Emotional moment girl hugs donor for first time | Humankind

  • Published on: 09 February 2020
  • You mean the world to me and I love you." Her donor saved her life and became family in the process.
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  • Runtime : 4:5
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  • Neat
    Neat   1 months ago

    Woooww...beautiful story

  • Missing In Action
    Missing In Action   1 months ago

    I just registered to donate bone marrow and I can't wait to get that phone call

  • Jonathan Wilson
    Jonathan Wilson   1 months ago

    God's grace is sufficient for all of us and his ways are not our ways

  • Relaxation Station
    Relaxation Station   1 months ago

    🤔So much for the femme fatal favorite, "I don't need a man rhetoric, ha?!"🤔