Penetrating Oil Showdown Episode 2. Will Seafoam Deep Creep prevail?

  • Published on: 11 June 2018
  • This test demonstrates that not all penetrating oils are equal. In fact, the see-through plastic/rusty bolt test shows which ones actually penetrate and which ones don't. Which penetrating fluid is best? In this showdown, Brake Fluid, Seafoam Deep Creep, Fluid Film, BG In-Force, WD-40 Rust Specialist, CRC Knock'er Loose. Consider selecting the bell in the upper right hand corner to get notified of future videos. Deep Creep won the competition with CRC Knock-er Loose coming in a close 2nd. Thank you very much for supporting the channel through Patreon and watching the commercials.
  • Runtime : 10:58
  • Seafoam additive oil crankcase sea foam lucas marvel mystery oil marvels marvel mystery oil seefoam Sea foam Seefoam See Foam does seafoam work wd-40 kroil aerokroil liquid wrench pb blaster royal purple penetration fluid penetration spray rust rusty lug nut torch heat rusty rusty bolt rusty thread rusty threads loctite crc crc knock'er loose bg inforce bg in force seafoam deep creep rust specialist fluid film brake fluid wd-40 rust specialist


  • Se Zwo
    Se Zwo   1 days ago

    I went to Home Depot today to buy garage door lube. They had maybe 6 or 7 spray bottle lubes, several silicon types, a few white lithium, and a graphite type. All good for hinges and cables and chains. I got confused about which one to buy. I thought I've seen Project Farm do a chain lube test but nothing on silicone, white lithium type or graphite lubes. Perhaps some test of these is in order?

  • NutritionFacts1979
    NutritionFacts1979   1 days ago

    I mixed naphtha and power steering fluid to make my own penetrating lube. Seems to work well!

    MAGADETH   1 days ago

    They all work, the one I use is Tri-Flow, Reason? It doesn’t smell caustic, it’s banana oil and smells just like bananas, I hate smelling chems and if you have to hit it with a torch after you won’t get cancer.

  • Jess
    Jess   2 days ago

    Put on some gloves!

  • funksailor
    funksailor   3 days ago

    Any reason PBlaster was not included in this test? Maybe next time? Thanks.

  • cuff cuff
    cuff cuff   3 days ago

    a little cooking or engine oil mix with gasoline should work too

  • Samuel Moody
    Samuel Moody   3 days ago

    I’d like to see Lucas oil tool box buddy

  • Merv Schetter
    Merv Schetter   4 days ago

    In the old days liquid wrench worked if left over night, and worked very good . What happen to liquid wrench? In Ca. they changed the rules on chemicals in Ca.and if left for four days the worsted rusted stud came loose a well was made to hold the fluid over the time period, I was amazed at the results.

  • Over Here
    Over Here   4 days ago

    What?? No PB Blaster in the lineup. I’ve never used Deep Creep, but PB Blaster has never failed me! Not once.

  • Kalyd Dessalines
    Kalyd Dessalines   4 days ago

    IN THE REAL WORLD bolts are rarely upright. How well do they penetrate HORIZONTALLY???

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  • Soul
    Soul   4 days ago

    in the real world, no one even waits an hour, maybe 5 minutes at most. a lot of people dont even wait at all, they just spray the hell out of the nut or bolt and immediately start to try and loosen it. Also on a side note, where is PB Blaster?

  • sexysecreted
    sexysecreted   5 days ago

    WD40 is the beste because we have it im Baumarkt

  • Ryan Lynch
    Ryan Lynch   5 days ago

    Heat is the best penetrating fluid. I've found

  • Ripsaw17 Dennis
    Ripsaw17 Dennis   5 days ago

    Man if you haven't put pb blast in your test then you haven't used good penetration oil freeze blast works well to

  • Grandmaster
    Grandmaster   1 weeks ago

    Now with modern technology your products have to work because now we can perform videos that show facts. Awesome stuff!!! No more lies from companies

  • whpazz
    whpazz   1 weeks ago

    Brake fluid is hydroscopic so it will absorb moisture from the air and cause corrosion. Pb blaster is the best and will defy gravity it is actually attracted to rust and will go uphill to get to it

  • jbrown198522
    jbrown198522   1 weeks ago

    What about Kroil? Its way better then any of those you are using. And better then pb blaster

  • Bill Berger
    Bill Berger   1 weeks ago

    You may have done this already but I'd like to see Seafoam compared to PB Blaster

  • Kevin A
    Kevin A   1 weeks ago

    Never thought of fluid film as a penetrating spray... I use it to spray under my mower decks sometimes to help keep the wet grass from sticking and turning to concrete.

  • Sebastian Naicker
    Sebastian Naicker   1 weeks ago

    When a dope trance track starts to play -> I need a state of trance now.

  • Welder Whisperer
    Welder Whisperer   1 weeks ago

    Have you ever tried Marvel Mystery Oil for penetrating oil that all we use in my welder repair shop. I found out how good it was by accident one time, I ran out of penetrating oil and tried it, now that's all I'll use.

  • Devin Miner
    Devin Miner   1 weeks ago

    PB blaster??? Liquid Wrench??? Great video btw...i I used WD 40 rust specialist on my risted af bolts atop my 01 mustangs struts. Boy were they on there. Over the course of two days i keep adding over time and eventually one twist later it came off smooth as butter lol

  • Dbracing
    Dbracing   1 weeks ago

    I would be interested in sending you a quart of amsoil atv oil and a quart of Klotz atv oil would love to have you test these two let me know if we could do this.