How to Properly Inspect a Used Car

  • Published on: 28 October 2017
  • How to Find KILLER Deals on Used Cars:

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    Today I go over the basics of how to inspect a used car. If you're not confident, I advise you take it to a mechanic to have it looked over. If you found this video informative, please drop a like! As always, thanks for watching :)

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  • East Wood
    East Wood   2 weeks ago

    What part of arizona? I'm in Tempe and got to look at a car soon. Wanna roll? Lol

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk   9 months ago

    The fans should not come on right when you start it up that means it’s over heating

  • Fredrich Erik Onni Verner Lillebror Herranen

    4:39 Love that you check the transmission fluid πŸ˜‚But you thinking that you checking the oil for the engine.#No hateI just felt I needed to Point It Out.But great video 😁

  • Dan H
    Dan H   1 years ago

    OBD2 is 95 in cali and 96 in every other state I believe

  • Ivan Beoulve
    Ivan Beoulve   1 years ago

    what to do if they indeed deleted the codes?

  • J Pogera
    J Pogera   1 years ago

    ur mom and dad are very lucky to have you working on their saabs

  • J Pogera
    J Pogera   1 years ago

    remember to use protectant 303 on ur mommas roof it is uv and water proofer

  • R Smith
    R Smith   1 years ago

    @5:35 I'll just act like I didn't just see someone running a car without doors open.........

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln   1 years ago

    How do you take it to a mechanic if you haven't bought the car yet?

  • joey alfaro
    joey alfaro   1 years ago

    I know dealers use paint less dent remove guy. they got glass guy, there's guy for everything rest codes there's guy

  • CaliMist
    CaliMist   2 years ago

    check any leaks under the car

  • Eric Brule
    Eric Brule   2 years ago

    Another little trick I've learned as well is open up oil cap and check inside...also can be a tale tale sign of a blown headgasket, saved me from buying one with the defect.

  • Ravi Peiris
    Ravi Peiris   2 years ago

    Please make a video on negotiating for a used car, be it with a private party or used car dealership. Thank you.

  • big rod
    big rod   2 years ago

    Very good looking young male

  • mds s
    mds s   2 years ago

    Odb2 on my acura is under the ashtray

  • S H
    S H   2 years ago

    I am totally impressed with the knowledge base and presentation skills shown in this video given by someone so young. Your Mom must be proud! I saved the info. you presented by making a check list to give to my own kids. Here it is if any one wants to copy and paste it :o)... sorry, the "bullets" and formatting do not paste over: How to Properly Inspect a Used Car. Source: needed:Tire Pressure gauge OBD scannerPaper towelDAYLIGHT – some things are hard to see at nightCommon senseGive it a once over look Any spaces in the body panels?Any dings, dents, scratches? Paint ConditionTire condition, age & treadTire pressureOpen the hood & check below the carDirty?Leaks?Spilled fluid?Corrosion, rust?Check the oil. Check the coolant – when coolBe careful, do NOT open anything pressurized when it is hot.Check transmission and brake fluid Battery life?Turn the key on Check all the exterior lightsStart the car – look for Knocking or unusual noisesOBD2 Scanner – years 1995/96+ can be done (They used TopDon)Hook up - is usually up under the driver's footwell.Plug it in, should start right up. It'll give you all the vitals on the car. Working properly?DTCs in this ECU = 0, that is a good thingWARNING - The owner could have cleared the codes by pulling a fuse.If you turn the key, and the check engine light does not come on, then that means some one has probably pulled the fuse. Check it, &/or ask them about that. If good so far – check the interior: Check the hornMake sure all the buttons on the interior work, and that everything that is supposed to light up, lights up. Turning signals work?Radio/CD player functions?AC blowing cold?Wear/jammed buttons?Wear on the seats?Test drive it for at least 15 min. - not just around the block. Check: SteeringBraking – hit brakes hard a few timesSuspension – too much bounce?Automatic Shifts smooth to all gears? Including: DriveReverseEach gear while drivingFloor it in 1st & in 2nd gears to check out transmissionSlipping? If shutters or starts to die randomly – RED FLAGManual Up-shift and down shift in all gearsSmooth shifting?Slipping? Return from test driveRe-check all fluidsEngine temp? Warning lights?Exhaust looks fine? Smoking?If in doubt - Have a mechanic check it out!

  • Lyubomir Zhivkov
    Lyubomir Zhivkov   2 years ago

    One can also remove the oil cap on the engine while it is running to see if there is smoke coming out, it might be a sign of the engine burning oil.

  • default tio
    default tio   2 years ago

    Wetter climate yeah hear in Ireland it's quite wet

  • ucrenegade
    ucrenegade   2 years ago

    Do you have a link for that scanner? Or any decent scanner that is not to expensive?

  • Raven Cade
    Raven Cade   2 years ago

    Sir you are awesome. Thank you for the education!!

  • toyoscio
    toyoscio   2 years ago

    Also take it to reputable mechanic to check for possibly unseen body repair.

  • toyoscio
    toyoscio   2 years ago

    Are you trying to be the next Saabkyle04? :}

  • F165
    F165   2 years ago

    You show video of you checking the tire pressure but you don't show video of you checking the transmission fluid. So what wrong if you start the engine and the coolant fan come on but it's cold outside and the defroster is not on? BTW I have 900+ youtube videos.

  • smokey the human
    smokey the human   2 years ago

    Anyone know of any cheap and reliable cars or trucks that arent a car or truck that almost everyone has

  • Thomas Harris
    Thomas Harris   2 years ago

    desire visitor theater script look reinforce imagine cool pay understand industry

  • raspucin70
    raspucin70   2 years ago

    Good vid. You hit majority of important points. What I would add to inspection: When doing outside inspection, kneel next to a corner of the car and look down the "belt line". (It really shows up if car had been sideswiped & not repaired correctly) Tires: how are they worn (damaged suspension will eat tires unevenly); look for dry rot/cracks. Interior check: lift the mats, make sure there is no water damage from leaky windshield/windows. Make sure all doors open & close nicely - again, mangled car usually will have issues there. Engine: When doing the "first wipe" on the oil dipstick, look for glitter. Check the alternator/fan belt for damages & uneven wear (fried edge or drooping on one side may be the sign of crooked/damaged pulley). If there is a dipstick for auto transmission, dab a line on your paper towel - it should be pink and not smelling like burned coffee. Check cooling expansion chamber for white residue - sign of usage of plain (hard) water instead of antifreeze. Start the engine, lift up the oil filler cap and look for any blow-by. You covered drive - nothing to add there. Finally, I consider a "owner" factor. Means: If the previous owner had kept it up, no trash inside, maintenance is up to date, is upfront about problems, can tell you about car's quirks and faults - that is a good sign. If I see a nasty interior with spills & stains and old McD's wrappers, VERY recent oil change, zero maintenance history apart from a verbal one (with no actual receipts), "She is running like a champ its normal to stall cold/warm/during the turns etc"(cue the smoke & engine light on) - run away.

  • BadRonald1
    BadRonald1   2 years ago

    Thanks for the info. I was thinking of buying a 2006 - 2010 used Ford Explorer. Friends that have them all like theirs. Your thoughts ?

  • Max Stallard
    Max Stallard   2 years ago

    Idea: get a neon car, then you can check at night

  • mtr Tech vy
    mtr Tech vy   2 years ago

    Do u start the engine while the garage door is closed ?

  • Matt Theman
    Matt Theman   2 years ago

    What obd2 scanner would you recommend

  • Chalks October
    Chalks October   2 years ago

    Go to ChrixFix's website and print out the checklist he has for buying a used car.

  • Daniel 00
    Daniel 00   2 years ago

    How do i check transmission oil on a closed system?

  • Christopher Blair
    Christopher Blair   2 years ago

    My chevy impala 2005, whenever it goes over 60mph it start vibrating very bad. Anyone have any idea what the problem is please?

  • BeaverMK7
    BeaverMK7   2 years ago

    How do I inspect my cats to see if they are used? I think my white cat has a salage title idk

  • stefan hulme
    stefan hulme   2 years ago

    Have been watching your channel since she first started fantastic knowledge of saabs but I do have a question for you I have the dreaded steering wheel lock malfunction and I cannot start my car I'm going out of my mind. Your advice would be most welcome