Porcupine, Armadillo & a Camel w/ Jack Hanna, Lucy Liu & Terry Crews

  • Published on: 23 September 2016
  • Animal expert Jack Hanna joins James, Lucy Liu and Terry Crews and introduces the couch to some beautiful animals, including a coyote.

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  • Runtime : 9:28
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  • TotalZedra
    TotalZedra   4 days ago


  • 이존 혁
    이존 혁   5 days ago

    Jack hanna is touching lucy's hand 😂

  • Nazurath
    Nazurath   1 weeks ago

    This better have been a Wednesday episode im just saying bc im ruined now when i see a camel. Mike mike mike HUMP DAY!!!

  • In Dreams
    In Dreams   1 weeks ago

    WTF Lucy and jack, they trynna foreplay or sumthin' lmao

  • Shin89
    Shin89   1 weeks ago

    Lucy is so amazing, I like so much her behaviour with animals

  • yacine khadir
    yacine khadir   2 weeks ago

    armadillo the reason we got coronavirus in 2020

    TORITO LGLV   2 weeks ago

    Everyone is like 😍 awwww but in real life they’re like get away from me lol.

  • Cassandra LeSure
    Cassandra LeSure   2 weeks ago

    I wish they would let Jack talk more😢He has so much wisdom...

  • Praveen K
    Praveen K   2 weeks ago

    That man needs his own show just so nobody interrupts him from talking. Respect 🙏

  • Eggy
    Eggy   3 weeks ago

    When the Coyote howled I'm like (⺣°O°⺣)~♡

  • Viktor Birkeland
    Viktor Birkeland   3 weeks ago

    Jesus, why even have on people and animals if you honestly care so little about either. And you're disrespecting both

  • Jericho Ponce
    Jericho Ponce   3 weeks ago


  • Nadeem Khan
    Nadeem Khan   4 weeks ago

    Lucy don't give old Jack an heart attack

  • Sam Vega Jr
    Sam Vega Jr   4 weeks ago

    James Corden should play Barney Rubble

  • footfoot07011988
    footfoot07011988   4 weeks ago

    They were so rude... give the guy a chance to explain ...damn it...

  • Sultan Sahota
    Sultan Sahota   4 weeks ago

    6:19 audience : wheres my money, bitch??coyote : by tomorrow, just please let me see my family

  • Rocco Cioffi
    Rocco Cioffi   1 months ago

    James: “I love armadillos!”Also James: Backs Away

  • Sean Eslami
    Sean Eslami   1 months ago

    I wish they’d let the poor guy talk more

  • Tiarnay
    Tiarnay   1 months ago

    Just stop trying to be funny and let the guy talk

  • katie b
    katie b   1 months ago

    LOVE FROM MONTANA!! We have coyotes all over our property! You can hear them howling at night.. so amazing! And I like his face by the way, James, that was very rude.. and he still gave you kisses.

  • Je Yi
    Je Yi   1 months ago

    5:17 l like how Ricky Gervais came to look at it!

  • Agus Fiocca Vernengo
    Agus Fiocca Vernengo   1 months ago

    You have to go to Misiones Alem (Argentina) you will see all that "strange" animals

  • Pat Black
    Pat Black   1 months ago

    Couldn't they at least be not as loud when wild animals are in the studio?!

  • MidnightFUn12
    MidnightFUn12   1 months ago

    I came here because i thought baki’s brother is on the show. But i’m actually not dissapointed.