Brad Forages for Porcini Mushrooms | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

  • Published on: 18 October 2018
  • Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone is back for episode 41 of “It’s Alive,” and this time he's deep in the woods of Washington foraging for porcini mushrooms with his fungus friends, Colin and Andrew.

    Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.

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    Brad Forages for Porcini Mushrooms | It's Alive | Bon Appétit
  • Runtime : 17:16
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  • Brad Leone
    Brad Leone   1 years ago

    in case you missed it the basket helps spread mushroom spores as you walk.. its great. Also it turns out im terrible with nursery rhymes but you get the point.

  • Misty Archer
    Misty Archer   5 hours ago

    I really want to see Brad hunt and then cook up some morel mushrooms! They only grow for a very short time in the spring and hence are very expensive to buy. But there's a place near my house where I can forage them and they're incredible!

  • Valters Kristaps Šķetris

    At 10:10 Im pretty sure thats a (once boiled or otherwise cooked) perfectly edible russula mushroom.

  • Zidco
    Zidco   2 days ago

    Just a bunch of dudes sniffing mushrooms

  • Gravewax
    Gravewax   2 days ago

    I wouldnt put anything around a camp sight in my mouth knowing someone probably pissed on it.

  • Pat Media
    Pat Media   2 days ago 8:36 CONGESTION ..... I hollered with laughter ..

  • tiwi hadi
    tiwi hadi   3 days ago

    Look at those mushrooms..I wish i could be there I'll feel in heaven

  • Esmé Knipe
    Esmé Knipe   4 days ago

    this episode reminds me of the movie creep and now that i’ve realized it i can’t get over it

  • Giulio Rossi
    Giulio Rossi   4 days ago

    4:47 who else though for a second that "avocado pit" is an actually name of a mushroom

  • Kimocrates
    Kimocrates   5 days ago

    I’m a grown man and I teared up a little at the Mother Nature part with the slow pan over the trees when the cellos came in 😭

  • Andrew Ingram
    Andrew Ingram   5 days ago

    There are no grizzlies on that side of the state.

  • Debakuva
    Debakuva   5 days ago

    I wish I liked mushrooms because I think foraging for them is super cool.

  • Jaclyn
    Jaclyn   6 days ago

    Brad brings joy to my heart honestly. What a wholesome series. 10/10

  • MrGoatflakes
    MrGoatflakes   6 days ago

    Porcini/ceps/Steinpilze Boletus aren't primary decomposers rather they are mycorrhizal associations. That mean their mycellia produce hyphae which invade the end of the root of the usually pine or other conifer they are attached. Just like a disease mushroom like honey fungus. However, they don't actually harm the tree and instead massively extend the root system, making up the the greater part of both the length and the mass of the tree's root system. The tree provides them with sugars the tree produces in its leaves and the fungus secretes acids and such to break down insoluble minerals that they provide to the plant along with water so the plants can make the sugar and grow.Many other fungus, not sure of porcini also absorb nitrogen and provide it to the host tree or bush by decomposing and even hunting animal and plant matter. The mushroom is merely the reproductive organ, the flower and fruit if you will. The rest of it is beneath the ground and it is a VAST filamentous mass that looks like white mold.

  • Rob Erto
    Rob Erto   1 weeks ago

    8:00, perhaps the greatest editing ever done.

  • Jake Hammaker
    Jake Hammaker   1 weeks ago

    Just three guys walking around a forest with their baskets

  • Gwen
    Gwen   1 weeks ago

    “A little bit of maggots doesn’t bother me”Agree to disagree 😂

  • KilluahX
    KilluahX   1 weeks ago

    Tip for other collectors: Don't just rip out the mushroom, cut it wit a knife. this way the mycelum doesn't get damaged and they regrow more easily.

  • scasny
    scasny   1 weeks ago

    well they forget to add the basket prevents damage to fragile types of mushroom. Also is less fuss them plastic bag. Its basicly light wooden bucket

  • Arthur Djahani
    Arthur Djahani   1 weeks ago

    8:42...words of wisdom, eternal words of wisdom.

  • Doug
    Doug   1 weeks ago

    i like to pretend my name is vinny when i watch these videos

  • Erika70079
    Erika70079   1 weeks ago

    I'm a forager, mushrooms are my favourite to find. LOVE this video

  • MiataMan
    MiataMan   1 weeks ago

    14:41 the tree behind brad is mad he didn’t get any rice

  • im sleeby
    im sleeby   1 weeks ago

    that yellow mushroom he found was a russula!! theyre edible!! :(

  • x. celinechen
    x. celinechen   1 weeks ago

    Brad in the forest: Just a nice little walk, collecting some mushrooms here and there, talking and having fun. :)me and my dad: Whoever finds the most mushrooms first is mushroom king. This is war. I will end you. You will never win. Family ends where mushrooms start to grow.

  • Megan Lohmeyer
    Megan Lohmeyer   2 weeks ago

    Hey mushroom people of YouTube what type of mushroom does brad stumble upon at 9:20, like is it poisonous? I’m genuinely curious.

  • BarDownSnizzzzy19
    BarDownSnizzzzy19   2 weeks ago

    The mushroom Brad found by himself growing on the decaying log is a species of Russula, some edible and some will definitely make you sick, he was smart to leave it alone