My Water Broke Prank!!! (BEST Reaction)

  • Published on: 04 February 2020
  • He was so excited! Here is my water broke prank on my husband... his reaction was SO SWEET & just PURE EXCITEMENT! I felt so bad... but nonetheless, a funny reaction!


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  • Runtime : 15:7
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  • Kiarra Draper
    Kiarra Draper   4 months ago

    I literally squealed when I read the title! You make me so happy to watch you videos!! I will be screaming/crying (with joy😂) when you post your birth vlog!!!!

  • Michelle VanGuilder
    Michelle VanGuilder   1 months ago

    Lmfao the dogs lookimg at him like dude your getting pranked real good lmao ... it's so crazy from when you told everyone you were pregnant to this time Grant went from looking so young to having that dad look lol..lmfao he looked so happy then you said it's a prank he was so sad haha.. great pregnancy drill.

  • Teryn Towe
    Teryn Towe   2 months ago

    Nooo, I felt so bad for Grant. I knew he was gonna be upset when he didn’t get the baby boy 🥺😂

  • Kyeita Fish
    Kyeita Fish   2 months ago

    Aww congrats to yall on your son praying he come healthy and strong yall be great parents too

  • Kaitlyn Andrade
    Kaitlyn Andrade   3 months ago

    This had be cracking uppppp, I can't believe you guys actually drove around hahaha

  • M&M Fan
    M&M Fan   3 months ago

    You don’t look 9 months 😂 but some people vary different

  • Neisha Zanay
    Neisha Zanay   4 months ago

    Aww! He’s reaction was so cute 😅😂

  • Lauryn Dozier
    Lauryn Dozier   4 months ago

    He had the sweetest response 😭❤️ I can’t wait until he gets to experience the real deal he’s going to be such an excited and nervous wreck ❤️

  • Dani Mae
    Dani Mae   4 months ago

    This work out so well oh my godddddd 😂

  • j pepper
    j pepper   4 months ago

    Best labor prank I have seen

  • Tamara Rošar
    Tamara Rošar   4 months ago

    GIRL, you married the rightt one🙊 can't wait for the real video!

  • Zoë Ennis
    Zoë Ennis   4 months ago

    Oh my goodness girl your good at pranking hahahahaha but omg his reaction is priceless!!

  • Tanya Raymond
    Tanya Raymond   4 months ago

    AWWWw hehehehehe that’s a Good Prank ESPECIALLY because He is SoOo Truly Excited 😍 He is gunna be a great Dad ....already is to the pooch 😉

  • ER Nurse
    ER Nurse   4 months ago

    Awww... poor Grant! Such a good sport. “Grant is not an actor”. You crack me up!

  • metrini
    metrini   4 months ago

    Bahahahaha he's so going to get you back for this LOL

  • Neha Giri
    Neha Giri   4 months ago

    Hehe.. this was fun to watch...but yea grant's reaction were soo real... can't wait for our lil wesson

  • Rachael Chapman
    Rachael Chapman   4 months ago

    This was a good prank but sad because his hopes were crushed

  • Cammie Carter
    Cammie Carter   4 months ago

    OMG!! I have to do this video! This was so funny!!! He is so sweet!!

  • Cailin Baldwin
    Cailin Baldwin   4 months ago

    I feel so bad for Grant.. poor thing! he was so excited!

  • Alyxis Mullins
    Alyxis Mullins   4 months ago

    his reaction is so pure! 🥺 i love this video lol 😂😂

    BRYNN KIN   4 months ago

    LOL I'm dying omg, this was amazing

  • Kirstie Shaheen
    Kirstie Shaheen   4 months ago

    Girl! I literally was laughing so hard. Poor Grant, however it was an awesome prank and he totally fell for it!!!

  • Didi K
    Didi K   4 months ago

    Oh my!!! I kind of knew you would have to do this prank but I felt sorry for Grant...he was just so excited. Ha ha... Well, can't be too far away until that really happens so I am getting excited. Thanks for the video Lys!

  • Kim Cornwell
    Kim Cornwell   4 months ago

    This is one of the best videos yet!! But feel bad for Grant as well! At least he will be calm, cool and collected when its the real thing!!

  • ari
    ari   4 months ago

    tear in my eyes when he said to be excited :(((((

  • Annika T.
    Annika T.   4 months ago

    OMG yes I love this prank!!!!!!! I've been so busy lately but finally I'm caught up on your videos!!!!!!!