9 Full Synthetic Oil Cold Flow Test

  • Published on: 05 January 2018
  • This test was conducted to find out how well 9 different fully synthetic motor oils flow at -20 degrees Celcsus(-3 Fahrenheit).
    All oils are from newly opened bottles and are all 5W-30 viscosity.
    This test only indicates one parameter in many which make up a the quality of an oil. This test does not show how well the oil lubricates, or how well it holds viscosity at operating temperature. It only gives an indication of how well it may flow in an engine at cold startup in the winter.
  • Runtime : 7:52
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  • Michael
    Michael   1 weeks ago

    Thanks for the vid! Was going to get Royal Purple for my Dodge Charger 6.4 Liter Hemi since I thought it was the best, but with winter approaching....Pennzoil Ultra Platinum it is

  • Chevy Taripe
    Chevy Taripe   1 months ago

    0w-30 is way better. That is made for cold conditions and it applies for 5w-30 and 10w-30 engines.

  • Shiftspeed
    Shiftspeed   2 months ago

    No it would’ve been better at normal engine temps lol

  • Denis L
    Denis L   2 months ago

    www.motoroiltests.com Welcome to see the best test done on conventional and synthetic motor oils for your cars ,Diesel trucks and Motorcycle . this website is a part of reproduction of a wear test on Motor oils created by 540 Rat (His Nickname)I've built this website with his test and I give all the credit to this expert in oil testing. ​540 Rat is a Mechanical Engineer (A Mechanical Engineer is clearly the most qualified Engineer to test motor oil that was formulated by Chemical Engineers, for wear protection capability between mechanical components under load.) U.S. Patent Holder (Mechanical device designed for Military Jet Aircraft) Member SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Member ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Lifelong Gear Head, Mechanic, Hotrodder, Drag Racer, and Engine Builder.

  • Steve Sigler
    Steve Sigler   2 months ago

    I would love to see the Genuine Toyota Synthetic Oil. This oil is purchased from the Toyota dealers and has a special additive package for Toyota engines. I guess the engineers had a additive package added for use in their engines. I have never seen this oil tested by anyone. Could you add this to the next test?

  • Thomas Majewski
    Thomas Majewski   2 months ago

    A really interesting test. Thanks. Hope to see other oils tested.

  • Andrew W MacFadyen
    Andrew W MacFadyen   3 months ago

    No real differemces they are all factory fresh 5w-30 oil ---- the difference comes between used oils particularly used mineral based oil and used fully synthetic.In average use a good full synthetic from mainly ester base stock will still meet its viscosity specs way beyond 20,000 miles but an oil from mainly mineral oil base stock won't. Back in the early days of Mobile 1 when it was mainly ester based a group of BMW owners did extended mileage tests monitored by labs they found with top ups, partial oil changes and filter changes the oil was still was still good at 80,00 miles and engines were still clean inside.Okay no sane person is going to go 80,000 miles without an oil change but at lot of cars have 15,000 or 20,000 mile oi or computer generated variable l change intervals specified by the factory

  • jantonio991
    jantonio991   4 months ago

    in these tests, which is better for the car, that flows slower or faster?

  • JA Twist
    JA Twist   4 months ago

    i like this presentation.

  • Delusion is an Illusion

    Never understood cold pour tests. It's a gimmick. Of course the thinnest oil will win. Lol. Doesn't make it better. That said I'm a big pennzoil ultra fan but use Redline when I can. Best I've ever used

  • HondaHerb
    HondaHerb   4 months ago

    Knew it hands down Pennzoil is the best !!

  • 林亞倫
    林亞倫   4 months ago

    www.dle.com.tw Polyolester base oil

  • m l
    m l   4 months ago

    well you don't want royal purple if you live in a cold area.

  • johnmichael karma
    johnmichael karma   5 months ago

    Can't quite put my finger on it but it seems that for cold flow here I want the one that flows quickest the earliest . Excellent test ,thanks thumbs up

  • bandgeekforever100
    bandgeekforever100   5 months ago

    Can you do the Pennzoil 5w40 with Moutl Xcess, and Redline 5w40?

  • Ed Yoo
    Ed Yoo   5 months ago

    It seems like jar-> funnel time of oil dictates the overall time. In real life, oil is always contained in an oil pan. I'm not sure if this is an accurate test. Rather than focusing on the overall time, probably need to figure out a way to find the flow rate of oil to determine the best oil.

  • Cosimo Kramarawicz
    Cosimo Kramarawicz   5 months ago

    I use cod liver oil in my engine, smells like Bonefish when I pass buy.

  • Muhammad Saad
    Muhammad Saad   5 months ago

    i didnt know royal purple was actually purple.

  • Denarrdo Fontenot
    Denarrdo Fontenot   5 months ago

    Amsoil stopped dripping before the rest slowing the video down

  • Google User
    Google User   5 months ago

    Cold pour tests are merely carnival stunts created by oil companies to convince gullible consumers that THEIR oil just be better because it flows faster.......The FACT is the THINNEST oil ALWAYS wins!......Just becase a oil is stamped 5w-30 doesn't mean it's the same viscosity as all other 5w-30s......The Penzoil platinunm 5w-30 wins because it is the THINNEST oil at just 9.8 cst at 212 degrees while the SLOWEST is the Castrol Edge because it is a very thick 12.0 cst at 212 degrees.......And the Castrol will provide MUCH better lubrication and protection when hot as a result.

  • Electronics For Fun
    Electronics For Fun   6 months ago

    fucking royal purple turns into taffy when it's cold. not a daily driver oil that's for sure, it's a race oil meant for ideal temp conditions and to be tossed out after every race.

    ISSA VIBEZ   6 months ago

    mobil one isnt even synthetic by far oneof the worst oils

    ANTONIO BELLINA   6 months ago

    Maybe you can get three or more USB Scales and connect to a pc and measure the actual weight of the jars as they fill up and get heavier and film the scales in slow motion to get a accurate reading. Just a suggestion.

    ANTONIO BELLINA   6 months ago

    For a more accurate test you should use more thinner longer target jars

  • Onix Junes
    Onix Junes   6 months ago

    You want better cold start engine protecting oil for snow you need a 0 winter not a 5 winter

  • Jon Smith
    Jon Smith   6 months ago

    Amazon oil is outstanding. Do some testing

  • Noan YoBiseniss
    Noan YoBiseniss   6 months ago

    I've blown up many engines on Castrol and never one on Mobile one (the only 2 in the test I've run).

  • Joshua Moore
    Joshua Moore   6 months ago

    That Royal purple oil they must put a additive to make it purple.. No Valvoline Max Life!!!

  • PETE
    PETE   6 months ago

    How come no one adds Quaker state synthetic or vavoline for cold tests

  • Google User
    Google User   7 months ago

    Oil pour rates are merely a function of actual viscosity.......Since a 30 weight oil only needs to meet a very wide RANGE of viscocities to be called a 30 weight, there are many different thicknesses of 5w-30 oils.........Those that are closer to a 20 weight flow better when cold while those closer to a 40 weight viscosity flow slower........Those brands wanting to win a cold pour test to dupe the gullible public into thinking their oil is better merely produce a THINNER oil near the bottom of the weight range.

  • P. K.
    P. K.   7 months ago

    Used to use penzoil platinum.Noticed lifter/valve tap. On initial startups.Switched to castrol edge. Took all the noise away.Same weight. Like the Penzoil just not in my particular application.

  • Denis L
    Denis L   7 months ago

    Did you see the best test done on Motor oils .Check this out ! www.motoroiltests.com

  • HungryMynd
    HungryMynd   7 months ago

    Thank you for doing this my Canadian brother!