INSANE Apple Leaks! The Future is Incredible!!

  • Published on: 10 April 2019
  • The BIGGEST Apple Leaks So Far! iPhone SE 2 (2019), MagSafe iPhones, TONS of iPhone Leaks, 5NM Chips Possible, 3NM 2022 & SO Much More! + iOS 12.3 Beta 2 Full Review.

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  • Runtime : 22:18
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  • EverythingApplePro
    EverythingApplePro   4 months ago

    I am so sorry regarding the flashing images in the video, need to figure out the issue. I gave my iMac Pro away to render higher quality stuff so was editing on my MacBook Pro and not sure if Final cut caused it or the 3D modeling program. Won't happen again I promise!

  • l msv
    l msv   2 days ago

    Keep dreaming!

  • Bullion 911
    Bullion 911   1 weeks ago

    $600 I bought my iPhone se for $150 at Walmart. I'm hoping that the new one will be in the same price range. $600 would be 2 expensive for me if they make another $150 iPhone I would be upgrading for sure if it's $150-$250.

  • Wannabe Productors
    Wannabe Productors   1 weeks ago

    It makes me exited, but I’m not exited as much as I would be because I can’t fucking get any of that!!! It will cost a home loan to get something like that

  • Taha Jafari
    Taha Jafari   1 weeks ago

    iphone is fucked up :) lol #galaxynote10

  • Est Mer
    Est Mer   1 weeks ago

    Apple can literally make their phone out of Ramen noodles and I will find a way to justify buying it.

  • Taee Bandzz
    Taee Bandzz   1 weeks ago

    really just sounds like apple "keeping up" with samsung.

  • liluzivxrttt ll
    liluzivxrttt ll   1 weeks ago

    They will be stealing and claiming the wireless PowerShare as their own

  • Mark Ferrell
    Mark Ferrell   1 weeks ago

    Maybe it’s me but I would much rather have a thicker phone and longer battery life, and a few other things

  • NikeBoyPlaysYT12
    NikeBoyPlaysYT12   1 weeks ago

    Pause to the 0:10 There's something wrongHuawei CPU on a iPhone WT!!

  • TodaysRealHealth
    TodaysRealHealth   1 weeks ago

    Many are not buying and waiting for the iPhone with all its technology except Face ID. A very expensive feature we don’t want to pay for. Once they exclude Face ID and give us all new technology as planed, the price can drop to where it should be.

  • Connetification
    Connetification   1 weeks ago

    "INSANE Apple Leaks! The Future is Incredible!!" Says the same for every single new Apple product.

  • Hope Cooper
    Hope Cooper   2 weeks ago

    Steve Jobs is frowning upon apple 😒

  • Railfan 51
    Railfan 51   2 weeks ago

    That's why I'll never buy another Apple product ever again everyone should stay with Android devices they don't change up their charger ports like apple does

  • Omega Beta
    Omega Beta   3 weeks ago

    Apple is expensive for a reason.

  • Black Panther
    Black Panther   3 weeks ago

    11 ads in a 22 minute video is an ad very 2 minutes😲

  • Schoolboy 219
    Schoolboy 219   3 weeks ago

    What makes me wonder is why iMacs are so big. If apple could make MacBooks extremely thin then why not do that for the iMac

  • Schoolboy 219
    Schoolboy 219   3 weeks ago

    Well Samsung and apple cameras have a difference but you won’t notice unless you take the time to do the research

  • Schoolboy 219
    Schoolboy 219   3 weeks ago

    Oh that’s great make a thick phone and have an even thicker case to go withbiy

  • Nichelle Mazyck-williams


  • Alex Z
    Alex Z   3 weeks ago

    Got to get me a cable from

  • Mothusi Joseph
    Mothusi Joseph   3 weeks ago

    hey apple is loosing it what happened to the finger print apple 😒

  • bootfan !!
    bootfan !!   3 weeks ago

    You bought land under a bridge? Have fun chasing away the homeless.

  • James Kawah
    James Kawah   3 weeks ago

    Thanks for the video am from Liberia can i please have one iphone of any kind please.

  • David Miller
    David Miller   3 weeks ago

    It's scary that apple just announced Jony Ive's departure. Steve Jobs would've never had Cook as CEO is he saw this coming.

  • a nobody
    a nobody   3 weeks ago

    Can some one make a list of what coming in 2020 am so Fucking lost

  • Glock Lock
    Glock Lock   4 weeks ago


  • Prosaic Lambda
    Prosaic Lambda   1 months ago

    I hate the notch. I hate not having an audio jack. I hate that new design. I am leaving apple.

  • t l
    t l   1 months ago

    People laugh at the triple lense is because its NOT innovation. Phones have had this for about a year, and it looks way better on other phones than what it does on the iphone leaks. A bigass square just looks wierd and unsettling, while Samsung has this rectangle which looks quite good, or at least better than the iphone leaks