Stephen Colbert's LIVE Post-Debate Monologue: Fury Road To The White House 2020

  • Published on: 26 February 2020
  • Following the raucous Democratic presidential debate in his home town of Charleston, South Carolina, Stephen Colbert took the stage to discuss the night's winners, losers and most surreal moments. #Monologue #DemDebate #LateShowLIVE

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  • Runtime : 12:5
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  • Nah!!Hey!HEY,hooray! James

    Dear stephen Colbert:)city of San Diego is divided because of political reasons😄😄😄😄😄Stop this.

  • Nah!!Hey!HEY,hooray! James

    Gmorning folks🐔😄😍😍gmorning City of San Diego🐦🐔🐔🐔tweet I'm tweeting my nagging😙Stephen Colbert:)ha ha😄😄😄😄😄Thank you for sharing this video😀😀my shout out this morning😀😀

  • Carla EA
    Carla EA   2 months ago

    I just want to know what Steyer says at the end of the fury road bit 😱 it haunts me

  • steprock215
    steprock215   2 months ago

    you aged quite a bit since 2017 lol.... the storm is coming stevie

  • Jonathan Grabban
    Jonathan Grabban   2 months ago

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  • Alaïa
    Alaïa   2 months ago

    I love how Stephen pronounces his B’s.

  • Serena Zhang
    Serena Zhang   2 months ago

    Dictatorship is bad. Lifting people out of poverty is good. China lifted its entire population out of poverty. Now tell me to my face that it is a bad thing. This is why politics is stupid at times. I'm 10 times angrier than Bernie when he asked "Really?!". Two wrongs don't make a f*cking right. 2+2=4, the world doesn't revolve around f*cking ideologies. Whoever doesn't get this is a hopeless idiot, and Senator Sanders is a great honorable man for rising above it all and still tells the truth, as he always does.

  • Spruce Lynch
    Spruce Lynch   2 months ago

    I really like your shows. Your sense of humor keeps us all laughing during these difficult times. I think that YOU should win the Medal of Freedom award.

  • gruntled_66
    gruntled_66   2 months ago

    Another website claims there was a lot of booing by Colbert's audience. I sure didn't hear much booing! Upvotes here beat downvotes about 10 to 1.

  • Eugenia Geneva
    Eugenia Geneva   2 months ago

    Really? Wtf? Stop with the Venezuela bullshit! Giving us healthcare isn’t being a raging dictatorship!

  • MaryAnn Chaisson
    MaryAnn Chaisson   3 months ago

    Oh Stephen, I expect more from you! As an outsider -; if the Democratic Party puts Joe Biden , Trump will win again.Don’t confuse Democratic Socialism with Communism. Give Bernie a chance, he sure has some good ideas for the regular people, the 98% of the US. Anyway, please be fair!! I am a fan of your show,🇨🇦🤔

  • kb81c cme
    kb81c cme   3 months ago

    Let's talk about Math baby! 😂😂

  • anthony ramos
    anthony ramos   3 months ago

    I know Stephen doesn't really like Sanders but as non American looking from the outside in Sanders is the last chance Americans have to regain social and economic stability.

  • Team Kuuki Food & Games

    I believe that the hidden voters that came out to support trump in 2016, have a counterpart who will be coming out to vote for bernie this time :)

  • George Alerits
    George Alerits   3 months ago

    Cuba, Venezuela ... Canada, the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, and most of Europe, you mean.

  • Kenneth Leonard Dr. Reefer Kirk

    Bernie is chock full of nuts? The truly ridiculous part is that the pebble in the coffee can method world work better than the current American system. Go back to paper hand marked ballots America, Canada has no plans of ever using anything else because it's time tested and true. Mordor? That was pathetic.

  • Astral Vagabond
    Astral Vagabond   3 months ago

    So I guess Colbert is still a boomer on Bernie?Damn, I did not miss anything unsubscribing from him last election cycle. On the other hand, checking this one out was worth it just to see the avalanche of comments calling him on his nonsense. :D

  • tha Real Mike Zee
    tha Real Mike Zee   3 months ago

    I agree with Bloomberg about Sanders. He's gonna hand Trump a 2nd term on a silver-haired, Golden Pond platter!

  • Growly
    Growly   3 months ago

    Colbert: in countries like venezuela, Cuba, MordorMe: The uk, Norway, Sweden, France 25 minutes later Comon stephen.. you're better than this

  • m brights
    m brights   3 months ago

    Love you Stephen ;-) But come on where is your Biden impression? Let's be fair..ok? And Bernie has as good a chance as anyone to beat Trump. I think he is going to look stronger than Biden will on that debate stage with Trump..for one thing. (And many people care about the appearance of strength in a president). As for the "socialist" label...what does it matter??? They demonized Obama as a SOCIALIST for 8 years, and a terrorist whose sole intent was to destroy America..they basically turned him into the devil. With Hillary she was the worst criminal that ever lived. They will demonize the dem candidate regardless. Have some courage folks and vote for Bernie who has the make much needed change in this country. He is not a socialist, let's be honest please. He is a dem socialist aka a socio-capitalist...which is what America is now. The U.S. is not purely a capitalist country, nor a socialist country...but a combination of the two. The socialist part is the humane part, giving us social security, disability, food stamps, etc. Bernie knows that the insanely high, out-of-control cost of a very cruel healthcare system cannot be resolved with the ACA...the only way is to get healthcare out of the hands of the massively corrupt insurance and pharma companies, and the only way to address climate change is to combat the power of the oil companies. We need big change in this country. It is not good the way it is. He wants to tax the multi billionaires more to pay for all of it...and they won't even feel it...resulting in a more just, decent society. Progress will be slow no doubt, but he will be pointing us in the right direction for economic, environmental and social justice...and if anyone can get us on track it is Bernie through his sheer will and determination. Thanks for reading.

  • markdask
    markdask   3 months ago

    2.7k gave this clip the thumbs down. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

  • Kilo Skree
    Kilo Skree   3 months ago

    Same main stream media apparatus includes the Stephen Colbert show where he spends time beat up on Bernie with lies and bullshits spears that aren't even true

  • Keith Higa
    Keith Higa   3 months ago

    Trump has all of these "nicknames" for everyone running against him, which are dumb and idiotic and incredibly childish with zero wittiness, it just doesn't make sense because its not witty or smart what Trump does when calling other people names or comparing others to other things. soo, that being said, why do you go along with some of the things Trump says, like calling Bloomberg tiny, or short. I mean I get you are a comedian and everything and if you cannot take a joke then you do not need re-evaluate your mentality, but when you say similar things in your joking way, in its own way, you are kind of validating what Trump says on his twitter saying all of those non-nonsensical ramblings. stop doing that because you blur the lines and now the public, the dumb ones-which are a lot of them, cannot tell the difference between your comedy and Trumps crazy talk on his twitter. just saying, you are more original than that, but you have seemed like you have been lazy lately and just mimicking what Trump says every day and that is your show, which is O.K. if you are "Jimmy Fallon" or "Jimmy Kimmel", but not your show Stephen. what would Jon Stewart think?

  • J Cor
    J Cor   3 months ago

    The way bloomberg hisses at warren always gets me.

  • LithaMoonSong
    LithaMoonSong   3 months ago

    First time thumbs down for Colbert, dude, stop bernie bashing, even if it is comedy it is damaging, never watching you again.

  • Cale Ham
    Cale Ham   3 months ago

    Nothing on Elizabeth WarrenI guess we know who Stephen’s voting for

  • dan taylor
    dan taylor   3 months ago

    Jes that poor top button on Steve's blazer, undone re done, un done, done back up, undone, re done, un done, done back up, undone, undone re done, un done, done back up, undone re done, un done, done back up, undone, re done, undone, re done, undone, re done, done back up done back up done back up.

  • Joseph Davidson
    Joseph Davidson   3 months ago

    These ideas exist in most economically advanced countries. The USA is the most economically advanced. Republicans spend it all on military and putting children in cages. Antisocial greed mongers are trying to stop us from working together...obviously.

  • Joseph Davidson
    Joseph Davidson   3 months ago

    Bloomberg voters in the crowd!!! Hilarious! They don't want to laugh even though it's funny.

  • qxp0069
    qxp0069   3 months ago

    9:02 Bernie Praise "Cuba made progress on education, yes, I think... REALLY? REALLY?" His RR made me LMAO. His angry temper is so childish

  • tiny99990
    tiny99990   3 months ago

    To be fair and to be clear, the intelligence agencies have already pointed out that Putin doesn't REALLY care who is POTUS, what he cares about is adding more tires to the tire fire that is currently our democracy... He wants the most polarizing candidates to win he wants to sow division and uncertainty into our politics and into our government, Trump was practically the only one in 2016 who fit the bill however with the Republican party re branding itself as the Donald J Trump Party, and the constant melt downs they have about the more progressive ideas that have become more popular in the mainstream in the last 4 years I do not think it would be far off to say he wants Bernie as the candidate, because it will cause further division between the Donald J Trump party and the Democratic party BUT the ground work is already being laid to create a division between the Bernie supporters and those who claim to be anti socialist (but still support the socialist policies we already have in place because, obviously) I just hope that this year we are not stupid enough to fall for the bait like we did in 2016, but, I somehow doubt that will happen I started losing faith in humanity awhile ago, but the last 4 years have made me lose all faith I had in reserve.

  • ben
    ben   3 months ago

    Pour one out for this sell out. Smh

  • Kholdilocks
    Kholdilocks   3 months ago

    ...At least there are few enough candidates that I can name everyone on stage now?Oh wait I still don't know who that is on the far right.