Asking Strangers for the Time, Then Giving Them an Apple Watch

  • Published on: 06 September 2019
    Today I went up to college students and asked them for the time, then surprising them with an apple watch! Their reactions were amazing!!
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    If you read this far down the description I love you
  • Runtime : 11:25
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  • FaZe Rug
    FaZe Rug   5 months ago

    I just wanted to make random people happy today :)

  • Santiago Buitrón
    Santiago Buitrón   4 hours ago

    The first Time that I watch one of His videos and just want to know how the hell Is he got an Urus?

  • andrea rodriguez
    andrea rodriguez   1 days ago

    He should get a nose surgery instead of giving away his money 🤭

  • tøasti
    tøasti   2 days ago

    that’s messed up man that teacher should have just mined his businesses

  • Gabriel Jimenez
    Gabriel Jimenez   3 days ago

    Someone stole my Apple Watch 😭😢 I’m not lieing

  • Kailash Basnet
    Kailash Basnet   4 days ago

    Man this time, you gave gifts to some weirdos except two of emm

  • Irinell Irii
    Irinell Irii   4 days ago

    Hey,I’m from uk 🇬🇧,I never see anyone else here,to do ,what you doing,Respect ✊ bro 👈👈👈

  • jacob kabutey
    jacob kabutey   5 days ago

    Most of them don't deserve the watches because their reaction shows they don't need them and so refused to appreciate it.....very sad 😔 😔

  • Sue Hofkamp
    Sue Hofkamp   6 days ago

    People don’t give away expensive Apple watches everyday! I’m sure the teacher thought they might be stolen. Cut the teacher some slack.

  • siva sagar
    siva sagar   6 days ago

    I want apple watch...bro...I love apple brand....

  • Ian Tv
    Ian Tv   6 days ago


  • TheUncreative 1
    TheUncreative 1   1 weeks ago

    No one: Literally No one: Brian with his earphones plugged in: Hey excuse me, do you happen to know the time? Because I don’t have my phone with me right now.. 😂

  • Nik Baren
    Nik Baren   1 weeks ago

    I realized that European people often leave soon when they get something from people , because of what ? They scare of their new stuff being taken back ??

  • christain rogers
    christain rogers   1 weeks ago

    Awe Tom is cool man people with down syndrome for some reason are the nicest people you know you can make Tom's world a lot better if you invited him to spend the day with you

  • Gita Z
    Gita Z   1 weeks ago

    Rug You're such a good person, you do good things to people and your family and friends! I know I will newer met U in my life, but I want to, but its imposible, you will newer come to my country named..............

  • Ayana Marie
    Ayana Marie   1 weeks ago

    Algo of these people were really ungrateful

  • Amana Jamil
    Amana Jamil   1 weeks ago

    I wish I had a IPhone XR Blue or Apple Watch I just have a boring slow Amazon Fire Tablet

  • Janet Sanchez
    Janet Sanchez   1 weeks ago

    lol faze u walk up to a class and say sorry to interrupt then u gave the Apple watch lol I laugh

  • Tikaram BamBam
    Tikaram BamBam   1 weeks ago

    The teacher wanted to call the cops cuz she was jelly that she didn't have an apple watch herself

  • Dan
    Dan   1 weeks ago

    First guy didn't deserve it!!!

  • Mohaned Goda
    Mohaned Goda   1 weeks ago

    The teacher is mad because she didnt get a apple watch

  • Harjinder Batra
    Harjinder Batra   1 weeks ago

    Hey brother u r really great can u send me apple watch through courier i am not having money plz for me plz god bless u if yes send yes

  • Tapubrat Dutta
    Tapubrat Dutta   2 weeks ago

    We was giving Apple watches just for fun.Me : WTF

  • Luiza Silva
    Luiza Silva   2 weeks ago

    The first girl was like NOW ITS MINE GET OUT OF HEAR BRIAN lol

  • Annie Mabry
    Annie Mabry   2 weeks ago

    I'd love to see stuff like that in my town. Too bad I live in the least popular area.

  • Hey Canada
    Hey Canada   2 weeks ago

    ...and why the baseball hat "backwards" ....hehehe

  • Olive Cabin
    Olive Cabin   2 weeks ago

    When brian said im making friends by giving them apple waches thats sounds like a rich kid that has no friends but is baf

  • Have Trust Issue
    Have Trust Issue   2 weeks ago

    Give the person who really like to wear watch not who don't. That's why their reaction are like that.