Streamers Rage While Playing For Honor, Compilation (For Honor)

  • Published on: 22 January 2020
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    Streamers Raging over For Honor Compilation,or Honor is an action video game The game allows players to play the roles of historical forms of soldiers and warriors, including knights, samurai, vikings and so on lets see streamers raging over for honor while trying to master its combat . Don't forget to leave a Like and Subscribe.

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  • Runtime : 10:37
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  • PROX GOD 1
    PROX GOD 1   2 days ago

    The streamers suck 😂😂😂😂

    PORKISSS   2 days ago

    Raiders are the biggest ragers

  • Strikes
    Strikes   2 days ago

    Sodapoppin : trashtalk2 sec laterSodapoppin : dead

  • spencer mcbride
    spencer mcbride   3 days ago

    I know its early game, but these ppl are painfully bad even back then

  • Gabo GC
    Gabo GC   3 days ago

    this videos only reinforces my theory that raiders and orochis are the most toxic players :v

  • Retro_grizzly
    Retro_grizzly   4 days ago

    Watching grown adults get mad over a child's video game is hysterical!!

  • Lydmyla Museyko
    Lydmyla Museyko   4 days ago

    Interesting how nearly every time it's valk or nobushi with the light poke attacks, so maybeee.... it's kinda relatable

  • Quanah Riddle
    Quanah Riddle   5 days ago

    All the bullshit you see in this video is still prevalent to this day. Nobushi and Orochi are still pieces of shit. Shaman and berserker are still cancer. The "honor" part of For Honor is more like a suggestion than an actual part of the game, and its still possible to get hit by absolutely nothing and die. This game was fun for a year, then it went downhill like a snowball headed for hell.

  • Law Key
    Law Key   5 days ago

    Gotta love it when people get mad while playing Raider.Fucking.Raider.

  • Igor Szafran
    Igor Szafran   6 days ago

    Im not suprised by it since for honor is unplayable.

  • LucasCG
    LucasCG   6 days ago

    This game was made to enrage ppl

  • Red Sol
    Red Sol   1 weeks ago

    Learn to defend. Bad players can’t defend 💀

  • Red Sol
    Red Sol   1 weeks ago

    Game is skill based and decision making or plain bad luck. You’re responsible for the first two and you can’t control the third so find peace.

  • Ace of Spades
    Ace of Spades   1 weeks ago

    The list below is the list of characters that are op af.1. Nobushi2. Literally every one else

  • Dino_
    Dino_   1 weeks ago

    Who here Mains Nobushi?

    MERKL NESS   1 weeks ago

    Looking back at this it doesn’t make sense that they’re getting mad they just get out played most of the time and most of em are using raider which is already a bad idea to begin with.

  • J. Rubach
    J. Rubach   1 weeks ago

    Notice how half of them play Raider. There's something there...

  • — TheLegend27 —
    — TheLegend27 —   1 weeks ago

    I hate conquerors who spam light attacks. LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT I CANT EVEN GET OUT OF IT

  • westmkk1
    westmkk1   1 weeks ago

    A lot of these wasnt even rage lol

  • Zaxiel
    Zaxiel   1 weeks ago


  • Salman 1652
    Salman 1652   1 weeks ago

    we all know this game is not pay to win.

  • AA Kk
    AA Kk   1 weeks ago

    xq whines while playing raider of all people

  • Just your average Persona fan

    Literally everyone ever at all in existence that plays this game has to rage at least ten times it’s impossible to not rage at this game. It literally made me so mad that I never played it again. It’s been months since I last played it. Mainly because my ps plus ran out tho. I have a giant crack in my closet door and a hole in my wall because of it.

  • Narv
    Narv   2 weeks ago

    I don't know what constitutes "Rage". But some of these guys definitely weren't raging. Sodapoppin, just went silent or expressed mild irritation lol.

  • Chris xl
    Chris xl   2 weeks ago

    I miss the old music with the violins

  • Krex GB
    Krex GB   2 weeks ago

    For Honor is a perfect term of "You hate it or love it" and Hell man as much as i hate to say it i can relate very much For honor just feels different from the others.

  • CrazyJimmi9
    CrazyJimmi9   2 weeks ago

    The good old days. I used to get hate mail every other match by ledging people with warlord or killing an entire enemy team twice with revenge headbut spam. Before cent Warlord was for honors original most hated character. So many things about his kit has been nerfed over the years due to salty ass kids lmao

  • Quizller
    Quizller   2 weeks ago

    When no one could block simple attacks..