15-Year-Old Laughs About Getting Stuck in High Chair

  • Published on: 02 December 2019
  • An Idaho teenager who found herself stuck in a child’s high chair inside a Chick-fil-A last week said it didn't take long for her to realize she made a big mistake. “I was like, ‘how funny would it be if I sat in a high chair and ate my meal?’” Addison Trent told Inside Edition. “And so I had one of my friends grab the high chair, and so I sat in it and she like pushed me further in it and that's when I was like, 'I don't think I can get out.'”
  • Runtime : 1:42
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  • pleasantly drifting
    pleasantly drifting   13 hours ago

    This has been your weekly episode of white girls desperate for attention

  • - GachaKitten -
    - GachaKitten -   6 days ago

    "Legend says she now lives in a high chair." -High chair god.

  • Ephus
    Ephus   1 weeks ago

    Calling the firefighters was a hundred times more expensive than a little plastic chair that could easily be broken by a kid.

  • 064678543
    064678543   1 weeks ago

    First a seatbelt, now THIS??!

  • Ella Taylor
    Ella Taylor   1 weeks ago

    This is literally why I don’t want kids. This would be a embarrassment....... she thinks it’s funny but she’s the annoying type😬😬

  • Adam Extras
    Adam Extras   1 weeks ago

    If your gonna do something dumb, only do it if its funny. That is a rule that I live by.

  • The Haunting Hour
    The Haunting Hour   1 weeks ago

    Nobody there had enough common sense to take the chair apart, before the fire department had to be called?

  • Drama Queen Ella
    Drama Queen Ella   2 weeks ago

    How many kids want to be stuck in baby stuff! At a public park a 13 year old girl was stuck in a baby swing.

  • Nahir 111
    Nahir 111   2 weeks ago

    I can’t believe this is on the news

  • Him Him
    Him Him   2 weeks ago

    Why the fireman got his helmet on inside😂

  • mattbot
    mattbot   2 weeks ago

    This is why aliens won’t invade our planet

  • jazjaz
    jazjaz   3 weeks ago

    inside edition 2019: posts girl stuck in highchairinside edition 2024: post girl eating hotdog woth mashpotatoeyall would post anything i swear

  • Jesther Enriquez
    Jesther Enriquez   3 weeks ago

    fireman js a hero he even deals with dtupidity of others

  • Mychael Foster
    Mychael Foster   3 weeks ago

    Me:oh that happened to meAlso me:it all started in-

  • Honest Insincerity 2
    Honest Insincerity 2   3 weeks ago

    Crack reporting guys. Whichever investigative journalist spent all the time and effort getting to the bottom of this bombshell deserves a pullitzer.

  • ItzJam3z
    ItzJam3z   4 weeks ago

    Natural Selection. That’s all I can say

  • CatAndCris
    CatAndCris   4 weeks ago

    I once got stuck in the shopping cart seat for toddlers. I'm not a toddler😐

  • Rainbow Youtube
    Rainbow Youtube   1 months ago

    Bro my names Addison and this is something I would do

  • Angelina Carnovale
    Angelina Carnovale   1 months ago

    If this isn’t going to be me when I’m older then I don’t know what I’m going to be...

  • Moon Nana
    Moon Nana   1 months ago

    Stupid girl got her punishment for being stupid.

  • Itz_AdrianxD
    Itz_AdrianxD   1 months ago

    Is ir high chair..?i thought it was babys chair :;/

  • Caleb N
    Caleb N   1 months ago

    She’s kinda cute ngl