The Hellacious Lives of the "Hell Pigs"

  • Published on: 05 June 2019
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    Despite the name, we don’t know where the so-called “hell pigs” belong in the mammalian family tree. They walked on hooves, like pigs do, but had longer legs, almost like deer. They had hunched backs, a bit like rhinos or bison. But as is often, if not always, the case, there is some evolutionary method to this anatomical madness.

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  • Runtime : 7:57
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  • Desert Rose
    Desert Rose   1 days ago

    1:03 dang that’s what people say about me

  • rosazone85
    rosazone85   1 weeks ago

    They mention bear dogs. I wonder if they have an episode on those ones. I find that creature to be interesting.

  • wolfsvain2
    wolfsvain2   1 weeks ago

    We need to see a video about hyenas

  • Mr Mister
    Mr Mister   1 weeks ago

    Jeez, peppa pigs great granny pigs were metal

  • Small Man
    Small Man   3 weeks ago

    Usage of hellacious over time, for those who wanted to know

  • songbird
    songbird   3 weeks ago

    Okay, I’ve been obsessed with everything prehistoric since I was two, but THESE mothers are by far the creepiest thing ive ever seen

  • lckgilmo43
    lckgilmo43   3 weeks ago

    Ancestors to the Russian bore. They have long legs and can easily out run you. Better pray that you can climb a nearby tree before one gets you. Be thankful that some animals don't exist anymore. There were fossils of giant rats the size of a horse on some island somewhere. They cannibalized each other because they ate everything on the island including all vegetation. Scientist said that we're lucky that they didn't make it to mainland. If they did most animals would've been eaten. A Bengal tiger wouldn't be able to defend it self because those rats were larger, greater in number and more fierce.

  • Cork Camden
    Cork Camden   3 weeks ago

    Get yourself a shirt that fits. You can do better than a petite 2.

  • Entirely Stupid
    Entirely Stupid   4 weeks ago

    When the daedon ate meat, did it really heal everything around it? Haha, just kidding, great video!

  • xXGamersRules Xx
    xXGamersRules Xx   4 weeks ago

    pig: imma ask for food what can go wrong?many years later: oh :(

  • James Rogers
    James Rogers   4 weeks ago

    Now I KNOW you gonna tell me about them Bear Dogs...

  • Z ed
    Z ed   1 months ago

    T rex mammal fortunately they didn't call them king of mammal... like T rex just have strong bite force, got their teeths in every dino fossils, doesn't mean they're the strongest.

  • Nathan Hawley
    Nathan Hawley   1 months ago

    The picture for Bear Dogs though lmfaoooooooo

  • That Canadian Guy
    That Canadian Guy   1 months ago

    I would absolutely love to know about those bear dogs. They look cute

  • Christopher Justice
    Christopher Justice   1 months ago

    Moral of the story, the last interesting thing to happen in Wyoming was 34 million years ago.

  • HeadlessTheHeadcrab
    HeadlessTheHeadcrab   1 months ago

    Not only did they come from the Nether, it also came from the future!

  • Dakadaka daka
    Dakadaka daka   1 months ago

    They look like if some B I G B R A I N guy made super wolves,right?

  • majungasaurusaaaa
    majungasaurusaaaa   1 months ago

    Andrewsarchus may very well have been somewhat closely related to them. Wouldn't surprise me if the rest of it was built likewise considering how similar the skull already is.

  • Kaiser Frost
    Kaiser Frost   1 months ago

    The skulls with forward-facing eyes freak me out. Those species were obviously predatory. No thank you!

  • GrimWolf Gaming
    GrimWolf Gaming   1 months ago

    What in God’s name could take down one of these behemoths?!

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith   1 months ago

    Me on ark when I need to heal my group

  • Google Minus
    Google Minus   2 months ago

    Thanks to the creators of this video!N.B.Stylistically I prefer this presenter's style over the female one.

  • Dilo Devil
    Dilo Devil   2 months ago

    What the new pig mob name in the nether update should be