We Challenged Little Kids Not to Move! | Don't You Dare | HiHo Kids

  • Published on: 21 November 2019
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    We Challenged Little Kids Not to Move! | Don't You Dare | HiHo Kids

    #HiHoKids #DontYouDare

    HiHo Kids
  • Runtime : 6:34
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  • Phantom L2
    Phantom L2   5 hours ago

    Gigi’s mom: Gigi is gonna win!Gigi: loses round 1

  • Fdh28
    Fdh28   7 hours ago

    1:19 me when i see the daylight after waking up

  • Amjae Hidalgo
    Amjae Hidalgo   9 hours ago

    6:33 I would have cynophobia wahhh so sad :(

  • Cee Cee
    Cee Cee   1 days ago

    Producer: "Was it worth it?"Jax: yeah, I just couldn't 'sist it"😩

  • Love4Justice
    Love4Justice   2 days ago

    They said keep your eyes closed and Gigi was like woah woah

  • Kevannn -_-
    Kevannn -_-   3 days ago

    That little kid with like that afro who is in that shirt which has those stripes/blocks I guess is REALLY CUTE

  • Nevaeh Goodson
    Nevaeh Goodson   3 days ago

    The way Jackson said I codnt resists it I died🤣🤣

  • Our christian journey

    This is the cutest video idea in the world. Little Jackson at 3:28 ‘I just couldn’t zist it’ my heart overloaded with cuteness 😍

  • F.n.a.f Gacha
    F.n.a.f Gacha   4 days ago

    that kid said he is going to get teddy bear 100 percent but got out on the third round

  • jamea gomba
    jamea gomba   4 days ago

    omg did the mom say GIGI?! but shes dead

  • Malciosic
    Malciosic   4 days ago

    You never told me that dio was real and did the za warudo

  • Frozen Kid
    Frozen Kid   5 days ago

    pause at 2:54 and show your parents its funny it'll make them laugh

  • Brox Gaming
    Brox Gaming   5 days ago

    I feel bad for the people who had to build the bubble wrap house

  • Its Devyn
    Its Devyn   6 days ago

    Lucy probaly sad in the inside

  • Jan van den Brink
    Jan van den Brink   6 days ago

    The is said sorry ik ben een nederlander als je dat ook ben duimpje om hoog

  • Aleeza Tan
    Aleeza Tan   6 days ago

    I would get out first round so I could enjoy everything

  • Avery Cakes
    Avery Cakes   6 days ago

    Girl: “thank you Lucy!”Lucy: “yeah.” Is completely bald

  • Foolish Merrell
    Foolish Merrell   6 days ago

    The mom at the end is like ohh no how are we gonna fit this in the car..HAHAHA