Browns vs. 49ers Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on: 08 October 2019
  • The Cleveland Browns take on the San Francisco 49ers during Week 5 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  • Runtime : 11:34
  • sp:ty=high sp:dt=2019-10-08T00:15:00Z sp:st=football sp:li=nfl sp:ti:home=SF sp:ti:away=Cle NFL Football offense defense American Football highlight highlights game sport play plays season 2019 touchdown td game highlights week 5 best plays top plays browns cleveland cle 49ers sf san francisco browns 49ers game highlights browns highlights 49ers highlights Matt Breida TD Tevin Coleman Nick Bosa Sack


  • Myles Curry
    Myles Curry   10 hours ago

    All of those dislikes are from salty ass browns fans that thought they was gon be cold this year 😃😂😂

    ZFWGC   2 weeks ago

    2:15 watch #54 on the browns.... watch what he does to Jimmy lmaooooooo

  • Kyle Rae
    Kyle Rae   2 weeks ago

    8:25 that chop block tho

  • PantherIsBoss
    PantherIsBoss   3 weeks ago

    Richard Sherman boutta bring back the Legion of Boom with Bosa

  • ItzAn Opinion
    ItzAn Opinion   3 weeks ago

    Just found out Breida hit 22+ mph in that run for the fastest time in the NFL and set a record!Hopefully he sees the field in the Super Bowl ...guess it'll come down to whether or not Coleman can play after suffering his injury!

  • jason Gabriel
    jason Gabriel   1 months ago


  • Hao Le
    Hao Le   1 months ago

    They lost so hard

  • Andres Hernandez
    Andres Hernandez   1 months ago

    My baby 👶 was the morning of my beautiful beautiful woman 👩 was the morning beautiful day and

    MR KRABS   1 months ago

    is it me or on the first play he said o bay j

  • Austin Lara
    Austin Lara   1 months ago

    This was just the 49ers highlight tape of the game

  • jenny jimenez
    jenny jimenez   1 months ago

    The fact that Bosa, throughout the game, was taunting Baker and told him “come on we want a challenge”

  • Jordan Truce
    Jordan Truce   1 months ago

    Same. Old. Browns. Baker Mayfield should stop with the commercials and start practicing football.

  • Nike Trushkov
    Nike Trushkov   1 months ago

    1:29 How are 4 grown men not able to pick up one football? 😂

  • D L
    D L   1 months ago

    Ohbayjay !!!!!

  • Manuel Astoria
    Manuel Astoria   1 months ago

    And now the head coach is fired and the browns only 6 games😂😂! So much for browns super bowl champs

  • Jack H.
    Jack H.   1 months ago

    Obj playing better at QB then at WR

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts   2 months ago

    2:37 this ain’t Monday night Football

  • Clifton Rainey
    Clifton Rainey   2 months ago

    Anyone else just going back now we're 11 and 2 to see where we've come from?

  • Josh Goldberg
    Josh Goldberg   2 months ago

    i am disappointed cause I expected a good game before the season

  • Brian Brown
    Brian Brown   2 months ago

    Remember when we were supposed to lose this game lmao

  • aidxn .__
    aidxn .__   2 months ago

    when the 49ers have one of the best defenses in the league in 2019😳

  • Christian Arcos
    Christian Arcos   2 months ago

    The niners destroyed the browns. And the browns destroyed the ravens what a joke.

  • Achilles94
    Achilles94   2 months ago

    The so-called experts already favored the Browns to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl and possibly win the Superbowl especially after the trade for Beckham jr.. you had Baker Mayfield Beyond these commercials but in the way you understand why they we're expected to make a Deep Run in the postseason because they have talent you have two good wideouts pretty good defense good running back all the tools were there.. this. In the first game they lost to the Titans and people said maybe it's because they have to jail and and just have a more time to meet in sync with each other and again after they beat up the Ravens rest of the NFL saying that the Browns are you going to make the playoffs possibly in AFC Championship but I think this game made everybody think death of Cleveland Browns are the Cleveland Browns.... and me being for neither faithful it seemed like the 49ers Rob the heart of their fans pulled it out of their chest threw it down and stomped on it.... but right now I think they're 5 and 6 and they have a easy schedule rest of the season again that people are talking that they're going to make a comeback

  • Isabelle Warren
    Isabelle Warren   3 months ago

    6:29 if the Browns defenders aren't the ones who would give Coleman a concussion, his teammates certainly will XD

  • Kaleb Payne
    Kaleb Payne   3 months ago

    I hate that mayfield got the team he got at least he went to the nfl

  • Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez   3 months ago

    Anyone else notice that at 2:19 Jimmy G gets clocked lol?

  • janice ginexi
    janice ginexi   3 months ago

    Lmfaooo the way 13 one hands the ball over to the 9ers .