• Published on: 14 September 2018
    Feel free to close your eyes and fall asleep fast to some great card magic with another deck giveaway! Leave a like if you enjoyed!
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  • IdRoX
    IdRoX   1 days ago

    Detras de la K tienes el dos de picas i solo lo que haces es girar la carta JAJAJA

  • ThinMint
    ThinMint   1 weeks ago

    These videos are like grandmas stir-fry, but for your ears.

  • Victor
    Victor   1 weeks ago

    The cards were paid actors

  • KoukiTea
    KoukiTea   1 weeks ago

    Love the video! Personally looking into getting into magic but I just have a bunch of old beat up decks from airlines

  • Mit8 Mann
    Mit8 Mann   1 weeks ago

    The person doing the trick is obviously not jojo like if u agree

  • M Shann
    M Shann   3 weeks ago

    How in the world are you flinging out these cards good lord

  • M Shann
    M Shann   3 weeks ago

    😳😳😳😳that first trick was nuts I thought I knew where you went with it but holly cow that was a new one for me

  • Jonathan Harris
    Jonathan Harris   4 weeks ago

    dude i love this video, i have been casually into magic and flourishing since around 2011 or so and I always have a few decks on my desk at a time. i love to see cool creators sharing magic in new ways. youre awesome jojo! <3

  • Chengyao Zheng
    Chengyao Zheng   4 weeks ago

    Sending me to sleep by getting me bored. Cool...

  • Strange Predicament
    Strange Predicament   1 months ago

    Bro I fell asleep at 2 am, woke up at 4 am purely because I needed a shit and now I’m here at 5 am, goodnight gamers

  • Black Scrotum
    Black Scrotum   1 months ago

    Jojo asmr when he was tight on money and couldn’t go giveaways all that often, nowadays the tables have turned

  • Hunter Chubb
    Hunter Chubb   1 months ago

    I caught the trick with the 3 of spades. It’s only something that can be done with a camera and editing software. It’s very slight, but there was a short pause when you moved the deck off screen. You either grabbed another deck and edited it out, or took a pause to sort the deck how you wanted it and repositioned yourself exactly as you were when you paused it. Still a great trick, very entertaining

  • Joey Snyder
    Joey Snyder   1 months ago

    jojo you should go onto BGT or Penn and Teller

  • Fimyz
    Fimyz   1 months ago

    Great! The trick at 17 mins you were working on is so awesome. You’re so good man I enjoy the vids thank you

  • Anna Olivares
    Anna Olivares   1 months ago

    His hands look sooth and nice! ... is that creepy?

  • Karbonat Berk
    Karbonat Berk   1 months ago

    38.07 Jack is hidden back of the other Jack but still cool

  • Graphit3
    Graphit3   1 months ago

    this this man just do 3 false shuffles in a row

  • Drippy Taco
    Drippy Taco   1 months ago

    He’s doing the British accent lol

  • Paul Horn
    Paul Horn   1 months ago

    So who created the thumbnail? https://youtu.be/L-Fa2yEm_fg

  • Parker Shelton
    Parker Shelton   1 months ago

    I can’t sleep if I keep watching this, too into the amazing tricks haha

  • Soos
    Soos   1 months ago

    sad backstory and your channel inspires me! I’d love to have some cards!

  • Tuscan
    Tuscan   1 months ago

    I was so confused when you said you went to The Magic Castle and met Dai Vernon the professor of card magic because the Castle is an exclusive magic club and Dai Vernon's been dead for nearly 30 years, you really can time travel!

  • John Bron
    John Bron   1 months ago

    It isn’t card magicIt’s edit magic

  • Bev HD
    Bev HD   1 months ago

    You're so close to 1 million subs! I hope you get it soon! P.S. Great, relaxing, and tingling ASMR!