FREE ART!! - Taking Requests from Strangers in the City!

  • Published on: 13 February 2019
  • Filmed in #Vr180 - Watch in a headset (Oculus GO, Daydream, Cardboard, PSVR etc) - It's really cool looking!
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  • Runtime : 4:36
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  • Jazza
    Jazza   1 years ago

    I hope you guys enjoy this little play with art in VR180, try it in a headset, the sense of presence with stereoscopic vision is AMAZING (works on the Oculus GO, Google Cardboard/Daydream, PSVR etc). I don't do videos like this often so those of you who aren't interested, I'll only do these every now and then, but I think it's important to try new things and see what's possible, and I think this stuff is pretty cool, so I hope you'll give it a fair go!

  • Grace Bolton
    Grace Bolton   1 hours ago

    I thought the camera was being shaky at first 😂

  • Daisy Perez
    Daisy Perez   4 hours ago

    I didn't notice I could move the angle until I dropped my phone. I'm kinda surprised my hand was so still the entire time

  • Aoife Ryan
    Aoife Ryan   3 days ago

    I love this I was so confused with the camera hahahh 😂

  • Power Draws
    Power Draws   1 weeks ago

    2:47 I love his reaction when he gets the car XDHe's so mad

  • Power Draws
    Power Draws   1 weeks ago

    The people are looking at him and they are like: "ok"

  • Power Draws
    Power Draws   1 weeks ago

    I love how he wore the "obnoxious but consistent" shirt and then begs with that shirt on XD

  • Typically Teal
    Typically Teal   1 weeks ago

    Want a picture? Do-do you want a picture?Angry Jazza Noises

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix   1 weeks ago

    So rejected in the beginning

  • Sammy Olson
    Sammy Olson   1 weeks ago

    For some reason the video went to be Mode

  • sugarplxm
    sugarplxm   2 weeks ago

    the sky is nicer than watching jazza being awkward

  • Luka Galactica
    Luka Galactica   2 weeks ago

    Me OMG VR other me wait im ten and I don't have a Vr head set NOOOO

  • Marta Bronshvayg
    Marta Bronshvayg   3 weeks ago

    This is how I feel when I give away my hard earned things on a server

  • Krystal Garcia
    Krystal Garcia   3 weeks ago

    OMG it's so cool this way!!! I was like what is he talking about lmao but very cool!!!

  • le Jaywalker
    le Jaywalker   1 months ago

    Bit late to the party but your city is amazing jazza

  • Tala B
    Tala B   1 months ago

    Dude this format is dope!

  • Ellie Brown
    Ellie Brown   1 months ago

    Why did this restore my faith in humanity??

  • RadPax
    RadPax   1 months ago

    ive heard tales of how non-americans aren't super friendly or like talking to if you did this in any city in the US like 500 people would show up for art

  • Kozy Drawing
    Kozy Drawing   1 months ago

    I thought the cameraman was just being really unstable before he said that XD

  • Kitten Claws
    Kitten Claws   1 months ago

    I would have driven the 3 hours to Melbourne If I knew you were doing this 😂

  • itsnick 3134
    itsnick 3134   1 months ago

    Lets go! A draw with jazza video in vr!

  • Flemprist
    Flemprist   1 months ago

    Prick your finger and draw with blood

  • Ryanne  Calantog
    Ryanne Calantog   1 months ago

    If I were there, I would immediately go to you and ask to draw me a world where tomatoes are money

  • MidnightSaysHi
    MidnightSaysHi   1 months ago

    Me: looks at upload date FRICK AND I WAS IN THE CITY WHERE HE WAS

  • Imran Shishir
    Imran Shishir   1 months ago

    Why was I not in Australia when this happened...:(

  • BigHeadedWøman
    BigHeadedWøman   2 months ago

    When you watch in 180%/360% and can’t get out of the video

  • Fine Art
    Fine Art   2 months ago

    I think a lot of these people will be getting a restriction order on u, or maybe request to get u put in an asylum.

  • Fine Art
    Fine Art   2 months ago

    I’m going to Melbourne for Christmas this year.