Cristiano Ronaldo Skills That Will Blow Your Mind 2019

  • Published on: 15 May 2019
    Title: Cristiano Ronaldo Skills That Will Blow Your Mind 2019
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  • Runtime : 5:5
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  • AshStudio7
    AshStudio7   10 months ago

    Which skill is the best? 🔥Remember to leave a LIKE to help me out! <3

  • Mo Hatim
    Mo Hatim   11 hours ago

  • CR 7cluB
    CR 7cluB   1 weeks ago

  • No 7 KID
    No 7 KID   2 weeks ago this

  • satyabir singh
    satyabir singh   3 weeks ago

    Ronaldo to defender - what can you do to stop me from scoring goals?? Defenders to ronaldo - giving fouls and brutal tactics... Ronaldo - Aww.. So cute do you really think you can stop a natural disaster coming to destroy your whole team 😂😂

  • Michael Dennis
    Michael Dennis   3 weeks ago

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    FOOTBALL LOVER   3 weeks ago

    റൊണാൾഡോ ഇഷ്ടം ഉള്ളവർ ലൈക്‌ adi

  • Vishnu TS
    Vishnu TS   1 months ago

  • GreenWolf Gaming 8449
    GreenWolf Gaming 8449   1 months ago

    The Earth is 8.8 billion years oldAnd I am living in the Ronaldo vs Messi era.

  • Andy Drums
    Andy Drums   1 months ago

    He's amazing too, it's just that Messi takes on multiple defenders at once and makes it look beautifully simple. Messi doesn't lose the ball that easily either. But having said that, in tricks, nobody beats Ronaldo. Not even MessiEdit: just my humble opinion

  • khushi awasthi
    khushi awasthi   1 months ago

    😍😘😘my favorite footballerRonaldo fans like it

  • Muhammad Rashidul
    Muhammad Rashidul   2 months ago

    😊Happy✌Birthday😍To😘Cristiano Ronaldo💕 🇵🇹⚽Love You💪👪💐35th...Birthday😍05/02/2020☺😎#CR7⚪⚫💕#RL8⚪🔴⚫🇧🇩🎅

  • Xxx Tentation
    Xxx Tentation   2 months ago

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  • Francisco Montoya
    Francisco Montoya   2 months ago

    Easily the best skills vid on YouTube. This was D O P E!🔥

  • Taufik zahan
    Taufik zahan   2 months ago

    love love love for boss