNC answer how I did it well I don't know I did it and it's gotten crazy like I change the ground plate night changes it because I want and changing and I ever the green ones and color the flea and Lynn and I make a half clean and have left I'm trying to do. Anthems big ginormous paper girl running around well God smell like socks it smelled terrible right now okay come to make you weed face is your face and your body and you have this time we're not going to make you a good witch I want to make little squares on your arm like you glitching real real Gucci I will make you like grilled cheese is on and the pizza arm Underwood glitch on Jesus just say yeah yeah yeah yeah I wanted to put in your name and he has a big chunk of teeth I want you like a mega and your Isaac angry Philly fans can we send I want you to Shelly hey I want you to like one delish sounds how to make your own house play music by Queen that leaves okay here's the Han and Luke glitch hand coming to town and he is Luke which coming on his your finger glitches I want you to glitching is the singer a calendar glitches Wiggins coming to you from glitches coming and is you on finger big chunk of glitch like almost Selena going to make your bones inside ladies showing if you ever use form with ginormous creature in Linden on you hand swipe like this one countdown games like Tron like scum and there's a train coming out electron down and look rich I want to make a t-shirt Jesus loves you smile I want your new monster I can freshen the monster and he's a little witches coming in the ear I can give you pictures of $2 yeah $2 you won a free I don't give you this one of monster flashing at you because $3 make for a fashion to you Lex I want to make the big monster cost $160 for that you need Ponte 167t 1819 dollar sign cash unique really want a big monster that going to give you to listen to half alligator really be patient a long long long time for this happens okay meet me after I go out right now lady okay no not right now you need inpatient patient patient for Dad who make meat how do you get oh I'm sorry to say that I'm sorry to that okay eventually I said you need to the big monsters it cost code of the hands and I said is it how you been how did how I saw your favorite Wenona. How do you make bacon a gaming or another I better myself now I like actually I want to make me I want to make my I want to make my face as opening Alegre phasic open You make my face open Rainbow smile Frozen figs smileThis going to be sick and crazyBooming My Bonnie Exercise Who make my exercise and his a hair It has to be gone cuz I don't turn me off Confuse my Bonnie And here's my hands pulling my hair dry pushingI will make me home the ghost Show me the whole movie thing back down A girl's hand Atlanta Georgia LegoUnless I work and I want cleaning music And given the blank see you in the morrowSee you tomorrow