Ronaldinho Top 33 Ridiculously Disrespectful Skill Moves

  • Published on: 11 November 2019
  • Top 33 Ridiculously Disrespectful Skill Moves from the Brazil & Barcelona Legend Ronaldinho Gaucho
  • Runtime : 10:47
  • Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Skills Ronaldinho Top 33 Skill Moves Football Skills Barcelona Joga Bonito Ronaldinho Gaucho


  • Abdelhakim Hamada
    Abdelhakim Hamada   4 hours ago

    If ronaldinho kept that level for more years he would be the GOAT, the technic, passes, free kick, vision, and the most skillful who ever played the game

  • SG GameZone
    SG GameZone   8 hours ago

    Hi is the one that make other better !! All the corona virus no sports and games 😥😥

  • zain dinho
    zain dinho   9 hours ago

    April 2020 and still missing him

  • PissWarmChango Sexual Chocolate

    Seriously every time he embarrassed a defender they tried to hit him dirty. I would of appreciated to play against someone like him. Just pure beauty.

  • Lucas
    Lucas   14 hours ago

    8:22 The crowd 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tome Lee
    Tome Lee   17 hours ago

    I just want to know how to fix my phone, and you got me watching ronaldinho highlights

  • foocw
    foocw   19 hours ago

    some of the greatest players get stopped by fouling them. and then there's ronaldinho, who is difficult to even foul in the first place.

  • Hunter Isley
    Hunter Isley   1 days ago

    Developing your basic skills at home during social distancing with

  • Yusuf Parlak
    Yusuf Parlak   1 days ago

    he is the most talented football player ever

  • jonah Jonah
    jonah Jonah   1 days ago

    Who thinks he is still the world best even in 2020

  • Menezla Youcef
    Menezla Youcef   1 days ago

    am so sad because of what happened to him lately :'(

  • Sarah Winters
    Sarah Winters   1 days ago

    Be honest with yourself, was he a truly great player? A crowd winner with all his tricks. Kept running into trouble, when a simple pass would have sufficed. continual bad end product ie final pass. Went to AC Milan, got Fat and Lazy. He had all the attributes of a great player but no football acumen. This explains why Barcelona and AC Milan were quite happy to let him go back to Brazil for Carnival Time. That is my opinion.

  • James Knowles
    James Knowles   1 days ago

    If his end product matched Messi and Ronaldo he would be the goat without question

  • Hederson Kratsch
    Hederson Kratsch   2 days ago

    E hoje está preso no Paraguai. Uma pena para uma estrela do futebol. Do topo do mundo a uma prisão.

  • D Joe
    D Joe   2 days ago

    Looks lot alike Cristiano Ronaldo playing But the difference is ronaldo finishes with scoring goals

  • Nerlens Rec.
    Nerlens Rec.   3 days ago

    Just imagine neymar Ronaldinho and robinho playing together 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Hari Govind
    Hari Govind   3 days ago

    Imagine if he could finish all of them 😱

  • noego jimmy
    noego jimmy   3 days ago

    0:18 Opponents mad at him for putting up the show.Fucking maggots. People paid to see that shit and it's now a part of history and will never be forgotten.You can't have conversation about football without mentioning Ronaldinho .

  • kara kartal
    kara kartal   3 days ago

    If he just was better in finishing.. there would be no doubt about who the best player is in the history.. but this guy was the person who made me in love with football.. thank you legend🖤

  • pikaloon
    pikaloon   3 days ago

    The man who made football look like futsal. Mad respect for the one and only Ronaldinho

  • Gun Of A Preacher Man

    Fancy footwork is all well and good, but it would’ve been better if he’d managed to actually score.

  • Metanoia
    Metanoia   3 days ago

    El mejor gol del la historia de los amistosos 10:46

  • Metanoia
    Metanoia   3 days ago

    cuando te arranchan la cartera y no puedes agarrar al delincuente 3:47

  • roro bdc
    roro bdc   3 days ago

    Y ahora sus mejores regates en la especializada 😂

  • Yankeey Rae
    Yankeey Rae   3 days ago

    The best player ever fucking 🐐 wish we could she him play again , hope he is doin fine in jail , dnt ever say any players name apart from pele n maradona in front of this genious , he was absolutley amazing in his prime , not only about dribbling, his passes , way of holding ball, his quick vision n of course always smile on his face, never got angry dats y he is best of the best no one can be like him ever, fucking GOAT DINHO R10🤙🏿