Extremely Sensitive ASMR

  • Published on: 05 May 2019
  • Some good ol' mouth sounds.
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    Disclaimer: *** This video is created for relaxation, entertainment and ASMR/tingles/chills inducing purposes only. For more information about ASMR phenomenon please click here:

    This video cannot replace any medication or professional treatment. If you have sleep/anxiety/psychological troubles please consult your physician. Thank you :) ***

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  • Runtime : 25:19
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  • Salvador Gabarro
    Salvador Gabarro   8 hours ago

    Aqui se vino Fernanfloo, ya no hace falta que lo busquen

  • Pablo Lover
    Pablo Lover   9 hours ago

    Teacher: Listening part was not that hard.Listening part:

  • voriology
    voriology   14 hours ago

    16:57 me when my friend does something stupid

  • auber r
    auber r   3 days ago

    whaz poppiiiin-GFuuhck

  • Crethan21
    Crethan21   4 days ago

    doesn't raffy say whats poppin'? wild guess

  • Lily Kurilla
    Lily Kurilla   5 days ago

    0:22 it sounds like he's saying "the booty booty booty boo" lmao, best male artist yet

  • Sao Vang
    Sao Vang   5 days ago

    U wish you can come to my house

  • Sao Vang
    Sao Vang   5 days ago

    You want to come to my house 750 van burn Minnesota

  • Inas Bengrad
    Inas Bengrad   6 days ago

    5:09 when you keep repeating a word until it sounds weird

  • Shannon Anderson
    Shannon Anderson   6 days ago

    What in the fuckery is this shit !! How does anyone sleep to this shit 😂😂 this stresses me out so much

  • Sofia Bekešová
    Sofia Bekešová   1 weeks ago

    him : 19:29 booty ..booty ..booty..booty..booty..boody....tingle ... tingle... tingle... pinkle...pinkle.. pinkle.. pinkles ... pinklesmy brain : WTF ?? xd

  • thicco secco
    thicco secco   1 weeks ago

    My first time seeing an asmr by this guy.“They say that you’ve changed JOJOMy thoughts: Dio saying “JOJOO”

  • Tob
    Tob   1 weeks ago

    9:48 I’m in the ghetto...:

  • Wailing Llama
    Wailing Llama   1 weeks ago

    0:00 my pet alien thanking me for letting him out of area 51

  • peachy bitchez
    peachy bitchez   1 weeks ago

    I refuse to believe he isn’t the sound effects for temple run 2:02 😭🤣

  • Tenya Cresento
    Tenya Cresento   1 weeks ago

    Jojo has the most impressive mouth sound in admr community

  • Proud internet citizen

    Me: Trying to watch ASMRSome bitch named Amber: texts me my license plate numberMy phone: BZZZZZTMe: 😤

  • Rin KjK
    Rin KjK   2 weeks ago

    Nobody:My cat when I'm trying to shit: 6:52

  • Cole Ellis
    Cole Ellis   2 weeks ago

    I'm so tingled than I feel like I was have a seizure

  • Cole Ellis
    Cole Ellis   2 weeks ago

    What is the key to asmr my man???

  • Jeremia Montano
    Jeremia Montano   2 weeks ago

    14:16 you can see he work out by the calluses on his palm

  • Gaming Nation
    Gaming Nation   2 weeks ago

    15:38 me in childhood begging my parents for pizza

  • A Z
    A Z   2 weeks ago


  • ElKraken
    ElKraken   3 weeks ago

    Me when im underwater 17:07