The Rise and Fall of the Bone-Crushing Dogs

  • Published on: 28 August 2018
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    A huge and diverse subfamily of dogs, the bone-crushers patrolled North America for more than thirty million years, before they disappeared in the not-too-distant past. So what happened to the biggest dogs that ever lived?

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  • Runtime : 9:38
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  • Micah Lagerquist
    Micah Lagerquist   4 hours ago

    Thanks for fueling my dislike for cats. Cats ruin everything

  • n1xio
    n1xio   20 hours ago

    It's literally called epic

  • Doomer Flame
    Doomer Flame   3 days ago

    Bone crushing dog: existHooman: ooohh come here big puppy come her.. Arrgghh not the neck aargghh! dies

  • Patrick Forget
    Patrick Forget   3 days ago

    And they also shrunk up and they became hyenas on the African plains you look at him that's what they look like even the small dogs the very first ones look like cats

  • lil1will24
    lil1will24   4 days ago

    The bone crusher is the pit bull from HELL.

  • Bom NYO
    Bom NYO   5 days ago

    Misleading and huge waste of time.

  • Dessert Island
    Dessert Island   6 days ago

    Study for examMe: noWatch bone crushing dogMe:yessssssssss

  • Positivity
    Positivity   6 days ago

    Why do they kinda look like bulldogs.... wait for they aren't extinct. lol

  • anonymous one
    anonymous one   6 days ago

    You should point out that the previous hypothesis is wrong, that current domesticated dogs didn't come from wolves. Both wolves and dogs derived from another ancestor. Dogs were never domesticated by humans, but already domesticated when humans and dogs started living together the way we do now.

  • dryzabones atom
    dryzabones atom   1 weeks ago

    Dogs a few million years ago : were better than youCats: deletes 2 species of dogDogs : I regret

  • Chad Kras
    Chad Kras   1 weeks ago

    THOUSAND Years ago not millions! This world is deceived! arrrghhh

  • Jamorris Price
    Jamorris Price   1 weeks ago

    Vaporion joltion flamtrion pokemon got to catch em all.

  • Guy H.
    Guy H.   1 weeks ago

    Very educational! Love these videos.

  • M Anime
    M Anime   1 weeks ago

    Dogs Million of years ago: BONE CRUSHING DOGSDogs nowadays: cant even hunt for their own and wait for their owner to feed themDogs Millions of years ago: Pathetic

  • emery hurst
    emery hurst   1 weeks ago

    The arrival of bears in north America probably didn't help the bone crushing dogs either.

  • Cris James
    Cris James   1 weeks ago

    I can’t help but wonder what kind of antelope is the prehistoric dog chasing in the drawn photo that keeps repeating.

  • Jordi Vanderwaal
    Jordi Vanderwaal   1 weeks ago

    Now make a video of those ancient cats pls. How they evolved and spread throughout the world, how many of their species went extinct and how many other animal species they managed to "eliminate". :P

  • Miguel Forster
    Miguel Forster   1 weeks ago

    why do the illustrations try and resemble domestic dogs? They obviously fckn didnt have small floppy ears

  • Loki Vanni
    Loki Vanni   2 weeks ago

    They competed? Ohhh...No wonder cats and dogs are always portrayed as enemies in media 😮Every dog watching this video: (Growls) Damn cats 😡

  • C Ul
    C Ul   2 weeks ago

    Great video - I just wish it started a little further back with the common ancestor of cats and dogs.

  • Ghostdog
    Ghostdog   2 weeks ago

    American Bullenbieser and American XL Bullies look like Bone Crushers in a way ..

  • shrimpisdelicious
    shrimpisdelicious   2 weeks ago

    So, dogs adapted to a strategy of running prey down long distances, did they?Sounds familiar...

  • Paul Whitfield
    Paul Whitfield   2 weeks ago

    Ps : 50,000 years dingoWe all ready had marsupial cat / dog /tiger.. Still here.. The story of my people . Thank you.. We feel ..

  • WWTormentor
    WWTormentor   2 weeks ago

    Can you do a video on the evolution of modern cats including the big cats such as lions. Thank you

  • Swan Mega
    Swan Mega   2 weeks ago

    But dogs evolved from wolves??

  • Dirk Frey
    Dirk Frey   2 weeks ago

    Great video. Only one issue. You say the Epicyons look very different from modern canids. Yet you repeatedly show artwork of something that looks like a very doggy, large dog. No domed forehead nothing. Great art... but seems completely inaccurate by what you explain.

  • Will Janzen
    Will Janzen   2 weeks ago

    Are we sure that Hesperocyoninae didn’t evolve into cats? I think there are fossils out there just waiting to be found by archeologists that will turn the fossil record on its head.

  • Macus Aurelius
    Macus Aurelius   2 weeks ago

    "Some experts think"??? Sounds like a lot of expert speculation.

  • Porter Helfer
    Porter Helfer   2 weeks ago

    Does anyone know what th a animal it’s chasing in the thumbnail is?

  • Mazin Bazon
    Mazin Bazon   2 weeks ago

    I don't see how the cats could kill those dogs they grow as big as a bear and a lion isn't that big

  • Bizzy Beast
    Bizzy Beast   2 weeks ago

    For some reason I think dogs where mans worst friend

  • Bobby Babylon
    Bobby Babylon   2 weeks ago

    today kangal dogs are the biggest bone crushing dogs

  • Alfredo Forte
    Alfredo Forte   2 weeks ago

    You showed a picture of a hyena while talking about understanding is that hyenas are really cats..