Your kids might live on Mars. Here's how they'll survive | Stephen Petranek

  • Published on: 05 May 2016
  • It sounds like science fiction, but journalist Stephen Petranek considers it fact: within 20 years, humans will live on Mars. In this provocative talk, Petranek makes the case that humans will become a spacefaring species and describes in fascinating detail how we'll make Mars our next home. "Humans will survive no matter what happens on Earth," Petranek says. "We will never be the last of our kind."

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  • Runtime : 17:15
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  • Bina Mo
    Bina Mo   4 hours ago

    Instead of drinking bars on Mars there will be oxygen bars everywhere.

  • harshil shah
    harshil shah   6 hours ago

    Don’t you guys feel like that we will eventually start a war on Mars.

  • Bronwyn Fenty
    Bronwyn Fenty   6 hours ago

    Stuff like this makes me want to live longer coz I wanna see something real quick.

  • A. Rebeih
    A. Rebeih   9 hours ago

    I fuckin had goosebumbs in the end :D

  • Anthony de Fex
    Anthony de Fex   10 hours ago

    Mars cannot be colonized. There is no electromagnetic field to protect life from the sun's harmful radiation

  • ɪᴛ's ᴘᴀɴᴏ
    ɪᴛ's ᴘᴀɴᴏ   10 hours ago

    My Son : Dad why I'm from Mars and you are from Earth? Me : Because we have a big story son...

  • anna galaxy
    anna galaxy   15 hours ago

    First, they should disprove that the Moon landing was a hoax! Why are they not first making another landing on Moon? Space radiations are traveling and pierce even metals so how can a human being be protected by a spacesuit on Mars? This man tries to sell a dream and Musk is just a businessman! All the recent achievements on Saturn, Pluto, and Mars are great but can distract from the fact that landing on Moon was and still is a hoax! They can reach those planets but not with a human on board just yet... Maybe in a distant future!

  • Ramla Navas
    Ramla Navas   17 hours ago

    I think that I would choose to liv in earth instead of living like a primitive man than on mars

  • Tom Sadan
    Tom Sadan   1 days ago

    4:03That's wrong, 250 million miles is the furthest Mars ever gets from Earth. Their distance reaches a minimum of about 34 million miles every 2 years.

  • Team scYthe
    Team scYthe   1 days ago

    Elon musk is sorta like a much better and nicer version of Columbus from our generationMe:2019

  • Fernanda Tiemi
    Fernanda Tiemi   1 days ago

    Is everybody forgetting that this planet isn't just ours?

  • Joao Vidal
    Joao Vidal   1 days ago

    yes, but we'd also need to creat a magnetic field or that atmosphere will go back to be thin again due to solar winds and interstalar rays.

  • Ice Cream
    Ice Cream   1 days ago

    I’ve been to mars ..... and i have eaten mars ..... it’s delicious

  • J P
    J P   1 days ago

    Hope all the liberals go to Mars so we can finally have peace on the planet. No more gangs, no more baby murders, no more thieves, no more riots, no more protests, no more welfare for the lazy.

  • Changsha
    Changsha   1 days ago

    People will never live on Mars!! Look at the earth, we have wars, people killing people, crooked people in government, ect,ect. The world is full of sin, you can't escape it by going to Mars. The same thing would happen to Mars as it has happen to the earth!!!! Face it people are greedy and they will never change!!!! Going to Mars is bullshit!!!!

  • Jan Forbes
    Jan Forbes   1 days ago

    It's only a bit harder than it was for my ancestors who left their homeland in Europe and travelled five months on a three masted sailing ship , they new that they would never return or see their families again , colonising Mars is of secondary importance , a fully operational military base should be the main objective !!!! For one good reason , it will make it possible to find and travel to distant planets that are already liveable for humans , as against thousands of years trying to make Mars liveable , being on Mars without a gravity load to overcome we will travel at insane speeds without the huge cost, we will actually use the pull of other planets even so called black holes to travel without any thrust needed after setting a course by super computers , 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🤔🤔

  • Azat Annaguliyev
    Azat Annaguliyev   1 days ago

    There are so many riches in space than on earth and we are spending resources in order to make ourselves happy, so we will do what is impossible to achieve! on other planets there is so much that we don’t have enough oil, gold and so much on the earth that we rush to each other to take it in force when there is something that can be achieved on another planet and why there’s a lot of money we’ll throw away without exploring another destroy your planet to get rich on someone else’s mountain! Yes, when there is a universe a lot of things a person wants and can be taken without pain, it is simple, you need to invest money on NASA!

  • John TheJinx
    John TheJinx   1 days ago

    ridiculous, its pretty much impossible to create a sustainable atmosphere, they know something catastrophic is going to happen to Earth & they are preparing, covering up

  • kimaya hoyte
    kimaya hoyte   2 days ago

    1:17 that was a long long time ago. Humans have gotten dumber and more lazy over time. For us to spread out like the early humans did,knowing us, would use scientists and explorers. Most ppl wouldnt really survive because of our lazy tendencies. We have a long long way to go.

    BRIAN ROGERS   2 days ago


  • Kid
    Kid   2 days ago

    LIES ...

  • Alexander
    Alexander   2 days ago

    I cant wait to be the first person to steal something on mars, which would make me a space pirate.

  • Pratik Lamichhane
    Pratik Lamichhane   2 days ago

    This hasn't talked about the lack of magnetic field of mars which can lead to scraping off of the atmosphere due to solar wave and radiation.

  • Shawn Clapper
    Shawn Clapper   2 days ago

    Your all talk talk talk blah blah blah theres alittle word called ACTION

  • Tnj8228
    Tnj8228   2 days ago

    Why all this mars talk? Nibiru that's why.

  • Star Fan
    Star Fan   2 days ago

    Missed the all important point about how we would stop the solar wind stripping the newly thickened atmosphere. Mars has no global magnetic field. He also needs to differentiate between landing on Mars and colonising Mars. Musk is working on the rocketry that will enable some of the first part. He’s not working on the problem of solar and cosmic radiation that astronauts or astro passengers will soak up on the journey there and during any short term stay on the planet. He’s not working on the habitats that will be required. He’s also big on confident predictions that will push up his share price. It would be great to get there but also how long before it’s turned into a mess by greedy corporations and the inhabitants are paying through the nose for dried food and oxygen?

  • JB Cheema
    JB Cheema   2 days ago

    We should all throw our atomic bombs on Mars.

  • Andreas Andreotti
    Andreas Andreotti   2 days ago

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  • John
    John   2 days ago

    Will we be able to grow some weed on mars? Will it be called redbud

  • Kerri Simonsen
    Kerri Simonsen   3 days ago

    Also, anyone ever notice the movies that we watch like about world disasters or people living on “another planet”, notice how scientists and NASA are trying to really make this happen? I find it a little bit odd that some of the things that have happened in Hollywood movies are actually happening in real life. Not that it wasn’t already predicted as far as the Bible goes with weather, wars, Armageddon, what have you. Which are things that will take place and have already taken place. Who believes that these Hollywood movies that have been made throughout all these years have somewhat “predicted” things that have already happened? That’s just something to think about. I believe there is some thing behind all that. Buuuut, we shall see then. 🤷🏼‍♀️ another things, how are we suppose to have babies??? Reproduce? All without some thing bad happening. Idk I don’t think this will fully happen. But I could be wrong.

  • Kerri Simonsen
    Kerri Simonsen   3 days ago

    I just wonder what God really has intended for Mars. I mean really, are we going to end up loving on Mars? Does anyone even see this really happening. I see bad things happening for this tempting theory. How is anyone really suppose to live there without something bad happening? Who else feels this way? Now, not meaning that this couldn’t happen. Cause it very well could. But idk; I just feel that there are other intentions for our other planets.