• Published on: 30 January 2020
  • For honor armor & weapon year 4 showcase. For honor year 4 armor weapon showcase in today's video. Let me know your favorite year 4 armor & weapon in the comments below.


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  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo   1 weeks ago

    They should of mixed the old minions with the new ones

  • Sir Clutchness
    Sir Clutchness   1 months ago

    How come my boy cent can’t get armor. Or been shinobi man that’s bs

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf   2 months ago

    Anyone watching one month later during the quarantine and laughing out loud when he said “skip work or school to play the new season”?

  • Just_Fox
    Just_Fox   2 months ago

    I like this video, fast showcases, not talking too much, just showing content. So cheers for ya mate

  • Mr Paboom
    Mr Paboom   2 months ago

    The warlord one is actually the wrong model, they just placed an armor there that was in the game since the beginning, the Riegel armor set. The actual new one for him looks pretty good

  • josephballi209
    josephballi209   3 months ago


  • The Ogiehha
    The Ogiehha   3 months ago

    Does anyone know what prestige you have to be to unlock this armor ?

  • bowmanpwner
    bowmanpwner   3 months ago

    Female Zhanhu and Klarissa make me very erect

  • The Senate
    The Senate   3 months ago

    They been shafting the same heroes since the first new armor sets dropped

  • Jesus Gil
    Jesus Gil   3 months ago

    It's a terrible grind if you're goal is to unlock all 100 tiers. Currently on tier 8, and I can't fathom getting to 100 anytime soon. 80 days is to far fetched for people like me who don't have a lot of time to play until the end of the season.

  • Yaboi Biggie
    Yaboi Biggie   3 months ago

    I hope this fuckin battle pass is temporary cause this battle pass is more risky than a druggy and their dealer making a deal in front a police station in broad daylight also where is the armour for the year 1 heroes?

  • George Boulden
    George Boulden   3 months ago

    All the armors look like trash here but in game with the new armor and with color added to them they are pretty nice looking

  • Йосиф Сталин

    GuysWhy can’t you ever be happyThis is a dying game, they can’t put that many resources towards it, anything we get is honestly greatYou people need to relax jeez

  • Kronk
    Kronk   3 months ago

    Probably get a lot of hate for this but I like these outfits

  • J. McConnell
    J. McConnell   3 months ago

    friend, i don't know who told you 'lots of leather' armor was realistic. But whoever it was, lied to you

  • Sapper 508
    Sapper 508   3 months ago

    Man, everyone in the comments are so sped. Ubisoft does something for the community and they get disappointed. Y'all dumbfucks wants exo suits and laser guns or some shit? Oh, you're disappointed because they missed the year 1 characters? If you guys weren't mentally disabled, you would know the last time they gave us armor, THEY GAVE SOME TO THE YEAR 1S.

  • Ryoga
    Ryoga   3 months ago

    They forgot shinobi😞

  • Renan Riede
    Renan Riede   3 months ago

    What I think about the weapons? There's nothing to think about, cause it's the same weapons we already have and already thought about, just re-skinned. There's nothing new or risky about the weapons. If they can make completely new armor sets for the wu lin, they could've done for all heroes, and they could've also done unique new weapons too. So it's not a matter of "they did all they can", it's a matter of "they did what their budget allowed them to do". I'm glad that we have what we have, and we could be much worse , so I'll not stand in this crying positioning after this comment. But I have to be pissed of for some seconds when I see that we could be much better too, and all things the devs are doing are obviously not enough to reverts this game's downhill.Making new weapons doesn't give any profit? Make exclusive premium pass armor, no more free weapons. You need my money? Here, I'm throwing it on you. The team is whacked? Burned out? Hire more new ppl with new ideas. Here, take even more money. It's all cosmetics, who cares if f2p players don't have them? Nothing changes in game mechanics. I'm disposed to pay for quality content, if that means more quality and more content. But you devs have to offer that.

  • Colton Page
    Colton Page   3 months ago

    All the heros I actually play didn't get shit

  • Mr Chief Man
    Mr Chief Man   3 months ago

    Really like raiders and shugoki's armor gonna be grinding for those also that hito helmet too.

  • Noah Reeves
    Noah Reeves   3 months ago

    Bro that moment when jorm becomes a literal cubone

  • Ninjarj 117
    Ninjarj 117   3 months ago

    the armours a huge let down especially no year 1 armor and i've swear i've seen that raider axe before, i think they are using the bare minimum resources and using it all for the premium battle pass, but my limit will be if the year one heroes armour is restricted to the premium battle pass (i doubt it thou) this game needs more cosmetic verity and it infuriates me that its coming with a battle pass.

    PUNKM0NK3Y   3 months ago

    About damn time vikings get cool patterns on their pants and zerker gets an actual helmet instead of a mask or wooden fruit bowl

  • o HIGGS o
    o HIGGS o   3 months ago

    You got my Sub because you didn’t make it an unnecessary 10min video! Thanks

  • Chaaaos I
    Chaaaos I   3 months ago

    When can i play as a minion?

  • Dale Baguley
    Dale Baguley   3 months ago

    Ok wow I'm so impressed I can barely contain my excitement they totally look way different like you wouldn't even recognise them wel done ubi be proud

  • Discord-Chan
    Discord-Chan   3 months ago

    Jesus christ the armor all looks just like the default armor just with more decorations

  • VoidedValor
    VoidedValor   3 months ago

    Is that Nobushi’s naginata on the left? If so I’m happy

  • Brandon Giordano
    Brandon Giordano   3 months ago

    Lowkey disappointed with the armors. I thought they meant legit NEW armor as opposed to new variants of existing sets

  • S
    S   3 months ago

    That tiandi armor is insane

  • Vul0m
    Vul0m   3 months ago

    I think the only different piece of armour is the tiandi cape, or at least it looks like a cape. I am quite sure all tiandi mains will be happy