Penetrating Oil Showdown Episode 2. Will Seafoam Deep Creep prevail?

  • Published on: 11 June 2018
  • This test demonstrates that not all penetrating oils are equal. In fact, the see-through plastic/rusty bolt test shows which ones actually penetrate and which ones don't. Which penetrating fluid is best? In this showdown, Brake Fluid, Seafoam Deep Creep, Fluid Film, BG In-Force, WD-40 Rust Specialist, CRC Knock'er Loose. Consider selecting the bell in the upper right hand corner to get notified of future videos. Deep Creep won the competition with CRC Knock-er Loose coming in a close 2nd. Thank you very much for supporting the channel through Patreon and watching the commercials.
  • Runtime : 10:58
  • Seafoam additive oil crankcase sea foam lucas marvel mystery oil marvels marvel mystery oil seefoam Sea foam Seefoam See Foam does seafoam work wd-40 kroil aerokroil liquid wrench pb blaster royal purple penetration fluid penetration spray rust rusty lug nut torch heat rusty rusty bolt rusty thread rusty threads loctite crc crc knock'er loose bg inforce bg in force seafoam deep creep rust specialist fluid film brake fluid wd-40 rust specialist


  • Carlos S
    Carlos S   18 minuts ago

    Why is this in my recommended? 😂

  • 1DIYGuy
    1DIYGuy   3 hours ago

    Liquid Film is a great protectant at preventing rust and I highly recommend it with experience from living in a salty air environment , It is not designed as a penetrant

  • m kilpatrick
    m kilpatrick   1 days ago

    Most of us aren't going to use multiple products to do the job. Holy cow! I've never seen a site with 20K comments.

  • Price Lister
    Price Lister   1 days ago

    Thanks for confirming. As anyone knows who has tried to remove rusted nuts and bolts. There is no magic spray. Light lube and cleaning? Ok. Stuck bolts? Nope.

  • michaelXXLF
    michaelXXLF   1 days ago

    FluidFilm is excellent for rust prevention in e.g. car doors or sills but it is clearly the loser here.

  • boat ape
    boat ape   1 days ago

    Hello,Enjoyed the video.Here in N.W.Arkansas we use OFF insect repellent,no joke,try it.I don't know how but it works.Our mechanic says a old biker told him about it.I know its not made for that but it works.Have a good one

  • Carl Antaya
    Carl Antaya   2 days ago

    Mechanic for 897 years, always go with seafoam.

  • alan canyon
    alan canyon   3 days ago

    I use PB Blaster myself. I know a snowmachine salvage place that uses it exclusively. They remove rusted and stuck bolts for a living.

  • Rachel
    Rachel   3 days ago

    These videos are so well done. I'll never use anything in these demonstrations but I keep watching. I love how you get straight to the point of whatever the videos about.

  • harrigl Nola
    harrigl Nola   3 days ago

    Nice test, but I recommend trying KROIL Penetrating Fluid.

  • infamus15
    infamus15   3 days ago

    Try ChrisFix's 1:1 ATF to acetone! I would say use Valvoline Maxlife since it's a cheap low-viscosity ATF and has good additives. You can pick that stuff at Walmart for dirt cheap.

    ME JUST   5 days ago

    Im Not a mechanic but i love this

  • gk10002000
    gk10002000   6 days ago

    so not unexpectedly it is a combination of penetration and also effectiveness.

  • gk10002000
    gk10002000   6 days ago

    I used CRC as a kid because my Dad dabbled in small sample size containers that would be on a small rack say at a cashier stand. Still remember the smell that is distinctive

  • Павел Мазуров

    Scientific approach! You are the best! Use gloves when working with some chemical stuff, dude.

  • kraft zion
    kraft zion   6 days ago

    The only penetrating oil that I have ever used that I thought actually worked is a product called free all. You might see how it stacks up.

  • Mikko M
    Mikko M   1 weeks ago

    Any chance to test Chesterton 723 Sprasolvo some time in the future? It seems to work a better than AFT/Acetone -mix, but will not really lubricate much.

  • Terry Brown
    Terry Brown   1 weeks ago

    Ok you just killed the whole purpose of the video...great job.

  • Joe Bucci
    Joe Bucci   1 weeks ago

    Great vid. Have you ever tried any Corrosion X products ??

  • flonner
    flonner   1 weeks ago

    try Kano Aerokroll, if you are using anything else, you are doing it wrong.

  • Timothy Farmer
    Timothy Farmer   1 weeks ago

    It doesn't make sense that people would tell you that it doesn't make sense to wait 3 hours for the pain train leave to go through I have put patreon Lube on left it overnight and came back the next day purposely to break through bolt free I can't remember the name of the product that used to use but it came from a military base and have the bright orange cap I also use seafoam and four bolts that have been seized for 20 to 40 years you would have to let them sit for a while as I am in the car restoration business you come across bolts and nuts that have been seized for longer than most people expecting to be and have to let stuff sit for it to penetrate it is not instant and take a while to get through old rust. Yes I probably could have cut them both off but then you lose authenticity of it being an original part. I for one would rather keep original then put a new piece of metal on it that isn't the same metal molecular balance. New medals do not have the same strength as old medel I feel newer stuff is broken down with other metals to make it cheaper and easier to forge. Your first video was absolutely perfect I felt you leaving the penetrating oil on for a proper amount of time was the correct way to use a patreon oil. As you are following the directions on the side of the bottles/cans. The people complaining that you left it on for too long apparently have never use penetrating oil properly and shouldn't be using the stuff in the first place. they probably toss the can in a fire taking it's a smart idea when most penetrating oil is flammable.

  • Moonshinedave
    Moonshinedave   1 weeks ago

    I worked 40 years at a coal fired power plant, remove many rusted bolts in my lifetime. I used a lot of different solvents, (some you had, I haven't tried) I have found nothing that worked as well as Kroil oil.

    L0STMYMRBLES   1 weeks ago

    In real world applications, fastening hardware is seldom sitting neatly in a perfectly vertical position when attempting to apply penetrating fluid. I'm not saying that your test was misleading, just not very realistic.

  • Rūta Sarokienė
    Rūta Sarokienė   1 weeks ago

    You see it's not realistic test i'll give you min to think why

  • Trey Davenport
    Trey Davenport   1 weeks ago

    Knock er loose is one of my favs, people who visit always laugh about it when they see the name

  • interace2
    interace2   1 weeks ago

    If you do something like this again make sure to put the socket all the way down on the nut. Some of the nuts you had on all the way, and some had like 2mm exposed and the whole socket moved.

  • Prithvi Raj
    Prithvi Raj   1 weeks ago

    Now I know how and where to use my discarded break fluid. 😎😎😎

  • Code325
    Code325   1 weeks ago

    Rust Prevention comparison film please??

  • Jeff Clark
    Jeff Clark   1 weeks ago

    Most of the time any type of spray for something that’s actually frozen is just wishful thinking.

  • alekpo2000
    alekpo2000   1 weeks ago

    ive never had luck whit these wd40 deals, i always break the bolt in half and thats the end of it...

  • bobmaster321
    bobmaster321   1 weeks ago

    Never touch penetrating oil or looked up it. YouTube "Yo, we heard you like penetrating oil!"

  • james villa
    james villa   1 weeks ago

    Nobody uses a dropper to put the release agent on