I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months

  • Published on: 11 June 2019
  • I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months and as one may tend to think when hearing about another individual getting their mouth shut it uhh...

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  • Runtime : 12:41
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  • Elanie DeLaRosa
    Elanie DeLaRosa   1 minuts ago

    People say your a grape but I say your a potato 🥔

  • Meowjustmeow yeet
    Meowjustmeow yeet   2 hours ago

    I figured out that around week 5 of having your mouth wired shut you are going insane and losing your mind

  • Simon
    Simon   2 hours ago

    Did you hear that he said ,,like that smash button" (No offense)

  • Soappao
    Soappao   2 hours ago

    Hi Adam, i cant talk now but i am 1 Monti in! My docter Said 3 Months left

  • HammodZ XP
    HammodZ XP   2 hours ago

    How did he ask his brother "what's that" when his mouth was wired shut?

  • Sonic Jay seven
    Sonic Jay seven   3 hours ago

    6:38 I tasted like Gordon Ramsey himself served it up with a bedtime story and a loving KEEEAS

  • gamzee makara
    gamzee makara   3 hours ago

    8:48 how were you drinking it with the cap on?

  • Tom Eddsworld
    Tom Eddsworld   5 hours ago

    Here gives life time of chocolate milk give meh some of those juice boxes

  • Kiakapun
    Kiakapun   5 hours ago

    I maybe get one when I'm 18

  • 死 AmyReeper 死
    死 AmyReeper 死   6 hours ago

    why is it that animation youtubers have the creepiest storys?

  • Indya Washington
    Indya Washington   8 hours ago

    I had lock jaw before... but I didn’t get surgery, my brother knock the side of my jaw when I had my braces...and my jaw doesn’t hurt anymore 😅😅

  • ZervSwerv
    ZervSwerv   8 hours ago

    2 years ago I never thought Somethingelseyt would pass 1 million subs! wow!