• Published on: 30 January 2020
  • #ForHonor #Toeknee #Shugoki
    Hey guys bringing you some more Shugoki games today. I am going to start playing Shugo more because I want him to get rep 70 by the end of the year. I'll have a video about the finishers tomorrow reacting to them. If you enjoyed this, be sure to leave a like, comment and subscribe!

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  • Runtime : 18:41
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  • Toeknee
    Toeknee   4 months ago

    Just a heads up I'll have a reaction video to the finishers tomorrow

  • Cindering Onyx
    Cindering Onyx   6 days ago

    I'm glad we decided to start the road after 40 reps

  • Console FH
    Console FH   3 weeks ago

    2 more reps until im rep 100 overall and my shugos rep 8

  • parryAidan
    parryAidan   3 weeks ago

    The next day his house burns down

  • Draco Blade
    Draco Blade   1 months ago

    I'm trying to rep up all the Samurai an Wu Lin to rep 70 , I really hate myself but it'll be easier with quarantine

  • fresh -
    fresh -   2 months ago

    rep 70 shinobi when

  • Josh Furey
    Josh Furey   2 months ago

    Shugokis are for Noobs. No skill weebs

  • tee hee man
    tee hee man   2 months ago

    People think partying is hard but what about when you have to party them and you not even locked on the them you locked onto some else

  • Joan Gusha
    Joan Gusha   2 months ago

    ““Wardens top unblockable usually has very good tracking but I just dodge it though so yea that helps out” lmao this guy SUBSCRIBED

  • Nick Capella
    Nick Capella   2 months ago

    Shugoki players should commit suicide to avoid being mangled in the streets.

  • Nick Capella
    Nick Capella   2 months ago

    Shugoki is over powered and shugoki players should get murdered in real life. Die slow cancer patients

  • Devon McNelly
    Devon McNelly   2 months ago

    Its weird how much toeknee complains about other characters yet he mains shugoki now lol

  • Jon Moreno
    Jon Moreno   2 months ago

    I lost a one side to a pair of my socks after I put both socks in the washer and I lost right side

  • Xc532- Crusader
    Xc532- Crusader   3 months ago

    Holy shit. I didn't like and actually lost 3 pairs of socks

  • Eduardo Contreras
    Eduardo Contreras   3 months ago

    Fast food tier list CONFIRMED!?!?! Mc Donalds has a ass menu

  • Quentility
    Quentility   3 months ago

    goki looks like he ascended and flying

  • Roman Aka Tek
    Roman Aka Tek   3 months ago

    Prior : TelebrisToeknee: tan a brisk LMFAOOOOO

  • VC Thief
    VC Thief   3 months ago

    The sock thing earned my subscription

    UNBOUNDNINJA 3   3 months ago

    I watched this yesterday and I put it in my watch later.. I didn’t like it I really couldn’t find my other black sock. I don’t understand your sorcery.

  • xX_ALLUS1ON_ Xx
    xX_ALLUS1ON_ Xx   3 months ago

    No offense but your a disgrace for playing shugoki.

  • Dwarfz Gaming
    Dwarfz Gaming   4 months ago

    I didnt know you could get a headbutt after a zone

  • Blind Fox
    Blind Fox   4 months ago

    I always appreciate the uploads man. Life is serious and you are not. Big ups.

  • Toaster86 6
    Toaster86 6   4 months ago

    "No...... no....... just let it fly.......(sighs in shigoki)" this has been my reactions to this play

  • Nathan Torres
    Nathan Torres   4 months ago

    Why do you charge your heavy after zone to kill minions?

  • MADKILLER246810
    MADKILLER246810   4 months ago

    What emote is used to make shugoki look like he needs to use the bathroom

  • Boom Blaster
    Boom Blaster   4 months ago

    It's weird to hear a Canadian accent dissing people but I'm loving it

  • Duh Doy
    Duh Doy   4 months ago

    Is it just me or has your fps been lower lately? What are your pc parts cause I am questioning why it seems like 30-40fps

  • Oğuz Güven
    Oğuz Güven   4 months ago

    ı drop a like when you say ''cuz if u dognt''