STRANDED AT SEA FOR 24 HOURS (shark-filled waters)

  • Published on: 07 July 2019
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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge
  • Runtime : 15:50
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory   7 months ago

    What survival challenge should we do next?

  • Itz Vahl
    Itz Vahl   5 hours ago

    i guess the way that raft could fit 6 adults is to let all the adults sits, even sleeping supposed to be in sitting.

  • Renata Olea
    Renata Olea   21 hours ago

    I think it is one if my dreams to be in the middle of the ocean, and now I know it is possible to do it safely.

  • A Bcd
    A Bcd   21 hours ago

    Sharks are gentle beasts.

  • Arka Jatmika
    Arka Jatmika   1 days ago

    Pity I'm not there .. we can do a lot of fun🤩🤩🤩

  • Sam Barker
    Sam Barker   1 days ago

    She helps I can touch the water if there are sharks that would be scary. Lady there are sharks not if there are shrks

  • Sam
    Sam   1 days ago

    Would be cool to use this money from the challenge to help clean the ocean by donating to boyan slat

  • Assweed
    Assweed   1 days ago

    how do they shit and piss

  • Shanifornia
    Shanifornia   2 days ago

    I dont mean to be a kill-joy but you can do almost anything for 24 hours....kind of easily

  • Janet Browning
    Janet Browning   2 days ago

    I get motion sick like really bad! I could NOT do this one! lol Besides that, I'm old, like 71 this past Dec 2019! lol I do agree that it's totally different, KNOWING you are going to be rescued, versus if you were in this for your very lives. You'd be in survival mode now for sure & the biggest thing you'd be doing right now, would most likely be, trying to secure safe drinking water, because you can't drink the salt water! lol 🦈🐳🌊

  • Inferno
    Inferno   2 days ago

    The guy that survive 76 days its having a good laugh 🤣🤣

  • G Okon
    G Okon   2 days ago

    Y’all are really amusing and this video was very entertaining so THANKS!!

  • Darkskully
    Darkskully   3 days ago

    ‘Water is everywhere’No shit sherlock you’re in the friccing ocean

    SAND DEEP   3 days ago

    Henderson Waves with DJI MAVIC MINI ! Tallest Foot Bridge ! Singapore [Unique Wavy Bridge]

  • Monica
    Monica   3 days ago

    Yes theory: we were in luck, we found an unused liferaftLiferaft: full of patches, yes theory uses ducktape to stop it from deflating wow :))

  • no
    no   4 days ago

    i have a feeling thomas is gay

  • Dr. Rabuffetti
    Dr. Rabuffetti   6 days ago

    “it's not IF there are sharks. There ARE sharks.“ Savage 😂😂

  • Rascalix
    Rascalix   1 weeks ago

    Recommendation: Drink orange Juice after doing your teeth

  • Flux it
    Flux it   1 weeks ago

    Ya'll be fucked if pirates came around with all that fancy equipment. Butter and crackers ain't new to us Latinos 😂

  • Slapzzter
    Slapzzter   1 weeks ago

    Now i know that sharks Invest in water

  • art._elephant
    art._elephant   1 weeks ago

    You could do 24 hours in Romanian forest,There are many wild animals and it’s really beautiful

  • Keerthan S
    Keerthan S   1 weeks ago

    To @ammar, apply a hyoscine patch before a journey like this to prevent sea sickness

  • Artless
    Artless   1 weeks ago

    I thought it was a MrBeast's video at first sight

  • kyle g
    kyle g   1 weeks ago

    All life rafts have sea sickness pills, and in an emergency situation they are the first thing you take if you are required to use a life raft. (So you can conserve energy and water)There is a fresh water catch from the tarp roof, a sea anchor to limit the drifting from the wind, and even basic fishing supplies!

  • Alex zarcu
    Alex zarcu   1 weeks ago

    There was like a frickin yacht 9:03 so much for there all alone

  • 3245ronaldo
    3245ronaldo   1 weeks ago

    At 13:15 Thomas looks like he's just been given birth or smth

  • Salty Sac
    Salty Sac   2 weeks ago

    A scenario like this happened in real life, a sailer was stranded for 76 days in one of those life rafts

    POOP POP   2 weeks ago

    Sharks aren’t really harmful

  • Moo moo Poo 2
    Moo moo Poo 2   2 weeks ago

    The best way not to get sea sick is to look at the sky because the sky is not moving as much as the sea but it is very hard to do that at night