• Published on: 30 September 2017
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    Sofie is a self-taught contortionist, hand balancer, aerialist. 2016 America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Contestant & FINALIST

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  • Runtime : 12:27
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  • Maliya Davis
    Maliya Davis   3 hours ago

    I think you should wear the all white dress

  • Puppet Plays
    Puppet Plays   3 days ago

    I love you I seen you on America’s got talent I wish I could be like you but I’m very tall

  • Rishendran Pillay
    Rishendran Pillay   1 weeks ago

    I liked the dress with the flowers but I mostly like the white one I can’t believe socks sofie

  • Brenda Powelson
    Brenda Powelson   1 weeks ago

    I love the music when it said Take a step back bum bum bummbuum I watched like. Ummmm. 8888 times

  • terry lee
    terry lee   1 weeks ago

    sofie dossi i love you videos they are so cool and watch nevaeh inman

  • Joudy Mohamed
    Joudy Mohamed   2 weeks ago

    Hey sophi do u want me to tell u something i am so flexable evers body in my school say how

  • Gabrielle Cale
    Gabrielle Cale   2 weeks ago

    Who came back here to see socks 2 years later. We miss you Socks!❤️

  • Taygan Hubble
    Taygan Hubble   3 weeks ago

    Sophie:socks what did you do!?Socks:I didn't like that one so I peed on it and yeah so yeah l like the flower one okSophie:your lucky your cuteSocks:don't hurt me ima hide aaaaaaah!Socks:don't touch me aaah!Sophie:zack we only have ten minutesZack:what looks at watch we gotta goooooooooooo!

  • Maha Tv
    Maha Tv   3 weeks ago

    Sofia:what did you do!