$9 vs $900 Knife Sharpener? Let's find out! Wicked Edge, Lansky, Edge Pro Apex, Spyderco, Rada

  • Published on: 20 April 2020
  • Knife sharpeners tested: Lansky, Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro, Spyderco, Fiskars, Rada, Chef's Choice Trizor Edge, Model 15XV, Edge Pro Apex, and a Whetstone. Knives used for testing: Mercer Culinary Millennia 8-Inch Chef's Knife, which were dulled, then sharpened using each knife sharpener. Stropping leather used on knives sharpened with Lansky, Wicked Edge, Spyderco, Edge Pro Apex and Whetstone. Once sharp, knives were tested using a knife sharpness tester.

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  • Runtime : 17:5
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  • Basement31
    Basement31   1 hours ago

    Title alone is already a thumbs up! Lol. Ooooly crap it gets complicated starting with Lansky knife sharpener.

  • Vanix Gaming
    Vanix Gaming   9 hours ago

    He says how to use the 1000 pound knife sharpener no one has it

  • Kash Sattar
    Kash Sattar   9 hours ago

    Buy some c..hool whip too with that wahetstone lol

  • Dmitriy
    Dmitriy   11 hours ago

    Great comparison. I would recommend including some ranking of effort required to achieve the edge in future comparisons as you can ignore something that has a 1 min process vs a 1 hr process.

  • Poldus Eri
    Poldus Eri   13 hours ago

    another great test! Thank you for helping people like me who wants the best at the best price, and the Lanky will be my next knife sharpener

  • 7rixee
    7rixee   13 hours ago

    Personally i like 2000 grit sand paper over hard surface. Only got cheap knives though. Nice methodical video!

  • HA-Y-IN 69
    HA-Y-IN 69   19 hours ago

    Test sharpening stones, I grew up with dad's grey and black stone, he'd put 3in1 oil. But he could shave with it. But I have only been using spiderco 3 set stones, ruby's in ceramic. And a leather block with polish. I use this for all my hand tools chisles, gouges, scorps. And many other hand forged wood tools.

  • Delta Johnny
    Delta Johnny   20 hours ago

    The best tests in Internet!! 👏👏👏😉😉😉

  • ogre lg
    ogre lg   1 days ago

    в этом видео не раскрыта разница между заточкой и правкой. Хотя таблица в начале видео явно гворит о том, что кромка бывает не только dull но и bent.затачивать конечно же лучше инструментом имеющим приспособления для контроля геометрии подводов. Ручная заточка на бруске дает слабый контроль за геометрией даже в опытных руках. Не говоря уже о неумелом или торопливом человеке. Ясное дело, что приспособления заводского производства за сотни баксов дадут лучше результаты по сравнению с ручной заточкой тем более по сравнению с сомнительными устройствами которые только портят ножи. Но есть и компромисс. Любой струбциной зажимаем нож на краю стола, так, чтобы режущая кромка свисала над краем на измеренное расстояние. Например 10 мм. Берем брусок абразивный (лучше три разной грубости), привязываем/ приклеиваем( или просто держим рукой) длинную деревянную линейку или любой длинный ровный предмет достаточной жесткости. Прикладываем брусок к подводу режущей кромки ножа и подбираем подпорку для дальней части линейки так, чтобы был нужный угол. Удерживая с помощью этого приспособления нужный угол, производим заточку ножа с двух сторон. Для повторения угла в будущем, записываем на бумажке расстояние от кромки ножа до подпорки и высоту подпорки, и толщину бруска. Конечно же, струбцина, брусок, линейка и подпорка тоже стоят денег. Но скорее всего это то что у вас уже есть дома и покупать ничего не нужно.И да. Пользуйтесь для правки ножа специальным, хорошим мусатом. Твердым и ГЛАДКИМ. И вам не придется точить ваши ножи чаще чем раз в год даже при интенсивном использовании. И при этом они будут достаточно остры чтобы профессионально резать на кухне не только пальцы.

  • Bob Stout
    Bob Stout   1 days ago

    I hope you realize how much trouble and money you save people, for Pete’s cake!

  • Thomas B.
    Thomas B.   1 days ago

    Would have loved to see what the rest of the Wicked Edge Stones / Leatherstrips would have scored. I got a more affordable (still like 400 $ -.-) Wicked Edge sharpener and i have the impression that the leatherstrips really take the sharpness to another lvl.

  • Dennis Hicks
    Dennis Hicks   2 days ago

    I used to use the Lansky system on my knives till I realized it was mechanically incompatible with sharpening narrow blades as on small, traditional pocket knives. I also did not like the mess and cleanup required due to the recommended oil on their stones. After buying several Spyderco knives I decided to try their system which you demonstrated. It is very easy to set up, no-mess (no oil required), and convenient to use. But I felt it took a lot of time to get very sharp and polished, burr-free edges. I even bought their ultra fine ceramic stone, and then the diamond ones, and finally a leather strop. I still feel the edge is not durable enough which you also found in your testing.I have considered buying the base model Work Sharp motorized sharpener. I looked at it in a store and saw that it only sharpens angle. Since I like to put different angles on different blades depending on whether sharpness or durability is more important, that made it a non-starter.Now, I suppose it is back to Lansky and using (*sigh*) oil to sharpen my knives.What a great, interesting and useful test comparison. I admire they systematic way you level the playing field and compare to real-world situations. Thank you very much!

  • david fasterer
    david fasterer   2 days ago

    Imitation whetstone. Whetstone from Japan is worth its weight in gold. Wars were won and lost owing to the quality of whetstone that could be procured.

  • Daniel
    Daniel   2 days ago

    I got a Fiskars at home, nice to see that it works as intended.

  • TheMaverick
    TheMaverick   2 days ago

    I got 3 types of whetstones cost like 10 USD from polish mason. I am happy enough :)

  • Benjamin Hamilton
    Benjamin Hamilton   3 days ago

    I used to work in a meat shoppe and all these gadgets and gizmos are just overkill. The only thing you need is a sharpening rod (or whetstone if you prefer) for keeping knives sharp. Great video seeing the end results!

  • kirker23
    kirker23   3 days ago

    Very intriguing and informative...thank you very much for the video.

  • SuperJoshuaa1
    SuperJoshuaa1   3 days ago

    Would love to see a video on different stones and angle guides!

  • Tim Higgins
    Tim Higgins   3 days ago

    This channel is absolutley the best, and you do it all yourself, I tell everyone I know about you. Keep it up bro!

  • Darkness Nighthingale

    So the wet stone was best for edge retention. Only lossing 30 while the 900$ one lost 40. Interesting.

  • Jonny A
    Jonny A   3 days ago

    Sounded like you had a lot of fun and enjoyment from this test, i think all guys love a good sharp blade though, especially if they did it themselves! :D

  • Joe Gangelhoff
    Joe Gangelhoff   4 days ago

    Interesting video, maybe you can get a Tru Hone in there next time. Totally made in USA for almost 50 years!

  • Prawira Kencana
    Prawira Kencana   4 days ago

    Rada ($8.65) 2:10Fiskars ($12.44) 2:47Whetstone ($16.28) 3:10Lansky ($67.44) 3:46Spyderco ($73.50) 5:07Chef's Choice ($112.45) 6:03Edge Pro Apex 4 ($255) 7:00Wicked Edge Gen 3 Pro ($900) 9:34And the winner is... Whetstone! Only need 120g for only $16.28

  • Crumbs
    Crumbs   4 days ago

    Yuri starts sweating nervouslyDoki doki, don’t play it

  • smaqdaddy
    smaqdaddy   4 days ago

    I have a Lansky and they work well, the only downside is the uneven wear from extended use. Doesn't happen fast, but there will be spots impossible to use on them. It takes forever on hard knives, but will put a mirror edge on a knife! I also have a Ken Onion Worksharp and it works really fast.

  • godnessy
    godnessy   4 days ago

    Man ur tests are awesome and deal with day to day things which is great! i might buy a sharpener following this video :) thanks and keep up the good work!

  • StimpYJCatZ
    StimpYJCatZ   4 days ago

    Just get a nice set of wet stones and you are fine^^

  • Dan Archer
    Dan Archer   4 days ago

    sharpen all the butter knives...... evil grin

  • Garret141076
    Garret141076   5 days ago

    Most sharpeners take to much time. A sharpener must be easy and fast.

  • Jarett
    Jarett   5 days ago

    scissor sharpeners!

  • Zhenhao Jing
    Zhenhao Jing   5 days ago

    All those sharpening "systems" look like toys for whetstone users...

  • moonolyth
    moonolyth   5 days ago

    There are too many factors to judge when testing a knifes edge and its use but this was a very very good test setup. I work in a test lab for EMC, Lights, and chemicals. Very Good Job.