Your kids might live on Mars. Here's how they'll survive | Stephen Petranek

  • Published on: 05 May 2016
  • It sounds like science fiction, but journalist Stephen Petranek considers it fact: within 20 years, humans will live on Mars. In this provocative talk, Petranek makes the case that humans will become a spacefaring species and describes in fascinating detail how we'll make Mars our next home. "Humans will survive no matter what happens on Earth," Petranek says. "We will never be the last of our kind."

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  • Runtime : 17:15
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  • ÁNTÁRYÁMÍ • 100 years

    My question why terraforming mars , first we should do this with earth to decrease the increasing temperature of the earth . If we succed then Go For Mars .SIMPLE

  • Pramod Kc
    Pramod Kc   13 hours ago

    Yoooooooooo I am going first

  • i4Ni C
    i4Ni C   19 hours ago

    Will we be able to afford the property taxes on mars. What's the payroll tax going to be like. Will there be a Mars Extraterrestrial Revenue Service, if so count me out...I can barely afford stuff on Earth.

  • Rudra Newaz
    Rudra Newaz   22 hours ago

    1000 years seriously? To breath WTF this Mars idea scrap it

  • Lee Eel
    Lee Eel   23 hours ago

    We damn well know 7+ billion people aren’t moving to Mars it’s impossible

  • David Bee
    David Bee   23 hours ago

    I'll have some of what this guys on!!right I'm of to find big foot

  • Ben Parker
    Ben Parker   1 days ago

    10:35 any update on this? supposed to be this year maybe it was canceled

  • Kiba Whitefang
    Kiba Whitefang   1 days ago

    Terraforming such a planet would be the expense of money that will not be sustainable. Not to mention the fact of what will anyone do if any human over there becomes sick or worst.

  • Trojans
    Trojans   1 days ago

    It is preposterous and will never happen.

  • Alan Michael
    Alan Michael   2 days ago

    I could live on Mars. Infact, any bar of chocolate

  • FnafShadow19
    FnafShadow19   2 days ago

    2030's mars is alive2020 i don't think that will happen

  • Vi Mimikyu
    Vi Mimikyu   2 days ago

    im confused why he said its possible by 2027 for humans to be on mars but he also said it takes 20 years for a solar sail to melt the ice and we haven't even started that yet.

  • Trisp
    Trisp   2 days ago

    2020 is a worst year but 2025 it'll b better plus I'm down to live on mars

  • who?
    who?   3 days ago

    M O X X Y

  • Emily O'Mahoney
    Emily O'Mahoney   3 days ago

    Humans: leave earth because of global warmingHumans: purposefully start global warming on mars

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando   3 days ago

    I think there will be a racism in people who were born and raised in Mars and the ones born in Earth.

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando   3 days ago

    I'm happy to be a young man in the 2000s

    Mr2TIMOTHY4V2   3 days ago

    Liar liar - There is no escape from earth and the punishment that is coming on those who hate Yahuah and his Torah. He will destroy this earth and these wicked liars and he has prepared a new earth for those who love and obey him. Have you not woken up to the plagues that he has promised which are coming Listeriosis - Pork To Eat Or Not To Eath

    Mr2TIMOTHY4V2   3 days ago

    At least four NASA astronauts believe extraterrestrials are real and are contacting us so I guess they could also believe the moon landing was real

    Mr2TIMOTHY4V2   3 days ago

    NASA is science fiction. NASA THEMSELVES is telling you escape velocity is currently not possible for a spaceship "An Endless Cycle : escape velocity is one of the biggest challenges facing [CONTINUOUS TENSE] space travel. The vehicle requires an enormous amount of fuel to break through Earth's gravitational pull. All that fuel adds significant weight to the spacecraft, and when an object is heavier, it takes more thrust to lift it. To create more thrust, you need more fuel. It's a cycle that scientists are hoping [CONTINUOUS TENSE ] to resolve by creating lighter vehicles, more efficient fuels and new methods of propulsion that don't require the same ingredients to attain great speeds." They then immediately CONTRADICT THEMSELVES by saying this : "That cycle of speed, fuel and weight was a primary reason the Saturn V rocket that took the first astronauts to the Moon was SO LARGE." If it was so large then it would need more fuel and if it needed more fuel it would be larger - do you see how they contradict their "ENDLESS CYCLE" admittance. (reference NASA-Escape Velocity Fun and Games) I think the key word is "Games" that NASA has been playing with the public.

  • SosoEl3aw
    SosoEl3aw   3 days ago

    4:41 how do you miss a landing on a planet?? Don't they plan things out for years

  • Jean de La Fontaine
    Jean de La Fontaine   4 days ago

    Why does he say: we, the Europeans and the Russians? They kicked Russia out of Europe?

  • Im not mark
    Im not mark   5 days ago

    Even if we terraform mars and build civilization there. We eventually have to move again due to the moon crashing in mars.

  • Shibaji Majumder
    Shibaji Majumder   5 days ago

    A good talk with logic. But the SpaceX programme is big joke now, basic amenities in space travel is beyond reach

  • uyauabing
    uyauabing   5 days ago

    The rich ruined earth. The rich are escaping.

  • Lidia Kucharska
    Lidia Kucharska   5 days ago

    just saying if we can terraform mars then we can easily terraform earth

  • Chris A
    Chris A   5 days ago

    Elon Musk says hold my Brain

  • Mohamad F
    Mohamad F   5 days ago

    He is trying too hard, bottom line: Mars is not suitable for human, Thank you God for the perfect life on Earth...Humans are hardly managing a virus on Earth, how about endless challenges on Mars