Rapinoe, Morgan speak on White House visit upon return to U.S. after World Cup win

  • Published on: 09 July 2019
  • The FIFA Women's World Cup U.S. soccer champions were all smiles as they returned home on Monday, touching down in full-party mode, a day after clinching their second consecutive World Cup title with a 2-0 win against the Netherlands. Co-captain Megan Rapinoe said the team isn't inclined to go to the White House if invited but did accept Senator Chuck Schumer's invitation to Congress.

    Rapinoe and Alex Morgan doubled down outside the team's New York hotel, reiterating that they "don't want to go to the White House" if invited.

    Rapinoe had courted controversy during the tournament, saying she would reject any eventual invitation to the White House drawing a Twitter blast from President Donald Trump.

    The players will be honoured with a 'ticker tape' parade on Wednesday in lower Manhattan, culminating at City Hall where they're expected to receive the Keys to the City from Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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  • Derek
    Derek   4 months ago

    President Butthurt doesn't like the US Soccer team

  • Jack Lee
    Jack Lee   4 months ago


  • heywood1980
    heywood1980   4 months ago

    Yeah they should get equal pay alright. Equal to the fraction of revenue they bring in compared to the men. So if they bring in 1/20th the revenue, they get paid 1/20th the amount. Perfect, I agree too!

  • spraypaintJT
    spraypaintJT   4 months ago

    F*** this team. They don't represent me. Trying to shove homosexuality down my throat and equal pay. Yall don't generate enough s*** You get a higher slice of your world cup revenue than the men do. Stay off the white house lawn you spoiled brats

  • Joseph Stine
    Joseph Stine   4 months ago

    Great job Rapino, you just set women's soccer back to balance zero! You are such a fool. My daughters both play soccer, watch and have gone to WNSL games. No more! You have ruined it for them by bringing your politics into it. I'm sure there are many Americans who feel as we do. You are the worst spokesman, yes I said spokesman, for the women's national soccer league that could have been chosen. Revenues will go down because of you.

  • Hanlongful
    Hanlongful   4 months ago

    Visite or Not Visite White House is Personal choice. That' s no big Deal !!! In USA... Do what you like to make you happy is the right way to do long as that won' t hurt anybody. Only Media & somebody anti-Trump think that' s a Big Deal ! This kind of News like this got their own place to stand for... Garbage !!!

  • Xochilt Palomino
    Xochilt Palomino   4 months ago

    people dont like when they talk politics but that will stop when donald trump is not president.

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez   4 months ago

    Disrespectful person, she did not go to the White House after the president invited her. She has her own Me TOo agenda. Shame

  • 0505abab
    0505abab   4 months ago

    to bad they won they had a guy on the team

  • Mel Tan
    Mel Tan   4 months ago

    Sour Grape! Winning team not honored by the White House because of their bad attitude and disrespect for the American flag!

  • Tho Vo
    Tho Vo   4 months ago

    Don’t quit your day job. Good luck with equal pay. I use to have respect for the uswst until I seen how disgusting they behave. This is America and you’re already old news.

  • Jorge Amaya
    Jorge Amaya   4 months ago

    You weren't invited to begin with but I hope the humble ones would go if they want to go and not listen to the bully Rapinoe

  • Jorge Amaya
    Jorge Amaya   4 months ago

    Congratulations on the win. After that, stop acting stupid. You give women a bad name and the sport as well. Rapinoe needs to shut her mouth because in a few weeks she'll be history (already is history for disrespecting our flag and anthem)

  • NaPlux
    NaPlux   4 months ago

    If you are representing America, you better have respect for the people that make it possible, and whether you like Trump or not, it shouldn't be a political thing, it should be a moment in which the person who represents america, whether you like it or not, congratulates the team that represents him and the rest of the country.

  • Austin James
    Austin James   4 months ago

    Imagine the embarrassment for your kids to find out that you declined an invitation to the White House lmao

  • DukeOfEarl56
    DukeOfEarl56   4 months ago

    I think they're mad because you're kicking out all the illegals I think they're mad because of stock markets that are high in 401K are up. They're just a bunch of sniveling commie Bratz but if Obama was there the old they would go and he did nothing for this country.

  • Tony Elmore
    Tony Elmore   4 months ago

    World class soccer players!!! The reporters are world class LOSERS!!! TRUMP 2020

  • beccarmagie
    beccarmagie   4 months ago

    If i were a gay woman I wouldn’t feel welcome in the whitehouse either tbh. Good on them. Why go be in a room with a known predator who is known to hate the gays

  • Sherri CS
    Sherri CS   4 months ago

    Why didn’t they ask why? What are those things he’s taken in place that they don’t agree? I hope they don’t invite them..

  • Trump
    Trump   4 months ago

    Why the hell are they complaining so much after winning the fricken World Cup?! You won, you should feel good! Leave your stupid politics aside!

  • Eric Salas
    Eric Salas   5 months ago

    They don’t seem to realize that they won the trophy for the country. Not themselves or the President. None of them were there as representatives of themselves.

  • Terry S.
    Terry S.   5 months ago

    Liberals. They can't do anything without it being about their pathetic views of morality. You play sports, you're good at it, that's all that can really be said about you.

  • lions roar
    lions roar   5 months ago

    Lets see how these women who disrespect our capitol fair in the years to come ! Boycott all products and services from these disrespectful women. The capitol is a symbol of freedom ! To refuse a visit to the capitol is a slap in face on all Americans ! Remember when the black Olympians held the closed fist ? They didn't do to well ! Which is fitting and deserving of this type of behavior in a sporting event

    ROBBIE SUN   5 months ago

    You are such a bunch of grandstanders! you kick a ball around and 63 million Americans voted for the need for change.The country you represent doesn't require self righteous virtue signalers with purple hair and curse while being watched by kids.

  • Zion tehillah
    Zion tehillah   5 months ago

    Your visit yes or no going to the White House will not increase employment in the USA. Chuck invitation - more like a Democratic Soccer team then the American team....

  • Juan Mata
    Juan Mata   5 months ago

    They disinvited themselves by slamming the POTUS.

  • Juan Mata
    Juan Mata   5 months ago

    Megan who ? Classless ! Remember. She said that women's soccer could not win without gays. She is prejudice against heterosexual women !

  • Juan Mata
    Juan Mata   5 months ago

    They can have their own opinions. But Megan and company definitely don't have any class. They won for the USA. not for the POTUS. Don't take advantage of your world cup success and use it to attack the PPTUS. They have definitely had the MSM coolaid. Use all the negativity against a man they refuse to want to know. All of them are a nu NH of punks who just came out of their diapers.

  • yuhji kuioj
    yuhji kuioj   5 months ago

    Good, they are people with valuable principles.

  • Michael Joute
    Michael Joute   5 months ago

    If US football team are against president Trump they all sucks