Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

  • Published on: 21 September 2017
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  • Runtime : 8:46
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  • Tawhid Choudhury
    Tawhid Choudhury   9 minuts ago

    i know my insides exist without me having to open it and look cos i have a very bad stomach ache :(

  • Charg er
    Charg er   4 hours ago

    If this is true reincarnation would be real because when we die we go back to the start

  • Humberto Diaz Suarez
    Humberto Diaz Suarez   4 hours ago

    The calculation for the amount of computing power needed to simulate humanity makes assumptions that inflate the requirement. There's no reason why we would need to be simulated in real-time or even faster than real-time. We currently have simulations where each generation passes in seconds or minutes, and they're still enormously useful or at least entertaining to observe after the fact. It would still be a lot of computing power compared to what we possess right now but not quite as ridiculous. Several orders of magnitude less.

  • Fejlman Cz
    Fejlman Cz   4 hours ago

    But why simulating whole civilization? It could be possible that only me is in the simulation

  • Sebster
    Sebster   9 hours ago

    When will god add the mars dlc?

  • jager64xxx xxxpanzer
    jager64xxx xxxpanzer   9 hours ago

    1:52 liveleak video: "some schizo drug addict ripping them selves open" incoming

  • reiwj dsj
    reiwj dsj   11 hours ago

    If a man accidentally wants to eat hamburger at 3 am in the morning, it is not he wants to eat, but the control request of the matrix to ask him to eat.

  • mrhappyghost
    mrhappyghost   11 hours ago

    This video is about if future post humans making simulations, but what if the creatures running the simulation made our galaxy up and struggles we face, like conflict and the need for food don't exist. Then they dont need all the right balances to evolve that much as it could be completely different.Now your brain has been melted, your welcome👍

  • Moses Sean
    Moses Sean   12 hours ago

    So.. Basically we're beign controlled by octopuses?

  • David
    David   13 hours ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the only video by Kurzegsagt with a real person in it.

  • Hunson Abadeer
    Hunson Abadeer   14 hours ago

    Its just make "dying" less scarier and also scarier at the same time

  • William Parrish
    William Parrish   15 hours ago

    It appears the Earth is an incubator for artificial intelligence. Hundreds of millions of years of evolution is leading to information storing, autonomous robotic life. Once the building is created the scaffolding is removed and discarded...

  • William Parrish
    William Parrish   15 hours ago

    The video makes a false assumption: that there is a "real" world to be simulated. How can you "simulate" a brain in a simulation? That would suppose an objective world where brains actually exist, and someone who modeled his fake reality on it. What is the bottom turtle standing on?

  • William Parrish
    William Parrish   15 hours ago

    Video games don't load the entire world you play in, they load pages at a time. The info is only called from storage and placed in queue to be rendered when there is a chance the player might wander into the area. You don't need to render an entire universe, just what the observer sees

  • hyou zan ren
    hyou zan ren   16 hours ago

    I always find it's hard to wake in the morning!... Need to updates soon! 😑😑😑

  • Bill Nye
    Bill Nye   17 hours ago

    We realistically can never prove this argument correct or incorrect with science. Even if we could prove that it is physically impossible for us to reach that level of computing power, that is in OUR universe. If we are in a simulation, whoever is simulating us may live in a universe with entirely separate limitations and rules.

  • Krishnath Dragon
    Krishnath Dragon   21 hours ago

    So it's basically the old turtle argument. It's turtles all the way down.

  • meowmeowdragon
    meowmeowdragon   22 hours ago

    Extroverts outnumber introverts drastically therefore ALL EXTROVERTS ARE SIMS

  • Michaela Proskova
    Michaela Proskova   23 hours ago

    Try to respawnFor what are you waitingJust suidside and you will know if we re in simulationPLEASE DO NOT SUIDSIDE!!!!

  • Michaela Proskova
    Michaela Proskova   23 hours ago

    If we are in simulation, what if we build supercomputer and it runs simulation and something in it makes supercomputer what run a simulation and in it......So the first computer must calculate a simulation in simulation in simulation...

  • giga sokhadze
    giga sokhadze   1 days ago

    Computer died: huush it was a jokeHe wakes up again: u crazy son of boitch how dare u still live

  • An Sung
    An Sung   1 days ago

    1. If the 'real world' has speed of light close to infinite (or very large), or have some different law of physic, then their computer can be mucj faster, so it can stimulate all the atom and electron in our universe. I actually think that makes a strong argument: the speed of light is so slow in our universe, particle collapse into wave when it is not being observed, could it both be shortcut to save calculation power?2. If there is billions of stimulated world per one real world, the chance od linving in a real world ia very small3. Even if the world is stimulated, our experience is real. Is like the happiness and frastration a player get from playing VR game

  • Tatam Muang
    Tatam Muang   1 days ago

    This mean ur fake my simulator show u in my conscioness only when i open u tube . Plz tell him to simulate me well he is fuck as hell how can he do like this to me

  • Piamarleen
    Piamarleen   1 days ago

    In case you suffer from anxiety or depersonalization: It's ok. You're real, this is not a simulation. You're a real human, everything around you is real and you have full controll over your body and life.

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones   1 days ago

    Who cares... SEX! DRUGS! ROCK AND ROLL!

  • Not Ben
    Not Ben   1 days ago

    oh great, the simulation is running on windows xp... it's a wonder it's still working at all

  • asdf
    asdf   1 days ago

    Our simulation gods are having a kick out of us finally figuring it out, aren't they

  • John B
    John B   1 days ago

    Humans are just another component of a sophisticated '1st person game, produced by the Real self or LIFE.The real one playing the game is LIFE i.e. the Real self and NOT the human body.DISCOVER and understand the difference between the observe,r (LIFE) and the experience (human body or any other species and its environment.

  • tommy karrick
    tommy karrick   1 days ago

    So why do we assume that, if we exist in a simulation, our simulated reality works anything at all like the “real” reality we have never seen? What’s this whole argument about “what is possible with modern computation” and “what super intelligent life forms might want” when fundamentally, the outside of the simulation could run on completely and utterly different rules than the reality we exist in, functioning by literally none of the laws or equations we’ve grown so much to take for granted. The “real world” needn’t look or act anything like this fake reality we (could hypothetically) inhabit. It doesn’t need photons, or black holes, or protons. Those could all just be things they made up for their simulation, to see what would happen. For that matter, beings in this super reality may not look, act, think in a way we in our little simulated box would ever understand.I guess what I’m saying is that, at least now, the simulation hypothesis is an unknowable unknown. Still worth while to talk about though, I appreciate anything that brings philosophers and scientists together

  • Z0MB13 Kill3r
    Z0MB13 Kill3r   1 days ago

    Meanwhile on Earth 3681 AD Alien: They know too much.Other Alien: Pulls Plug

  • Richa Singh
    Richa Singh   2 days ago

    So you are telling me that someone died of heart attack after starting a minecraft server powered by a star

  • Eden Maravillas
    Eden Maravillas   2 days ago

    1. I died when he started doing math2. If this is a Black Mirror: Bandersnatch shit then I chose the wrong cereal