How Mahomes Made 3rd & 15 Magic in Super Bowl LIV | NFL Turning Point

  • Published on: 07 February 2020
  • In Super Bowl LIV Mahomes made some magic on a fateful 3rd and 15 midway through the 4th quarter.

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  • Adrian Perry
    Adrian Perry   4 hours ago

    I wish and pray that Coronavirus doesn't touch football season. We've already suffered enough.

  • Troy Goodnow
    Troy Goodnow   9 hours ago

    Need a few more years of consistency to crown him anything

  • Gregory Howard
    Gregory Howard   14 hours ago

    Notice how they gave Andy Reid credit for that play last year. LOL. Smh This reminds me of Doug Williams, Clark and Sanders changing the plays Gibbs was sending in to win the Super Bowl because Gibbs players weren't working, but Gibbs got all the credit. Smh. I know because I saw the interview of them stating this fact.

  • Chris Piper
    Chris Piper   21 hours ago

    @4:51, that 9er fan in the 97 jersey doing that arrogant little towel wave with that jerky motion and look on his face because he thought they had the game in the bag. I'm pretty sure he hates this footage will be on Youtube for the next 200 years.

  • equinox project
    equinox project   1 days ago

    Real leader right there. Didn't celebrate his touchdown pass, went right to the defense and encouraged and motivated them.

  • Nare Tanenui
    Nare Tanenui   1 days ago

    I'm from new Zealand and I love NFL now because of mahomes and the superbowl amazing

    DROPPED81   1 days ago

    Fasho let’s ignore the hold since all y’all hate the niners

  • Aboard
    Aboard   1 days ago

    Watching this still hurts😞

  • Coaster Boy
    Coaster Boy   1 days ago

    Even though im a New England fan. Mahomes is an Outstanding talent

  • Ian Odom
    Ian Odom   2 days ago

    I dont like the chiefs because I'm a raiders fan but I absolutely love p mahomes more than anyone probably bc he grew up like 45 minutes away from me

  • G Solo
    G Solo   2 days ago

    As luck has it the KC Chiefs have been given the invitation to visit Tampa Bay this fall and the opportunity to go up against #12 vs #15 for the true right to be named the GOAT!

  • KC Ronn
    KC Ronn   2 days ago

    Mahomes what a leader. I'm glad he a Chief,

  • KC Ronn
    KC Ronn   2 days ago

    Damien Williams sealed the win.CHIEFS4LIFE.

  • Drake G
    Drake G   2 days ago

    Luckily Our Great Rigging System Was Able To Lead The Chiefs To Victory

  • notma reelnam
    notma reelnam   2 days ago

    24 years old. Never gets discouraged. All the raw talent you can pack into a created madden character. All the time in the world to prove again and again he's the greatest player the game's ever seen. This kid 's majesty has been apparent since that Monday night game in 2018. He's going to be immortal.

  • Ray Lopez
    Ray Lopez   2 days ago

    I have seen this play so many times and every time I see it , I don't know what to say. I'm sorry I'm lost for words. IT IS BEAUTIFUL....

  • Beatrice Blocks
    Beatrice Blocks   3 days ago

    Why does every one believe in Patrick Mahoney? Why would you not? My thoughts exactly...,

  • ecm719
    ecm719   3 days ago

    They forgot to show the part where there was holding on the play should have been 10 yard penalty. Making it 3rd and 25

  • Eric Underwood
    Eric Underwood   3 days ago


  • Lukasafer
    Lukasafer   3 days ago

    Madden 20 would have that pass interceptedWhy do i play madden lol

  • Michael Imondi
    Michael Imondi   3 days ago

    I’m a die hard Pats fan who went to the AFC Title Game to see the Pats beat the Chiefs.....I noticed with 39 seconds left in the game and the Pats up by 3, Mahomes went right down the field and tied it up with everything on the line....I turned to my sister and said this guy can play he’s not afraid of the moment.....this past Super Bowl I bet $3,300 on the Chiefs to cover to win $3,000 cause that’s how much I trust my football IQ.....congrats on the Chiefs and Mahomes....we had our day and I appreciate whoever wins me money

  • Nissan370Z
    Nissan370Z   4 days ago

    Most teams micro-manage their QB's, but the Chiefs have trust in PMII and give him rope to run the show.

  • Nissan370Z
    Nissan370Z   4 days ago

    There's the Chiefs, and then there's everyone else.

  • Tyler Hendrick
    Tyler Hendrick   4 days ago

    Still can't believe we won and it's been almost two months

  • Bird_Gang_Az
    Bird_Gang_Az   4 days ago

    Joe Montana played for both of these teams lmao

  • Plato T
    Plato T   5 days ago

    4:51 That's why the 49ers lost!

  • StocktonNative 209
    StocktonNative 209   5 days ago

    It's about having fast receivers who got open for floaters. Russell Wilaon 2.0 stuff.