Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield - Nintendo Direct 9.4.2019 - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 05 September 2019
  • Check out new details (and two new Pokémon!) for the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games, launching exclusively for Nintendo Switch on Nov. 15. https://bit.ly/30uYeL8

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  • Runtime : 3:46
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  • Riccardo Vero
    Riccardo Vero   1 hours ago

    Enought for turn based. Please STOP! EVOLVE YOUR AND OUR SELF FOR GOD SAKE! Please make something REALLY different whit the pokémon brand (whic i love, 'cause i grown whit it) for me and all the future generation. Innovate the gameplay... please... PLEASE... DO SOMETHING NEW!!! God I hate you...

  • Arigatou
    Arigatou   4 hours ago

    Im veggan that sausages dont respresent me. so you eat your pokemon?

  • Iotonic
    Iotonic   8 hours ago

    make gender optional and have all the options for customization

  • Rồng
    Rồng   11 hours ago

    Everyone after GameFreak got rid of the National Dex and replaced it with a Curry Dex 3:33.

  • Kamik Chin
    Kamik Chin   1 days ago

    Give the Pokémon guard chomp fly

  • maxbartnik
    maxbartnik   2 days ago

    Why is curry nessacery for POKÉMON!!!!!

  • Anthony Lasalle
    Anthony Lasalle   4 days ago

    Who else going to Yeet through Galar in a Orange jump suit, to be the next Hoka....Champion?

  • Nagito Komaeda
    Nagito Komaeda   4 days ago

    1. I didn't know Junko was in this :0 1:11 2. WheRE DOES THE TEA COME FROM AND WHAT IS IT MADE OF

  • Karl
    Karl   5 days ago

    well time to get the most annoying competitive Sandile and Smeargle

  • maria coria
    maria coria   5 days ago

    Sooo..... the reason why you remove the poke-dex is because of a curry-dex?

  • Ahmet Kurt
    Ahmet Kurt   5 days ago

    here is the curry nintendo olikes the most=waluigi's tears on curry on rice

  • Soirema
    Soirema   6 days ago

    I can customazie AND cook ? Dreams do come true ....*.* now just tell me you will add another 6 eeveelutions ;P

  • Miraculous Tabby
    Miraculous Tabby   6 days ago

    Please do a complete rundown of the fashion? I want to see it all! 💖

  • Uncrowded Reasons
    Uncrowded Reasons   6 days ago

    I think pokemons actual theme for swsh is food, not sports... :\

  • Mr.Reviewer
    Mr.Reviewer   1 weeks ago

    SwSh now has Clothing Marks (like splatoon)

  • Kevin
    Kevin   1 weeks ago

    Hey this direct was actually pretty good. (In a vacuum)

  • DigitBit
    DigitBit   1 weeks ago

    Yeal act like normal animals don't exist in the pokemon world its just they cant really fight dragons and stuff so humans probably try their best to protect them remember that one image a real one might I remind you that showed a regular dog?

  • Marshadow
    Marshadow   1 weeks ago

    All I need are new eeveelutions, PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE!!

  • Pokémon & FF fan
    Pokémon & FF fan   1 weeks ago

    Including outerwear and (my prediction) underw-(reality) gloves!

  • luis25k
    luis25k   1 weeks ago

    It looks really dope, I just can’t get it . Wouldn’t want the homies look at me different lol smh 🤦‍♂️

  • bunearylove1
    bunearylove1   1 weeks ago

    We all know Yuri on Ice!!! Now get ready for CURRY ON RICE!!!

  • Hoop Ster
    Hoop Ster   1 weeks ago

    I really have no problem with them not including every Pokémon, never really cared about catching everything. I also think this trailer makes everything look better graphically, a lot of people had problems with the first one but this more polished one is pretty good. But please have more battle animation, it's 2019 you can do it. Also I really like the concept of dynamax pokemons, I think they'll add depth to the combat but why did you have to remove mega evolutions? Like why!

  • Raistlin Furlong
    Raistlin Furlong   1 weeks ago

    PLEASE make exp. share OPTIONAL I don’t care about the dex I really don’t want my first Pokémon game I’mBuying since gen 3 to feel cheap. We can level up our Pokémon we don’t need damn help. Please gamefreak. I’m buying both games

  • WafflesOnTheWeb
    WafflesOnTheWeb   1 weeks ago


  • nappingNap
    nappingNap   1 weeks ago

    too bad I don't have the switch :C

  • Cam Voy
    Cam Voy   1 weeks ago

    this straight up isnt even pokemon anymore

  • GinaOwO TM
    GinaOwO TM   1 weeks ago

    I wish i had nintendo switch so i can play this

  • Peanut Butterflies
    Peanut Butterflies   1 weeks ago

    Wait what are the sausages made out of? I mean people eat pokemon and all but which one is it? I also once saw a post where someone was like "wait these are sausages so what are they made out of?" Then the other person was like "don't worry, it's human meat" and I was like what? I and laughed