Steve Harvey Kills on Family Feud 3, "The Return Of The Harvey"

  • Published on: 25 July 2017
  • Steve Harvey Kills on Family Feud, Episode Three: "The Return Of The Harvey" It's Three times Funnier, Three times Dumber, Three times Even More Ridiculous... three times better !!!
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  • Runtime : 1:16:1
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  • jeFF Fury
    jeFF Fury   1 days ago

    POT-ato! *Ding flips on the boardSteve.exe stopped working

  • dano
    dano   1 days ago

    Steve Harvey was perfect for this show, I don't think they could of picked anyone better. Who was waiting on Steve Harvey's name to turn over on the boss question.

  • dano
    dano   1 days ago

    Not just dildoo but dildoo's. Halarious. I couldn't believe air fresher was up there. Spouse was so funny. Hahaha golfing with viagra. Funniest was the mouth and Steve let him make a fool out of his self. I laughed my ass off

  • Ingrid G
    Ingrid G   2 days ago

    I love this,, lmao 不不不不不不

  • jeFF Fury
    jeFF Fury   2 days ago

    31:39 - Enter the Rob, best player I've seen by a mile!

  • jeFF Fury
    jeFF Fury   2 days ago

    Is that Adrianne is actually mentally challenged? 24:44 .... since when they started to invite retards to this game?

  • paulcarpenter87
    paulcarpenter87   3 days ago

    What does your man have in common with the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man? He's a . . . he's a . . . he's a . . . WHITE!!!!! I was on the ground for a minute! LOL

  • Roc Stoutamire
    Roc Stoutamire   6 days ago

    That was soooooo freakin funny, I couldn't stop crying.

  • Rose Marie Kimble
    Rose Marie Kimble   1 weeks ago

    I agree with Steve about Rob and his "Hoe" answer that had me "rotflmbodclansod"

  • Jamie Hood
    Jamie Hood   1 weeks ago

    My bald head is a solar panel for a sex machine

  • Kenneth Esau Point
    Kenneth Esau Point   2 weeks ago

    Name something a doctor would pull out of a person gerbil?That guy has a classic laugh

  • Ano Nym
    Ano Nym   2 weeks ago

    2:28 this is actually the DUMBEST thing ever

  • Kevin
    Kevin   2 weeks ago

    Thumbs down for this guy for making money ripping off @steveharvey

  • Don Upton
    Don Upton   2 weeks ago

    On the naked question, as Lewis Grizzard says, if you're naked, you don't have any clothes on. If you Neckid, you don't have any clothes on and you're up to something!!! Great show

  • Adversechamp75
    Adversechamp75   2 weeks ago

    Steve what do you know from the smell it needs to be replaced. Her air freshener Steve The board ding 6:30Steve hello darkness my old friend

  • Chaotic Emphathy
    Chaotic Emphathy   2 weeks ago

    I was legit Mad,and having pain from Lupus and I laughed so much my mate came in from the kitchen happy,because I was laughing out loud!!I couldnt stop!!Wow!thankyou to all involved in this show and upload!!The tears say it all!

  • michael allen
    michael allen   2 weeks ago

    Steve Harvey=THE least funny person, ever. SNL's Kenan Thompson does a better impersonation of Steve Harvey, than Steve Harvey does of Steve Harvey.

  • Baileyann 06
    Baileyann 06   2 weeks ago

    Only one Steve Harvey/ miss him on all his shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Saiyan1337
    Saiyan1337   2 weeks ago

    28:59 - 29:46 is probably my fav part of this whole vid loolol. poor guy ;p

  • Donny
    Donny   3 weeks ago

    That guy that said your mouth he was so hyped up about his answer, not realizing it was up there.

  • Faith Lynn
    Faith Lynn   3 weeks ago

    Grandpa goes to the nursing home with biagra