One Year w/ the Electric Smart! My favorite car...

  • Published on: 04 December 2019
  • Kyle goes through what owning one of the shortest range electric vehicles is like. The Smart ED is a small, affordable (lease), electric city car that can do a lot more than you would expect! From hauling the dogs around town, to offroad / snow adventures, and even carrying Christmas trees on the roof, this little thing does it all!

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  • Runtime : 19:33
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  • o
    o   3 days ago

    Did you know that they're against the law to own in Australia? I'm trying to get one on the black market, if you want to sell yours let me know.

  • Harriet Harvey-Horn
    Harriet Harvey-Horn   1 weeks ago

    I'm looking at a used 2016 Smart Car EV. Being an EV owner, though, I am aware of how important charging practices are in preserving battery life. For example, if a car is allowed to fully discharge and/or frequently charged to 100%, the battery life can be severely degraded. Likewise, frequent charging between 20-80% can help prolong battery life. Given that a new battery pack can cost upwards of $20K, it would seem that some sort of check of the remaining battery capacity, perhaps as a percentage of original capacity, would be helpful to know prior to purchasing any used EV. The Mercedes dealership that is offering the car for sale does not seem to understand what I am asking for. (I might add that the owner's manual recommends a battery check as part of annual maintenance, but no maintenance records are available for this car.) Can you advise how I might independently check the health of the battery prior to purchase? Am I worrying about this too much?

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N   2 weeks ago

    I laughed so much during this yeah the range is perfect if you plan on going to the grocery store then going home

  • Turtle
    Turtle   1 months ago

    How do you do the traction control mod?

  • Placeitinmybox1
    Placeitinmybox1   1 months ago

    Lease or not, only a slob keeps the inside of a car in that condition. You lease the house. Do you not keep it clean?

  • Q Rm
    Q Rm   1 months ago

    These are cool. I like the gas ones too but the trans is terrible.Defeating of the purpose in a way but could you carry a small gas generator with you for emergencies?

    ROB NAVAEI   1 months ago

    This is a joke, 30 k for an electric motor. God bless the Japanese. Back to Corolla.

  • Dennis S
    Dennis S   1 months ago

    At first I thought that 5 grand for 3 years was a great deal, but when I did the math I can drive my V8 F150 30K miles do all the schedule maintenance and still have enough of that 5 grand left for new tires. Still I do like ED Smart, maybe if I can find the used one for 5 grand I just might pick one up just for weekend fun

  • Diogo Falcão
    Diogo Falcão   1 months ago

    Oh my God, is that garage made by cardboard?!

  • BBBYpsi
    BBBYpsi   1 months ago

    Did you say the lease 10,000 miles for only 3 years? Not many miles for three years. only 3,333 per year. Averages to only 9 miles per day. Even 10,000 miles per year would be 27 miles per day.

  • Derrick Fung
    Derrick Fung   2 months ago

    It’s sad that Smart pulled out of the NA market. I have a 2018 Fortwo Electric and I love it. I drive it every chance I get. Great video. Ellie is so cute.

  • moltimondi
    moltimondi   2 months ago

    I'm an early adopter of electric cars.. My firts one was a Citroen C-zero I now own a Renault Zoe and I am impatiently waiting for the new Smart 2020 eq to be delivered to me probably in a week or two.

  • JAG
    JAG   2 months ago


  • BlueYoshi211
    BlueYoshi211   3 months ago

    I have a 2011 Brabus smart Fortwo Cabrio (bought new 8 years and a month ago) and it is honestly the best vehicle I have ever owned. It's so nice to hear someone else who has driven Teslas and other great vehicles enjoy smarts as much as you do. Interestingly enough, mine has almost all of the same positives and negatives you've mentioned. It's amazing on the get up and go and we race past people who rev their engines at a red light (0-60 is about the same as the ED). The handling is extremely tight and feels very natural, and the turn radius is remarkable. Though, the cloth roof is so noisy on the highway and the headlights are so bad (thank goodness the 2020 smarts have LED lights). Ours is gas though but has 42 mpg, costs less than $20 to fill up with CA prices, and we've easily taken it 92 mph and have no problems controlling it because my car just likes going fast. It's gone almost 70,000 miles and counting. It's an amazing little vehicle that is so much bigger on the inside than the outside.

  • rat fink
    rat fink   3 months ago

    Love your pup. Such a sweetie and sooo spoiled. lol

  • Tom R
    Tom R   3 months ago

    I wish we could part the Smart cars Back to the Curb to allow more cars to fit on a block. They are soooo cute.

  • Basil Kearsley
    Basil Kearsley   3 months ago

    This is a terrible review. I am not interested in your dog

  • Handy Dan
    Handy Dan   3 months ago

    Great car indeed, I bought a lease return with 30,000 miles for $8,000.I drive it every single day and love the take off torque, I have a few videos showing me beating cars.

  • DragonGuy GTO
    DragonGuy GTO   3 months ago

    2018? No wonder it's crazy expensive. I'm just getting a used older Smart and stay debt free

  • eb1888
    eb1888   3 months ago

    $5k for 3 years. I'm not seeing why your 4500 Smart EV isn't a better deal economically. It would save you $5k.

  • JustWasted3HoursHere
    JustWasted3HoursHere   3 months ago

    Nice cars but far too expensive for what you get, especially in comparison to other EVs. If you can lease one, it might be worth it, but otherwise look elsewhere for your EV dollar.

  • Nico Schurr
    Nico Schurr   3 months ago

    You do realize that you'll have to pay for cleaning and damages that are caused by you when giving it back? And let me tell you, Mercedes dealers are vicious when it comes to that

  • The RealButcher (Peter from Holland)

    Love the turning radius circle. My car (Toyota iQ) used to be the car with the shortest turning circle, but helas, this is better.When I grade up, this is a good choice.

  • lee 12381
    lee 12381   3 months ago


  • The Miltonguy
    The Miltonguy   3 months ago

    I had a Diesel smart in Canada for 13 years and i LOVED IT!!! Used mine as a work horse sometimes and it never let me down. I also ha a Cabriolet - and I'm sooooooo happy to see it as an electric version. It's the perfect around town car!

  • LouRaX H.
    LouRaX H.   3 months ago

    Fo you know how much they charge you for the dog scratches on the Plastik ?!

  • Manuel Barkhau
    Manuel Barkhau   3 months ago

    3:30 Something doesn't add up. How are you getting a lease for $5k on a $30k car that depreciates to "$5k in just a few years"? Are they assuming most people will buy at the end of the lease? Is the resale value perhaps higher than you're estimating? Perhaps the main value of the car is the battery pack and the deprecation is not as bad as you're thinking.4:30 I don't understand the logic here. You're paying $5k regardless of how much you drive. How is that free?

  • Rhian Taylor
    Rhian Taylor   3 months ago

    Kyle, thanks for the video but you really need to invest $10 in a clip-on radio mic :)

  • J H
    J H   3 months ago

    @4m15s: "...10,000 mile lease..." If you pay more than $5,000 in fuel (over 10,000 miles), then you're paying $0.50 per mile for fuel. Hmmm...

  • are vee
    are vee   3 months ago

    You don't worry about having to pay some sort of fee if the car shows a lot of wear when you return it (dog scratches, hair, odor, etc.)? I leased my first electric car recently and it's been fine, but I've been super careful because I don't want to be anything on return. P.S. I have smallish terriers and they can jump into the back of a huge SUV without a second thought. My friend's golden has to be coaxed into the same car.Pity small cars don't sell in the US. They are so convenient for one or two people and around town driving.

  • D M
    D M   3 months ago

    I own a Ferrari, two Mercedes, and a smart EQ electric drive. Guess which one is accumulating more miles! I love it.

  • Derek Suddreth
    Derek Suddreth   3 months ago

    Maybe your dog needs to pee or at least mark something?

  • Lee Malo
    Lee Malo   3 months ago

    Who wants a complete SMART car electric motor and transmission ? It works with no problems . It comes with everything ! $1000

  • w4csc
    w4csc   3 months ago

    Funny I should find this video, today. My 2008 gas 4two is an electronic nightmare of the first order. I gave up trying to use the sunroof when the FOURTH one got so crazed by the sun you cannot see through it. From the beginning, keeping the heater/AC fan motor running has been a constant struggle. I found a replacement for the crap brushes in the fan motor Behr mistakenly manufactured on Ebay that, after I took a jeweler's file to the commutator to smooth off the sharp edges that ate the cheap brushes, have fixed that part of the problem. The second part of the heater fan problem is more obscure. It started out being sometime intermittent but that soon got worse. Yesterday, in honor of your video, the intermittent contact of cold solder joints, poorly made plugs, sockets, wiring made a complete circuit in time for me to get the cabin warm for the first time in 8 months of no heat or no air conditioning. It'll crap out next week, again, I'm sure. 3 times it ended up on a flatbed towtruck because the crack Mercedes technicians misdiagnosed the dead fuel pump ($1086 charged but only half refunded when that wasn't the problem). Crack French manufacturing had pinched the one power wire to the tank-mounted little $500 pump between the body (ground) and the fuel tank mounting, shorting out the power and blowing the fuse (3 times). Mercedes dealer patched the wire, which failed again and my Mercedes independent shop replaced the harness. I saved it if Mercedes sues me for pointing out the truth. Under the car, outside the cabin's protection, some COMPLETE IDIOT at Mercedes decided to mount the antilock brake computer, pump motor and control solenoids about 6 inches off the water puddles in the road. Constantly powered the water in the plug soon rotted off the main power to the ABS system through electrolysis from this stupidity. NEVER DRIVE A SMART THROUGH ANY WATER ON THE ROAD! Of course, MB wanted thousands to fix it, but I bought a used computer off a wreck for $200, then had to pay a hacker in Arizona a fee to hack into it to change the hidden serial number to match my car so it would work. It soon failed, again, and I gave up. No ABS system since. They don't care. Pay me. As with Sprinter vans from the same sub-company as the Smarts, light bulbs vibrate themselves dead regularly. The Mitsubishi fork lift slow turning gas engine has been flawless for many years and 90K miles. The transmission computer gets lost shifting either from more loose connections or bad solder joints but I know how to reset it all like an old Windoze laptop. It's great fun to drive when all the parts make connections. It's horribly expensive to fix as Mercedes Benz thinks it's a little Maybach little mistake.

  • David Groebl
    David Groebl   3 months ago

    Great video I couldn’t agree with you more. I just have a white 451 one coupe but all the same win. Love your black white convertible with the leather! Where did you get that glorious switch on your dash!?! Please do share?!?

  • Andrea Pulze
    Andrea Pulze   3 months ago

    I got a used 2014 model bought in 2016 with 10k miles for 7k and now 38k miles on it....i live in las vegas and it is my best car i have ever had...funniest to drive ever...never spent a dollar on it except the tires....

  • Helmer van Greven
    Helmer van Greven   3 months ago

    I drive the previous Smart electric drive 451. I love it. The range is e point. But it is for me more than enough