1000 Years Of Hairstyles (GAME)

  • Published on: 07 November 2018
  • We've all made a questionable hairstyle choice, and that's the truth for people 1000 years ago too. GMM #1417

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  • Runtime : 13:54
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  • iamspeed14
    iamspeed14   1 weeks ago

    how good you conviently avoided the prequls well prequel are waaaaaaaaaaay better than orignals

  • CSR Inc
    CSR Inc   1 weeks ago

    Bethany is beautiful.

  • Miya Wright
    Miya Wright   2 weeks ago

    "...looks like it could withstand a lot of wind storms. What decade were there a lot of wind storms?" "Yeahhh that's exactly how my mind's working right now..🤨" 😂😂

  • Mariana Antonietti
    Mariana Antonietti   2 weeks ago

    ironically I can tell how old this video is according to Rhett's hair lenght. (watching random GMM videos while on quarantine)

  • wowokwow
    wowokwow   2 weeks ago

    the first hair model looked like kim possible

  • Ameera
    Ameera   1 months ago

    Jen looks like a TG

  • 42 chhild
    42 chhild   2 months ago

    I just love how they truly have no clue about history

  • Lemon Lollipop
    Lemon Lollipop   2 months ago

    She let him know it was from the 1900s by asking him if he had seen any movies

  • NMages20
    NMages20   2 months ago

    That Bethany stole my heart. Oh my god

  • Devin Pauley
    Devin Pauley   2 months ago

    OSHA was not responsible for work place safety.... capitalism is.

  • Sionnanful
    Sionnanful   2 months ago

    I would give my entire bank account and all my hair to see Jen be Captain Marvel.

  • Marim bow
    Marim bow   2 months ago

    7:00 Commonly known as the Brian May curls

  • cornuto
    cornuto   3 months ago

    “It could be the 1980s”not an option on the board

  • CM99501
    CM99501   3 months ago

    As a Historian, it's a good thing i didn't play this game. I'd wreck the competition. I can tell pretty much instantly all the styles without needing to see the date. Especially the 1700's one. Men loved having big wigs.

  • slushy
    slushy   3 months ago

    jen is a total lesbian

  • llmamma fj
    llmamma fj   3 months ago

    I cant be the only one who hates Jordan

  • Emily Garofalo
    Emily Garofalo   3 months ago

    The girl in the 1830s looks quite a bit like link

  • bart scheerhoorn
    bart scheerhoorn   3 months ago

    6:02 Good for Dan Avidan for coming back after the Mario incident

  • Codey Stoudenmire
    Codey Stoudenmire   3 months ago

    Haven't seen Jenn in forever! I've missed her and the mail!!

  • Galaxis
    Galaxis   3 months ago

    Ok, but Rhett was the only one who had a correct guess.

  • Steezy Fishing
    Steezy Fishing   3 months ago

    Damn Emily looks really pretty with that hair style!

  • Cheese Boy
    Cheese Boy   4 months ago

    The Louis the 14th is just the Danny from game grumps

  • Billie Guy
    Billie Guy   4 months ago

    Love Jen every time she's in an episode her facial expressions are great

  • John Slade
    John Slade   4 months ago

    11:00 face like a Barbie. Body if Dwayne Johnson

  • Tiffany Tartt
    Tiffany Tartt   5 months ago

    I’ve been binging watching you guys for a couple of days lol. Honestly, you’re one of the best channels on YouTube with really really great content!

  • Quinn Farris
    Quinn Farris   5 months ago

    Do you think anyone told Marianna that she definitely made a mistake oof