9 Full Synthetic Oil Cold Flow Test

  • Published on: 05 January 2018
  • This test was conducted to find out how well 9 different fully synthetic motor oils flow at -20 degrees Celcsus(-3 Fahrenheit).
    All oils are from newly opened bottles and are all 5W-30 viscosity.
    This test only indicates one parameter in many which make up a the quality of an oil. This test does not show how well the oil lubricates, or how well it holds viscosity at operating temperature. It only gives an indication of how well it may flow in an engine at cold startup in the winter.
  • Runtime : 7:52
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  • Teg Gisser
    Teg Gisser   1 weeks ago

    Im using castrol edge since 2005 on my hondas. Project Farm and this video made switch to Pennzoil Ultra platinum.

  • Puder McGavin
    Puder McGavin   1 weeks ago

    Wow the generics plus some I've never heard of not one of use

  • Ermal Allushaj
    Ermal Allushaj   1 weeks ago

    Hello, i need help please, I have a 2009 BMW 525d. 220.000 km. it’s better Liqui Moly 5w40 or Motul? I would like the best oil. I live in Greece

  • Chong Thor BTL
    Chong Thor BTL   1 weeks ago

    A dad what oil brand do you recommend. OOOOO boy DAME lets see...Amsoil, STP, Pennzoil, Mobil 1, Castrol, Quaker State, Idemitsu, Royal Purple, Havoline, Vavoline, Ravoline, Shell Rotella, Liqui Moly, Mobil Super, Kendall, Eneos, Lucas, Amazon Basic oil, Kirkland oil, Napa oil, Oreilly oil, Super Tech, Sinclair, Circle K, Road Tech, FVP, Amelie, Sunoco, Acdelco, I sint, Xtra Rev, Kum Go, Moto Tech, Maxx Oil, Mag 1, Pro TX, Peak oil, American XT, Cam 2, Klondike, Citgo, Luk Oil, Driver One, Midwest Plus, SMB, Superfast, Prime Series, On Guard, Pilot Flying, Bronzrun, Duramax, Advance American USA, Vintage, Harvest King, Systmy7, Get Go, Wolfs Head, Race Pro, GTC, Q Motor oil, Super S, S Oil, Pro Line, Sash, Xado, Pure Guard, Master Pro Tech, Supreme, Milesyn SXR, Navi Guard, Auto Quest, AutoZone Oil, LubriGold, Starfire, Beck/Arnley, Pento Super, Puratech, Federated, Pronto Supreme, Mile Master, Fram Oil, Traveller, Born2Run, Phillips 66, Navi Guard, Everest, Morgas, Speed Way Oil, Sams 1, Best Choice, Preferred Choice, Conoco, Service Pro, Tecmark, Petromerica, Liberty, Cenex, Agip, Warren, Brad/Penn, Sure Guard, Trublend, Part Plus, Motorcraft, Zelcol Max and the good old Shaffer's.Have fun picking..

  • JAG
    JAG   4 weeks ago

    Sooooooo ???? What is the point here , as an engine starts within seconds it heats up "YES" ?? PLUS higher viscosity oils will cool and dwell longer on cold start parts so initial lubrication is not an issue -.....Unless you let your car sit outside for a month at -19 and your safe because your dam battery will die !! LOL

  • Moe Sizlac
    Moe Sizlac   1 months ago

    So many tests to be done! How about a before n after (new vs uses) flow test at normal temps. It would take more videos but you have to change your oil every few months anyway.... just an idea

  • GoodFodder
    GoodFodder   1 months ago

    why 5w30? would 0w20 not have been more appropriate given the low temperatures?

  • Billy Rawls
    Billy Rawls   1 months ago

    I don’t know if it was commented before but Royal Purple is known for their film strength!!! Look at how purple the jar is!!! Royal Purple sticks to the metal engine parts better than any of these oils.

  • mark warnberg
    mark warnberg   1 months ago

    The test shows that Mobil and Penzzoil have a little more cold tempature additives than the others. I am not sure if Royal Purple is a group lV or V but judging from another test with Red LIne group V it was involved in the vicosity rating does not seem to affect the different groups but it is the amount and quality of the additives they hold.

    MERCEDESBENZS600 BASH   2 months ago

    If you could order Walmarts Fully Synthetic Supertech and test it against those other oils it would be greatly appreciated,great video by the way.....

    POWER   2 months ago

    Project Farm does

  • Dcc357
    Dcc357   2 months ago

    Royal Purple is one of those oils that are best for the south. They always make their oils on the thicker side of their SAE viscosity. I've used Mobil 1 High Mileage 5W-30 in my LS1 in Arizona. Engine sounded like it had 500,000 miles with a strange tapping noise. The noise went away after a 1000 miles of using Royal Purple HMX 5W-30. I just changed it again with HMX 10w-30. Engine is dead silent.

  • JJ Adey
    JJ Adey   2 months ago

    Ware test and evaporation tests too

  • JJ Adey
    JJ Adey   2 months ago

    How come no yamalube, motul, putoline, silkolene, amsoil metric 10w40, I'm a biker in UK I need comparison between different motorcycle oil

  • Tacoma FAN
    Tacoma FAN   3 months ago


  • BryGuy Says
    BryGuy Says   3 months ago

    North Dakota has lower average temperatures than Minnesota.

  • mark warnberg
    mark warnberg   3 months ago

    If it does not say Group lV PAO they are not synthetic oils. Allmost all Synthetic Oils on the market are Group lll Hydro-Crack Oil made from basic mineral oil.

  • Ross
    Ross   3 months ago

    Your Canadian, got use the Castrol edge, due to my 5year extended unlimited milage warranty. New cars using 5w20, thanks for test. 🇨🇦 I was told the formula brand synthetic is Mobile oil, back in 1980 s.

  • Mitch184
    Mitch184   3 months ago

    Looks cold ootside. It's aboot time did a fair test cold, eh?

  • Steven Sevek
    Steven Sevek   3 months ago

    Are these all full synthetic or are some of them 100% synthetic?If I lived where it was -20°F I think I would either use a 0W oil or some sort of engine heater.Also, where is the budget synthetic Supertech?

  • MG42pillbox
    MG42pillbox   3 months ago

    Keep your eyes open. PP on sale yesterday 5qrt jug for $13.96. 😁

  • justgjt
    justgjt   3 months ago

    oils definitely aint oils

  • Bennie Mangle Jr.
    Bennie Mangle Jr.   4 months ago

    I used Pennzoil Platinum for my last oil change and I think I'll stick with Pennzoil from now on!!💥

  • Lonnie Beal
    Lonnie Beal   4 months ago

    The additive package is really important as well as how it performs after it has miles on it.

  • James Klinkhammer
    James Klinkhammer   5 months ago

    For the money I believe pennzoil ultra platinum is the only way to go

  • Walter
    Walter   5 months ago

    I wish you had compared the Mobil 1 5w-20 high mileage full synthetic to these as it is what I use and most modern vehicles use 5w-20 or 0w-20 since 2007 forward so anyway all I ever see anyone compare is 5w-30 never a 5w-20. Any particular reason? Thx

  • Dicky Ball
    Dicky Ball   5 months ago

    AMSOIL signature series motor oil is 100% synthetic, not a full synthetic (less than 100% synthetic motor oil) motor oil.

  • Nzdc cdzn
    Nzdc cdzn   6 months ago

    does it hurt my vehicle to change from full synthetic engine oil( petroleum bases oil) to 100% synthetic oil(synthetic based oil)?

  • Leatherkid01
    Leatherkid01   6 months ago

    Formula1 is all Shell oil inside(check msds sheets), As for the red(or now black with red printing) Mostomaster oil ...it can be quakerstate shell or penzoil .....but i think they switched to shell for the latest batch of non synthetics.

  • Roberto Gómez
    Roberto Gómez   6 months ago

    Thanks for the time and money invested in this video, never really liked Royal Purple it's expensive and not as good as other options. Why not try other oils like Pentosin, Eneos, Petronas and your Canadian choice there are a lot of oil tests of the common brands out there and maybe a 0w-20 weight good be a better choice for freezing temperatures.

  • Viraj Patel
    Viraj Patel   7 months ago

    Gonna use Pennzoil Ultra in my Civic for this winter

  • Cevair Zufer
    Cevair Zufer   7 months ago

    Unfortunately they are not aligned. Amsoil had more angle.

  • Chieftain
    Chieftain   7 months ago

    I use to have a van that burned quart of oil a week, which was Valvoline. I switch to Pennzoil it took 3 weeks to do that. That was in the mid 90's. Anyways cause of that is why I don't like Valvoline.