Brad and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Sauce | Making Perfect: Episode 2 | Bon Appétit

  • Published on: 01 May 2019
  • It's episode 2 of 'Making Perfect,' and let's just say this one is going to get... saucy. Join sauceboys -- no, sauceMEN -- Andy and Brad in their hunt for the perfect pizza sauce. From finding the perfect tomatoes to figuring out the perfect cooking method, there is no length that Andy and Brad won't go to reach perfection.

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    Brad and Andy Try to Make the Perfect Pizza Sauce | Making Perfect: Episode 2 | Bon Appétit
  • Runtime : 27:53
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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit   9 months ago

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  • Ian
    Ian   2 hours ago

    hahahah andy has slowly become my favorite in the kitchen

  • Erin Soward
    Erin Soward   21 hours ago

    my favorite part of this entire video is chris pushing andy’s sauce version away with such force and authority

  • Hope M
    Hope M   1 days ago

    Why is everyone so mean to Andrew 😬

  • Marie
    Marie   2 days ago

    in this video, wouder evolved into woudery.

  • ciri L
    ciri L   2 days ago

    A cat just bullying a golden retriever

  • Dario Carafa
    Dario Carafa   2 days ago

    I used to not like and I thought he is a little annoying and pompous this episode makes me like him he is a lot cooler when he smiles

  • RedPanda_Ann
    RedPanda_Ann   3 days ago

    This episode just made me not like Andy some

  • Emily TYACK
    Emily TYACK   4 days ago

    I get this feeling watching Brad and Andy working together that they would NOT have liked each other in high school.

  • atiny aes
    atiny aes   4 days ago

    21:56 I’m gonna start living like Chris and just keep a spoon in my pocket everywhere I go

  • Avoton
    Avoton   4 days ago

    "What are you doing FDA?" worrying about vaping than the quality of food lol

  • Ginny Potter
    Ginny Potter   5 days ago

    Am i the only one who heard brad say lets look at the tomatoes we built

  • robert zerrenner
    robert zerrenner   5 days ago

    An old chef once said to me that to make pizza sauce, just make a marinara sauce and add Oregano-instant pizza sauce.

  • pauleyboy
    pauleyboy   5 days ago

    How do you get a job at this place ? I would cook circles around these guys .

  • victor brito
    victor brito   6 days ago

    Andy is that dude that comes to a test having studied the entire month and gets a 90, but then Brad comes in, no idea of what's happening and gets a 91

  • Cody Garcia
    Cody Garcia   6 days ago

    the emotions that go into making the perfect sauce

  • heyimbori
    heyimbori   1 weeks ago

    24:52 i swear andy thinks he’s on the office and it makes the episode so much funnier

  • hola
    hola   1 weeks ago

    At this point I just searched for Andy and Brad videos because Andy's reaction to Brad's behavior is always entertaining😂😂

  • hola
    hola   1 weeks ago

    honestly Brad is so goofy and chill and everyone else there is so ocd and strict so it's funny to see Brad get under their skin in a light hearted way😭😂

  • hola
    hola   1 weeks ago

    Andy is such a child I love it😭😭😂😂😂

  • Rey187
    Rey187   1 weeks ago

    was laughing throughout their struggles with the fresh tomatoes, having totally gone through the same thing. get the canned!

  • Miki Baumgartner
    Miki Baumgartner   1 weeks ago

    Brad is my fave. Andy was a little mean but I know he means well... and is he slurring or is that just me?

  • Payton Martinez
    Payton Martinez   1 weeks ago

    I love it how Chris just stalks in the background in bewilderment

  • Nick B
    Nick B   1 weeks ago

    There's two kinda pizza placesThose that use canned San marzanosAnd liars

  • Reonel Manzes
    Reonel Manzes   1 weeks ago

    you know the content is good when you're more focused on the videos rather than reading the comments while watching the video. kudos to you BA.

  • Ria Rayappan
    Ria Rayappan   1 weeks ago

    Andy's face when he messed up putting the pizza onto the skin 🤣🤣

  • Angie Garcia Renteria

    Brad is a golden retriever.. then what would Andy be? My guess, a Jack Russel. He’s so cute, yet hot. I love his energy & the faces he makes :)

  • AvatarHallows
    AvatarHallows   1 weeks ago

    18:20 is pure perfection, between Brad humming with not a care in the world, to him placing the tape messy, to Andy's panicked face while Brad debates which writing utensil to use, to a solid end of Andy's running off with Brad like "aNDY!!!".

  • N Aleman
    N Aleman   1 weeks ago

    So happy to see Rosemary Trout featured in this episode.

  • Cody LaDuke
    Cody LaDuke   1 weeks ago

    “Never sleep on the ugly ducklin’!”

  • callmefem
    callmefem   1 weeks ago

    Andy seems like somebody who would flip a table when he senses somebody cheating at Monopoly. Brad would be the one cheating.