How to Crash a Wedding

  • Published on: 09 July 2019
  • Hello my dudes what’s up how’s everybody doing? I have a couple things to say.
    1. This is my 69th video so everybody give themselves 69 pats on the back. I wanted to thank you guys for getting me here. To my camera: you’re a real one. To imovie: this is all your fault. So claps all around guys!
    2. I wanted to thank you guys for the generally positive reaction on my last video. It’s great that I can be honest and you guys will still listen. Also, to stan twitter: thanks for getting butthurt over my comments and proving my point.
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  • Ur daily Clorox
    Ur daily Clorox   2 minuts ago

    Nobody:Absolutely nobody:Not a soul on earth:Joana: well thats an issue cuz im more better than every1 ekk

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear   2 hours ago

    I went to an Indian wedding and the actual wedding part was like an hour long. But the bride was so beautiful and I got to wear a sari. But it was overall a really fun day

  • C.A.D.R
    C.A.D.R   7 hours ago

    The long pause at the end was slightly ummmmmmmmmmmmm.........

  • Ellen Demont
    Ellen Demont   8 hours ago

    i dont know why, but all of your captions and descripstions are translated to my native language and i dont kniow how to fix it

  • Rajesh Yadav
    Rajesh Yadav   11 hours ago

    I am from India loved the wedding 😊😊

  • Tam :3
    Tam :3   15 hours ago

    ur mom is beautiful

  • CØLORS x
    CØLORS x   21 hours ago

    We both have allergies to peanuts,be my friend please

  • Zahra Long
    Zahra Long   22 hours ago

    Has erm anyone tried da pasta cuzzzzz ya girl is tempted

  • Samantha Van Dyke
    Samantha Van Dyke   22 hours ago

    I don’t know why but I did not expect your parents to sound like that at all!

  • Sabina Rasuli
    Sabina Rasuli   1 days ago

    this is the first video i watch on your channel. you are hilarious. love you. immediately subed

  • Sophia Tor
    Sophia Tor   1 days ago

    Any video you watch of John cenã turn captions on

  • Mr. Poopie
    Mr. Poopie   1 days ago

    Anyone caught the music at the end of the video

  • mypurpleslimes
    mypurpleslimes   1 days ago

    No. Absolutely unacceptable. Those ankles need to be covered young lady. Who do you think you are, srutting that inch of flesh around my swamp!

  • Dark night apple
    Dark night apple   1 days ago

    The noddles are as frigdial as china and if you fart in tHeir face and the will break pfft hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brian Hood
    Brian Hood   1 days ago

    I wonder if she knows how beautiful she is.

  • That Watermelon
    That Watermelon   1 days ago

    I’m Native American and I can relate to Indians. The 50+ food options are a must for every wedding. People you’ve never seen before but still call you auntie show up so you have to have enough food to feed an army.

  • Velo
    Velo   1 days ago

    S H U T T E R S T O C K

  • XxAliceWolfxX 123
    XxAliceWolfxX 123   1 days ago

    I’ve been to like 100000000000 Indian weddings and bish I take all the food

  • Connor Findyourself
    Connor Findyourself   1 days ago

    What are those sunglasses in the beginning called?!?!!. NEED THEM FOR MY YT

  • Sharon Pezzi
    Sharon Pezzi   2 days ago

    When I went to my sister's wedding I were whity

  • Sheyla Torres
    Sheyla Torres   2 days ago

    I hope I tickles your pickle.I laughed so hard when I heard that

  • Krista Queen
    Krista Queen   2 days ago

    The first photo in the thumbnail tho.... your mom is RIPPED! 💪🏼

  • Leilani Mereles
    Leilani Mereles   2 days ago

    Says who is scamming you people but she bought it 😂

  • R Abdirashid
    R Abdirashid   2 days ago

    If you wanna do it Better so don’t put white nail polish put black nail polish instead it’s soooo pretty

  • The Queen Deilyn
    The Queen Deilyn   2 days ago

    Your weird...Just like me..FINALLY someone in my life on YouTube that is just as weird as me...TwInSeS